X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack 1.19 / 1.18

Nowadays, many people enjoy spending their free time while playing games. One of the best games that people enjoy to play is the mining adventure that is found in Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the games that needs good playing skills. Among the participant, there are players who have good mining skills and the other doesn’t have the needed skills. However, to the people who have limited mining skills they don’t need to stress themselves anymore, this is due to the availability of Xray Ultimate resource pack. This pack has been well designed and also introduced in order to help every player who loves this game and need an extra assistance. Generally, this pack is uniquely designed in order to assist the player with the gameplay. This aspect makes Xray pack different from the other packs since it does not elevate the entire game visuals and thus it gives you the essential assistance you need.

Featured video:

This means, the entire pack highlights all the mineral blocks and ores for you while you are playing the game. Concerning this type of assistance offered by X-ray pack, the player will be able aware of where to go mining and thus help in saving time. However, in order to know how Xray pack works, one should be aware of different x-ray pack features that are simple to understand and to follow. Knowing every feature of this pack will effectively help every player to have the needed mining skills. Generally, the entire pack comprises of the x16 resolution that helps in eliminating any fps drops. In order to run the entire pack competently it definitely important to use Optifine; the Optifine generally helps the player to have an effective night vision effect and also the player the capability to turn off the smooth lighting whenever in need.

X-Ray Ultimate should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.19 - 1.18.2 - 1.18.1 - 1.18 - 1.17.1 - 1.17 - 1.16.5 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15 - 1.14.4 - 1.14.3 - 1.14.2 - 1.14 - 1.13.2 - 1.13.1 - 1.13 - 1.12.2 - 1.12 - 1.11.2 - 1.11 - 1.10.2 - 1.10 - 1.9.4 - 1.9 - 1.8.9 - 1.8.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.6 - 1.8

X-Ray Ultimate — Video & Screenshots

How to install X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack:

NOTE: Many resource packs require optifine to be preinstalled, so be sure to install it.
  1. Download the X-Ray Ultimate texture pack for Minecraft from the download section below. – if there are many different versions, just pick the one that you like or that you think your PC can handle
  2. Launch the game client through the Minecraft launcher.
  3. On the main menu, click "Options".
  4. On the options menu, click "Resource Packs...".
  5. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder". – folder titled "resourcepacks" will pop up
  6. Move the .zip file you downloaded in the first step to the newly opened "resourcepacks" folder.
  7. Click "Done".
  8. Click on "Resource Packs..." again.
  9. Your pack should have appeared in the left window, just hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right.
  10. Click "Done" again.
  11. The pack has now been successfully loaded and ready to be used in your world!

Please pay attention to the fact that:

  • None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use download links (including direct download links) provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way.
  • Although we are using the official download links, they may stop working after new updates are released. In this case, you can always use the source links from the "Official Links" section until we update the download links. And yes, we update links regularly and manually for every resource pack you see on this site.
  • By leaving comments below and voting for the pack, you help the authors improve their project.
  • Credit for the creation of X-Ray Ultimate goes to Filmjolk.

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  1. urmodre

    will i get ban using this on hypixel? asking for a friend :)))

  2. Robbie Laverty

    how do i turn the xray on though

  3. that guy 87

    make on 1.19 pls

  4. CouchPotato

    Does this work with 1.19?

    1. aji

      mine currently doesnt for 1.19 but I imagine its because my optifine hasnt updated yet

  5. Sid

    All blocks are dark any fix?

  6. anonymous

    Can you use it in realms?

  7. Infinityx12

    I installed it. It works, but all the ores are like bit dull/shaded/blkish/ Do you know a fix to it or do I need optifine or smth. Im using fabric and sodium.

  8. Nooby

    when i try download the 1.15 version it changes to 1.16

    1. Admin

      It works just fine on 1.15

  9. raven

    i cant put it onto my minecraft (it is java and i followed all the steps)

  10. Mahir

    can we use it for servers

  11. Brady

    Help! I don’t know how to put it on a server I don’t own and don’t know how to access it through my phone find the resource packs when I’m on!

