Complementary Shaders 1.19 / 1.18

Complementary Shaders is the perfect shader pack to improve Minecraft’s graphics and performance. If you ever played Minecraft for more than five minutes, you know the game is incredibly fun – but a little bit lackluster in the graphics department. Fortunately for all Minecraft lovers out there, this shader pack is here to change that. That’s not to say you should expect a complete, 3D graphics overhaul. When you’re playing Minecraft, you’re not exactly in it because of realistic textures. That’s not what Complementary Shaders is here to change. Instead, this shaders improves a little bit of everything, while still maintaining its essence. Complementary Shaders is an off-shoot of another popular shader pack called BSL Shader. If you liked that pack, you’re going to love this one. This shaders takes the best out of BSL Shader and improves the rest. You can install it if you want to experience better graphics, gameplay, compatibility, and more.

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It’ll help you improve an already-great game like Minecraft is. Although it improves a little bit of everything, it will not ruin your performance. This shader pack is specially designed to keep everything running smoothly. Simply put, it just works. Not only that, but it’ll also fix compatibility issues that you might have with other shader packs. This Complementary Shaders pack always has the player in mind. With Complementary Shaders, you’ll realize Minecraft will run rather fast and better than with most other shader packs. No matter what GPU or drivers you have, this shader pack will make your game smoother compared to other shaders. Keep in mind this is a one-of-a-kind shaderpack. You can’t install it like the other ones. Make sure you pay attention to the installation guide before you do anything. Check and double-check it. Then, enjoy everything that Complementary Shaders has in store for you!

Complementary Shaders should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.19 - 1.18.2 - 1.18.1 - 1.18 - 1.17.1 - 1.17 - 1.16.5 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15

Complementary Shaders — Video & Screenshots

How to install Complementary Shaders:

  1. Download and install Minecraft;
  2. Setup your game profile for the version you want to run;
  3. Download and install Optifine; – optifine will create its own profile
  4. Open Minecraft launcher and select the newly created optifine profile;
  5. Download the Complementary Shaders from the links below;
  6. Launch Minecraft;
  7. Open Options > Video Settings > Shaders > Shaderpack folder;
  8. Put the “ComplementaryShaders_4.xx” (zipped file) inside .minecraft\shaderpacks;
  9. Select the Complementary Shaders in the shader list in-game;

Please pay attention to the fact that:

  • None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use download links (including direct download links) provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way.
  • Although we are using the official download links, they may stop working after new updates are released. In this case, you can always use the source links from the "Official Links" section until we update the download links. And yes, we update links regularly and manually for every resource pack you see on this site.
  • By leaving comments below and voting for the pack, you help the authors improve their project.
  • Credit for the creation of Complementary Shaders goes to EminGTR.

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  1. Nobody

    I really Like this shader, The lighting and all of that stuff. Its Just Really good.

  2. RioStarlin

    Oh like this shader very much I love this shader more than sildur and BSL.
    I am using this shader for my YouTube videos like Minecraft builds nice 🙂👍👍👍👍👍 💕

  3. diimi

    this pack is not working

    1. Admin

      From our side it works flawlessly. Just saying… this is a shader pack, not a resource pack.

  4. Tiziano

    Whats the Name of the Texture-Pack on the first imgage?

  5. Ujjwal_kapoor

    A very nice good very very super shaders

  6. Wijdet10

    How do i enable POM

  7. oSecret

    Anyone know why my chests would be glowing? I think it’s making me lag.. Away from my house I have 100+fps but at my house I have 20.. TIA

  8. That one guy who’s not cool

    cool it works

  9. 1

    i want to use it on my BE minecraft!

  10. khgdg

    Do these shaders lag as I have a stander Pc and it ok ok.

  11. elizasquider

    do these shaders work for switch?

    1. E

      No, since it is Bedrock version on the Switch.

