Fantasy Resource Packs

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Fantasy resource packs is a special category on our website that lists all the great fantasy themed packs created by various talented artists. Fantasy texture packs usually have bright and pleasant textures or, conversely, a dark atmosphere and are inspired by various adventure games or movies. Resource packs in this category usually make big changes to the visuals of the game, as they alter each texture to make the game as magical as possible, bringing a rather gloomy and intriguing atmosphere to the game.

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Resource Pack 1.16 / 1.15
Jehkoba’s Fantasy

Despites of the unique blocky structure, Minecraft’s is an amazing game. The plentiful of resource packs available, makes it possible for the users to experience a lot of appearances of items and blocks, perceive the game in a variety of ways. Still, not all resource packs deliver quality textures to…

Wolfhound Fairy Resource Pack 1.16 / 1.15
Wolfhound Fairy

The original Wolfhound resource pack became so popular that the author was inspired to create other variations of the original pack. One of the best variants of this popular pack is the Wolfhound Fairy resource pack. What makes this pack exceptional is that it features hand drawn texture designs with…

Mythic Resource Pack 1.16 / 1.15

Mythic is a high-quality resource pack focused mainly on pixel themed art and offers an impeccable visual experience that can turn your Minecraft into a fun and nostalgic style of games. Nowadays, most of the Minecraft resource packs are either based on extreme reality or built to provide gamers with…