    1. Admin

      You cannot use this pack on the bedrock Minecraft edition. This is the Java-only pack.

      1. michael

        can you use it in education edition?

        1. rappel

          bruh who play minecraft education edition

  12. saliem

    bruh mine is education not bedrock or java

  13. rayen

    thats a nice mod fr

    1. saliem

      where the heck do i install it?

    2. saliem

      yeah so cooool

  14. le baka

    absolute masterpiece. thank you!

  15. PresentAura9129

    Nice mod

  16. justanotherrandomminecraftplayer

    does this work with netherite

  17. dan

    please help i use full bright but is still darks

  18. hehe

    the resource pack is glitchy i am able to see the ores from grass_block but unable to see the ores through stone and similar

  19. Alex

    Zip doesn’t work

    1. Admin

      What do you mean? You don’t need to open the ZIP archive. Read carefully “How to install…” on this page.

      1. Alex

        The error list says it’s unable to find the packets manifest, I’m not sure what that means

        1. Admin

          Make sure you’ve finished downloading the pack before placing it in your assets folder.

  20. vince

    hay nice mod but i dont have win zip so i cant use it :(

    1. Marovomi

      you keep it zipped and put it in your minecraft resource pack folder…

    2. lol

      ….really? WINZIP? …. are you playing minecraft on windows 98? .Zip file are handled by the system for a very very long time, in which world are you living?

  21. Anonymous

    I have the problem that it doesn’t work on deep state do anyone know how to fix it


    why are the blocks dark? anyone pls help
    (smooth lighting doesn’t work)

    1. Canilloplayzz

      use full bright

  23. NopeProsOnly

    can you add deepslated ores

  24. GoldplayerX


  25. tomek

    who is this

  26. ahmed76r


  27. haisitu123


  28. Anonymous

    Wish u could add a keybind to it :/

    1. NIKO

      its a texture pack not a mod. you willl have to get a mod for it.

  29. Flaming

    Even in normal mining lvl, i see redstone ores, iron ores, gold ores, coal ores, diamond ores, etc and when I mine towards them the blocks keep moving. Is there a solution for this?

    1. Erin Bennett

      I wish I could find out

    2. koby

      thats anti xray a plugin to stop xray

  30. ur mom

    why cant i get to the netherite when using it
    it moves it

    1. Creeper

      Glitch of ani xray plugin

  31. cam-bell

    very good

    1. fafsekop

      very good

      1. DUCKYGAM3R

        really good

  32. ehar h

    what keys i press to activate

    1. Senuals

      Its a texture pack not a hack

      1. rre e twe

        no its considerd a hack

        1. rre e twee

          Not considered a hack its considered a cheat or an unfair advantage whereas a hack refers to a modded client

      2. suema69

        you have to pres ESC an texsture packs

  33. Rein

    can you post a vid of someone installing this? i cant seem to figure out how even with the steps

  34. Flavtud1122

    can you see ancient debri in the nether?

    1. Zug

      Yes you can, but this doesn’t reveal lava pockets which sucks.

      1. BitterDoes

        it does just not from the side or bottom

  35. PrAwDuHgEe

    This sure beats the old technique of pushing a block of glowstone into my face before Mojang fixed it.

  36. Ales.Nyx

    How can i make it let me see jukeboxes

    1. Senuals

      Change the texture pack via paint or something

  37. Droid3002

    can u make it work with dungeons??

    1. hhh

      Yeah they didnt change the texture of mossy cobble

  38. Lerb_games

    Hey, is there a way to get the base xray textures?


  39. max

    does this xray also show stronghold blocks

  40. hoang

    i play on version 1.18.1 and when i install it the ores are just black i don’t know which is the diamond and when you go too deep it will be dark i cant see anything

    1. Jelly

      If you’re using a shader try turning it off. I have this issue sometimes too if I use a shader

    2. obobom

      you need to use optifine btw

      1. hhh

        I dont use optifine on this texture pack and it works perfectly fine

    3. Flavtud112233

      I suggest you download a night vision resource pack .
      it helps a ton trust me.
      when gone caving or mining or in your case xraying. .