      Shaders Only Works On Java Edition


  12. |256|

    Best shaders i ever seen but since i once turned off the shaders everytime i turn to turn them on minecraft crashes

  13. Mina

    It’s really beautiful but is there a way to disable the fog at night? I don’t like the way it obstructs my vision and makes it hard to see mobs

  14. Aud

    Where is the Optifine profile button in the minecraft launcher???

  15. Mr Gamer

    I downloaded it but the light is so bright and I cant see anything?

  16. HHHH


  17. Ben

    can someone help me my sky is white how can i fix it pls ??

    1. Ben

      turn off clouds or sky

  18. Minh Isekai

    crash time ;-;

  19. LeviXD

    its time to crash my pc

  20. suck my dick ;)

    o-oh my god…~

  21. Night_Monkey2021

    Im Gonna Download After School :)



  22. Creeper Hack

    I want this normal in minecraft why is it not in the minecraft this is so amazing

  23. mb

    Does this shader contain the aurora borialis(northern lights)? I saw a youtuber use a shader and it had them in. I am not sure which it is.

  24. My retinas are burning

    The shaders are fine on the ground, nether, and end, but in the overworld the sky is just blank white, even at night. What steps can I take to fix this?

    1. huzaim

      cuz u disable the clouds

    1. Rudra

      yes rip my also pc

  25. dapper

    Does anyone recognize the resource pack in the first screenshot?

    1. Volpone

      That’s not a resource pack, it’s a mod. Aether II to be precise.

  26. Emmeck23

    This is an amazing shader other than one problem that kept occurring. This problem is that no matter what skybox settings I enable or disable the very top part of the skybox is always white. This would happen only happen in the overworld oddly. If you have any suggestions on what might be happening or how to fix it, that would be great.

  27. gungon

    I want to able cloud in ender world. what setting is turn on ender world could?

  28. Sensa1_

    There is a huge white blob-like thing in the sky all the time. (Overworld) I don’t know how to fix it.

  29. Congrats

    Congrats! While other shaders simply froze or made my Minecraft graphics one pixel, your shaders were the first to crash it! Good job fam.

    1. Admin

      Are you sure your pc hardware can handle shaders at all?

    2. Congrats

      Congrats! It’s time to upgrade your PC!

  30. billy

    When there a sunrays in the game, the rays flicker like crazy for me? What do I do?

  31. Lambo

    whats the minimum requirements

  32. subcidal

    Also have the weird line in the sky, everything else seems great.

  33. Sakarcas GD

    The ground is too bright even at night and there is like a wired line in the sky

  34. Elias

    Is this for Java or Bedrock?

  35. Augusto

    Okay so i was finally able to join a server but all the blocks and stuff are white washed and the water looks like a white version of the normal water. Only the sky texture looks like its supposed to

    1. Sensa1_

      I think you turned on white-world. You should be able to turn it off in one of the settings tabs.

  36. guest

    i can’t select it, when i go to the video settings it won’t let me click it how do i fix that?

    1. guest

      i can’t select the shaders button i forgot to say that

      1. Some Random Idiot

        maybe because youre not using optifine?

        1. knockoff

          so how do you ‘use’ optifine then? got it downloaded but im having the same drama..

    2. CRElb0w

      your not using optifine then

    3. memerguy

      make sure you have antiscopic filtering off

  37. RaZer

    Is this for Minecraft Java or Minecraft Bedrock?

    i have Minecraft Java

  38. CaptainRex09

    Hi your mod/resource pack/shadier pack, looks very cool but when I try putting the file in the resource pack area it doesn’t work, please help.

    1. Admin

      You should put it in shaderpack folder, not resourcepack.

  39. Mac no optifine

    If i installed this would it explode my mac?

    1. Admin

      Depends on the hardware of your Mac, but Macs are not suitable for games with high hardware requirements. Shaders are resource intensive.

  40. Manky_Hamster

    hi, the zip seems to no longer contain the resource pack – is there a separate place I can get this please?

