Minecraft Tools

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Below is a list of the most popular and useful minecraft tools which are used mainly to improve any resource pack’s experience. This list also includes FPS increase related tools.

Optifine HD 1.16 / 1.15
OptiFine HD

While Minecraft is an ever-expansive and fun game to play in its original variant, a lot more can be added to it by installing mods and resource packs. One of the most effective and useful tools (mods) you can install – whether you want to keep the original flavor or…

Conquest Reforged Resource Pack 1.10.2
Conquest Reforged

Conquest resource pack is really very popular medieval themed set of textures which can be downloaded and played by anyone. Origines created a Conquest Mod which adds over 700 new blocks to the game! Please note: this is not a resource pack, it is more like a tool for conquest…

MCPatcher HD 1.8.8 for Minecraft Resource Packs
MCPatcher HD

MCPatcher HD Mod is the only program for minecraft players who have problems with texture packs or resource packs installiation and want to fix it. If the textures that you have just installed doesn’t work then you should use this amazing tool called MCPatcher! This program is very popular, I’m sure that if…