  41. skyler

    this game is sooo cool but it is really laggy so try to fix this

    1. hhh

      no you just have a bad computer

  42. Jarvis

    This does not work in the nether

  43. Darcy

    does this work on education edition?

  44. RandomMinecraftPlayer

    thank xou best recource pag ever!

  45. bottle

    Is there a way to disable tall grass, flowers, etc? I can’t find anything in the files

  46. Aly

    1.18 is only kinda working, none of the ores are glowing and it’s making it really hard to actually see anything. I love this mod it’s super useful and I hope to actually be able to use it again.

    1. Mike

      im having the same problem. i used this in 1.17 and it was great. like you i can see very dimly now. impossible to spot spawners now

      1. Hunter

        Yall need to disable smooth lighting and shaders, itll make the ore visible

    2. Flavtud112233

      i suggest you use a night vision resource pack

  47. Tomek

    It doesn’t work on 1.8.9 with optifine

    1. Senuals

      no beacuse its made for 1.17x or 1.18x

  48. Johnny

    any idea on when v.1.18 comes out?

    1. obama

      You can just use v1.17 it still works

  49. Spectral

    damn bro its so neccessary for finding ancient debris n explorin’ bastion

  50. diamonds when

    Nothing happens for me. I downloaded on 1.17 but when I load in the resource pack nothing changes. Pls help

    1. Dragon_dracon1

      open the options button and press resource packs it will be there and you can click on it to activate it

  51. koda

    i downloaded it and it refuses to go into the rescorce pack thing. not sure what to do

    1. saljkl

      You need to put the file to the rescorce pack file
      first go to search bar then serch this “%appdata%
      then go to .minecraft
      then find rescorce pack folder then move the texture pack file ther then done
      Its in the rescorce pack settings

  52. stendo

    when i go to resource packs in lunar client 1.17.1 it shows this assets folder with all these folders inside it but theres no resource pack.

    1. SkiLLer

      lunar client disables xray texture pack its one of their anticheat system

    2. Mighty

      I was able to get it working on lunar 1.17.

  53. Justin

    can i find netherite?

  54. Tom

    really didn’t think getting xray was so easy

  55. Niels

    the pack is now active but nothing has changed and i see no highlighted blocks, pls help me!

    1. herm007

      Check if you’re using lunar client or anything else, because Lunar Client blocks Xray Packs.

  56. jacob

    does it work on gold blocks? im in a bastion and i cant find gold

    1. Senuals

      but you can mae it so it works with gold blocks by changing its texture

  57. Watashi

    Thanks a lot S2

  58. Gray

    It will show hundreds of ores all around me, but when I mine over to them, they dissapear? Does anyone know how to fix this

    1. Richard

      thats xray “anticheat” you can’t do anything

    2. dsgsfgdfsg

      its xray anti cheat

    3. rob

      if your playing on a server there are anticheats that counter this texture pack that shows ores but when you go to said ores they vanish because they never really were there. Fake ores ect

      1. Quang Vinh

        But Oresim can counter that anticheat :)))

        1. rfgfag

          how when help give the counter

        2. Caleb

          how do you get oreism?

      2. shadow

        its happened to me to i see block of gold scattered everywhere when i broke it i got dirt and stone

    4. super malac

      that happened to me 2

    5. Honor

      this is a anticheat mod for xray

  59. Jason Te

    When you use it i thought i would see everything (it is really good tho) but sometimes if i walked by i wouldent see some ores and i think its because it isnt visible to any light that i cant see so yeah i think its really good tho got so many diamands etc

    1. nikhil reddy

      same thing is happening to me, all of the ores are really dark

    2. Yo mamma

      if you are using 2 texture packs at the same time it sometimes glitch only use one of them

  60. michael

    I mean I don’t know yet i Haven’t tried it

    1. Stevekos

      then y commenting?