    1. Admin

      “No longer contain the resource pack” – are you sure you are checking what you need? This is a shader pack, not a resource pack.

      1. Manky_Hamster

        yes .. I was following the instructions for application as above:-
        the file at step 6 marked with (unzip me) isn’t downloaded from the link above
        step 11 being applying the shader pack is fine
        but the file at step 9 isn’t there – unless it’s the same zip file – in which case it’s not showing in the resource packs list under options

        1. Admin

          We’ve personally tested everything and if you are using Minecraft version 1.16+ ignore step 9 as ComplementaryResources are already integrated into ComplementaryShaders. Without extracting, drag & drop the ComplementaryShaders .ZIP archive into the Shaderpacks folder. P.S. We will update the instructions for new versions as soon as possible.

          1. Manky_Hamster

            thanks for your help – I think I have everything working OK for overworld – it’s just the End seems to be missing the aroura borealis – I only get a grey sky … would you know if that’s an setting? tried a few things but no luck as yet.

  41. QT Bluey6

    How do I get it into Minecraft?

    1. Admin

      Well, you could just read the installation guide on this page ..

  42. TheForge129

    @cali …

    Chromebooks don’t run java edition…

  43. cali

    is this okay to put on a chromebook? I really hope it wont destroy my game

  44. NotTheDragonborn

    I’d like to know what some of the mods in the screenshots because they look pretty cool thx


    1. Bekas

      there are no mods

    2. Aliminion

      The last one is BetterEnd

  45. Guest

    can you make it available for 1.17 vanilla built in shader???

  46. Guest

    when i dowolad it just lika competrary_13 (idk bad name ) and next is with out space so wich one go to wich one hmm ????

    1. Admin

      Well, you can just read the installation guide on this page and everything will become clear)

  47. Abichu

    I did everything right. But when I join a server it just gives me the dirt loading screen. I do have more than one rescoure pack on. Am I only suppose to click on the complementary Shaders pack in my rescoure pack settings?

  48. Axxy

    this absolutely destroys my FPS. is there any way to fix this? im basically playing an interactive slide show

    1. Admin

      Upgrade your PC. Shader packs are resource intensive.

  49. Sami

    OH WOW this is way cool i love ittt.thank you

  50. Donovan Veasey

    how do you unzip the file?

    1. Admin

      You don’t need to.

    2. Zerx

      I open downloads drag it to my home screen go to search bar(not google) and type %appdata% open it go to minecraft resource packs and open minecraft drag the resource pack to the resource pack thing and activate it



  52. bartus_321

    i loaded this and i havent got any effect ,,scam,,

    1. Admin

      Have you even enabled the shader pack in the game settings? Have you read the installation guide on this page?

  53. Angie

    For some reason, this doesn’t work? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It just doesn’t work.

  54. sam

    it crashes my game when i open up a world and says something about an unexpected error on the launcher?

  55. floydbarstool

    i put the resource pack in but it doesnt do anything.

    1. Admin

      This is not a texture pack..
      These are shaders, which is a completely different thing.

    2. TJ Rozzelle

      I think you have to put it in ShaderPacks

    3. Turbo_s1ayer

      its a shader not a resource pack

    4. the_caped_Galaxy

      u need to put it in the shaders folder

  56. Ardesqu

    i like it
    its soo good

  57. notmyname

    When I loaded it up it was fine, but after a couple of minutes it just freezes my game. I have noticed the game still works, just all of the visuals are locked in place. I have tried 2 times restarting minecraft and it still wont work. Is there a way to fix this or am I just going to have to not play with the shaders?

    1. caza1027

      yea thats what happens to me and it just freezes but theres no sound and so i have to restart mc and its really anooying. but what u can do is go to the launcher and go to installations and click on optifine and press edit. next u press more options and theres the piece of code or something that will probably say 2G. change the 2 to a bigger number like 5 or something and it will give it more ram and ur game might not freeze

      1. D diddy

        thanks caza