  61. Michael

    It’s great

  62. Lucas

    can you make it so that you can see netherite scrap would help a lot. thanks!!

    1. Anton Nod

      i agree with you

    2. Caleb

      If you mean ancient debris, then yes, you can see it

  63. request

    can you make it possible to see through vines? it would make it easy to find thing in a jungle.

  64. Help

    Only leaves are see through

    1. uh

      I have the same issue

    2. Caleb

      If you are using badlion, thats the reason

  65. k

    the think i will say will be useful make the it easier to see like it is rlly wird how i can see nothing but black blocks in the air

    1. eggs

      if you turn your brightness to the max the blocks somtimes will show up and not just be black

  66. K

    I hate this texture pack because it keeps falling to death every time I mine

  67. poop

    is this badlion compatible?

    1. Caleb

      no its not, if you use badlion then it only makes the leaves invis

  68. Jacob

    I downloaded the texture pack and used it on realms. It worked great, until now. It just doesn’t seem to work on realms, however, it does work on singleplayer. If there is a fix I can do to this issue, or an faq about troublshooting, please direct me. I am on the latest version of minecraft, using the latest version of teh texture pack.

    1. Trendyy

      bruh xray protection duh

  69. jynx

    can it show spawners or no

    1. Aarush

      yes it show

  70. a

    I would suggest making a mod to go along with it that lets you enable and disable it with the texture pack on at will. Also, this has made my survival world a lot easier, 5 stars!

  71. feqo31

    can u add the xray to see the sponges in ocean monument bc i am tired of searching and taking so long

    1. Leo

      Sponges drop from elder guardians

      1. ColgateMascot

        They also spawn in the monuments in block form

  72. The TouhouNoob

    This texture pack has been causing many problems (e.g crashing the game), is this a problem with my PC or the pack itself?

    1. e

      its your pc because when you use xray you can see everything which lags out your game unless you have a good pc

  73. Finneas

    Is there a version of this resource pack that works for BE (win10) edition?

  74. geomancy

    Probably a dumb question but is there anyway for us to edit the resource pack easy?

    I want to make mossy cobblestone visible with it on to make dungeons easier to find

  75. hemant

    can you tell how to disable it

    1. Admin

      The same as with any other resource pack.

  76. cepsmyster

    does this work with emeralds? i somehow doesn’t see a single emerald in my strip mine

    1. e

      There are only emeralds in mountain biomes

    2. a

      Most emeralds are found in mountain-type biomes, maybe go there and see? If you don’t find them there, then I don’t know.

    3. asd

      Are you in a mountians biome, it only spawns in mountain biomes

  77. kwi

    does this show ancient debris?

  78. diamondminer2000

    how do i turn it off and on easily?

    1. Unknown

      do it as with any other resource pack, no other way

  79. LA EnderBlaze

    I Downloaded it and went on my smp and found 9 diamonds with this! so good! Hope my friend does not find out and get mad….

    1. a typical user on the internet

      i almost get banned…. my friend did invsee to me and wondered how i had 2 stacks of diamonds, i confessed and i lost all my diamonds. But happily, i did not get banned bc they said they trust me that i wont do it again

      1. Hashiki

        did you do it again lol

  80. Bluetheraccoon

    Does it work with the new ores? like amethyst and copper

    1. LA EnderBlaze


  81. OmgItsLory

    why i can see only the ores that is connected with a cave?

    1. zenbusukun

      it may be an anti-xray plugin or datapack on the server if you are playing on one. if you are singleplayer then idk

    2. chip

      are you in spectator? if you are, then all blocks that aren’t directly connected to air will be hidden, no matter what texture pack you use

  82. Caleb

    Do I have to re-download this for the 1.17 update?

  83. jack

    this dose not work for me? how do i

    1. Peson

      make sure you are using the version that it is compatible with

  84. nick

    it doesnt work, I went near the blocks and they disappeared

    1. Dylan

      Its because of the server

      1. e

        you also helped me

  85. Dale

    Does this work on realms with other players on it and if so will they know that i have this.

    1. Caleb

      I am not sure whether or not it will work on realms, but if it does, they will not know that you have it

  86. Shadow

    Does this work with ancient debris?

  87. Lunar

    Would be awesome if you could include chests, spawners, and minecart w/ chests too.

  88. theavatar

    hi, can u make it for diamond,emerald,gold,chests and spawners only ?

  89. Joseph

    it’s way too dark on 1,8 all i can tell is that there is ore but not what ore, does anyone know how to make it any brighter on the ores

    1. Jo Coner

      Same with me i cant see a thing

    2. Riley Philippi

      Use optifine. it completely solves that issue

  90. Colin

    i can’t see bedrock when i have this on? is there a way i can?

    1. Caleb

      Im having the same problem

  91. Mazz

    Works perfectly. Thanks for going to the trouble.

  92. ben dover

    you should add a keybind to turn off and on

    1. Admin

      This is a resource pack, not a mod. You can’t do this with texture packs, lol.

  93. Corbin Cornell

    Ok so when i use the xray i can only see iron and coal with it. does anyone know why?

    1. Orb

      Make sure you have installed the right version of the pack, that’s all I can think of.

      1. Corbin

        Okay thank you ill take note of that :)

    2. Person

      and also make sure u are deep enough. Gold and lapis spawn under y=32 and others are even lower

  94. dsgdashjdgahdgksdhgakjd

    for some reason whenever i use the texture for stone turns into diamonds and redstone and stuff does anyone know what i can do

    1. The Wombat

      the same problem happened with me

    2. Xenonamous

      If you’re seeing stone with red spots on them then that means they are infested

  95. pizza rat

    its good now i can lie about getting many diamonds in 1 day hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  96. luke nash

    for me this texture pack does nothing but make the leaves go transparent so IDK what to do

    1. luke nash

      i have just discovered that this is only in realms and it works fine in singleplayer, is there a way to get it to work on realms?

      1. N3M3SiSX

        There is a way to do it

  97. cosmickiller12

    could u tell me if this is downloadable in mac because sometimes my files say that iv got no apps that can open this .zip

    1. Admin

      You really don’t need to open the .zip archive.
      Please read the “how to install ..” guide on this page.

    2. Krunchy

      i have a mac as well, if u want I can help u

  98. me

    nice pack x-ray can glitch sometimes but its a rlly good pack to find ores worth the download :)

  99. Zee

    When I downloaded the pack, some weird shit started going on with my PC. First, my PC upgraded into Windows 10 Pro, removed the watermark I had and started crashing my PC. First when I launched the pack with Minecraft, it crashed my Minecraft and Discord. Then, Malwarebytes warned me of a site called androidbest.ru and that it’s unsafe. I was just browsing youtube at that time.

    I don’t really trust this pack, so just tell me if I can trust it again.

    1. Admin

      The pack is completely safe and is just a .zip archive with block texture files inside.
      Be sure to read the “How to install..” guide on this page.

    2. Caleb

      I can also say this pack is perfectly safe, works great, and there is no need to worry

    3. Yellow Bloxy

      This is completely unrelated to the pack. Have you been downloading other packs at the time?

  100. Caleb

    How come i cant see the bedrock? In the pictures it shows the bedrock, but when i use it, i can’t see the bedrock.

  101. Jakon

    It dont go by servers or?

    1. Person

      it should

  102. Joseph hill

    in the video did he use night vision i can’t see anything

    1. Caleb

      are you using optifine?

  103. L123df4

    Bro this works sooo much go get it I have never been happier

  104. George

    is it supposed to work in realms because for me it works in single player but not realms

  105. leo

    does it show lava and chests also do u have to put it in a folder and extract it? pls reply fast

    1. Caleb

      yes it shows lava and chests, i think you have to extract it. I dont know if it works without extracting, cause ive been using it extracted.

  106. Logan

    Can this see dragon eggs? Asking for a friend…

  107. Dr. Wolf

    Super helpful to find diamonds and netherite. Love it.

  108. dercommissar

    Is this a gag? It shows diamonds gold emeralds everything everywhere underground where it isnt at making it look like everything just under the surface is a goldmine and if you mine near it it just moves back like it’s trying to make you chase things you’ll never reach.

    1. Cheater

      Servers don’t know what resource pack you’re using, so to stop you from cheating they scramble all the hidden ores until you actually reach them.

  109. earlwill

    why it is giving zip not folder?

    1. Admin

      Because this is how resource packs work?
      The .zip archive is the only way your minecraft client can “read” the resource pack.
      .zip only, no other formats (like .rar) are supported for java version.

      P.S. You can always extract the folder yourself from the .zip archive))

  110. Rubiox

    Its only xraying leaves. what do i do :/

    1. makeshiftchair

      Having the same problem, can anyone help?

    2. Dr. Wolf

      It will help you to find ores!

    3. Blythe

      if you are on badlion it will only filter out leaves for its anticheat system.

  111. Wally

    Is there a button to turn the X-ray off/on without leaving the game?

    1. Admin

      This is a resource pack, not a mod. So.. no. You can enable / disable it like any other resource pack.

    2. DerpsDaBookworm

      Not really. It’s a texture pack; just move it over to the “unused” column on the left to turn it off and then move it back over to the “in use” column on the right when you go mining.

  112. ally

    Do you put the assets folder in?

  113. ryan

    how do i turn it on?

    1. Admin

      Read the “how to install” guide on this page.

    2. Caleb

      To turn it on (assuming you have put the file in your resourcepack folder), you have to join a world, press esc, click options, click resourcepacks, and then activate it.

  114. e

    why do i only see leaves i use badlion

    1. DerpsDaBookworm

      Badlion has an anticheat that filters out leaves only.

  115. Beatriz

    idk but in the nether does it show ancient debris(netherite scraps ore)?

    1. ratatat

      it does for me, also shows the netherrack with gold and nether quartz.

  116. Niti Cakiqi

    I can barely see diamonds

    1. Gamelord

      U need night vision ig

    2. DerpsDaBookworm

      Works better with fullbright on (if you use lunar this is easy; RShift > Edit Mods Menu > Settings > Performance > Fullbright (toggleable)

  117. Kk

    How do I turn it off? It wont let me somehow.

    1. Admin

      This is a resource pack, not a mod, which means you can’t turn it on / off on the fly.
      You need to deactivate the pack itself just like any other resource pack.

  118. SuperM1887

    I think it is very good

  119. Simon

    I think it is very useful

  120. Mads

    When I add the texture pack everything is dark and i cant tell which ore is which. Its not visable at all.

    1. Edge

      Turn off smooth lighting

      1. chris

        my smooth lighting is off but i still have this problem

  121. Ed

    why do the ores move

  122. breme

    lol, it actully works

  123. bxmosT

    random mine shows everywhere

  124. Sebastian2402

    I can only see through leaves?

    1. Wurscht0

      do you have badlion?

  125. Goose

    This newer version really works well, the older versions were laggy, but this is amazing!!

  126. Fortnite Ninja

    Does it work with ancient debris?

  127. Okthx

    I have no problem with the pack, but I have a question, is there any way I can modify some of the blocks’ textures so that I can see those as well? Like, for example, I want to farm a lot of Blackstone and Magma blocks in the Nether, and it’d be very helpful to be able to see them with the pack, instead of blindly mining eveything in sight.

    1. no

      To be honest this is a resource pack and not a mod so i don’t think that is possible

    2. Sams

      if you know what you’re doing,then yes! good luck though.

    3. Herself

      Yeah, you can, but you have to go into the directory structure to do it. I have an older version and I removed the texture for oak wood and get a bright purple and black striped block (probably an error condition) to tell me where the wood blocks are. Don’t recall how I did it.

  128. yes

    i cant see though stone, but i can see through leaves? how do iset it up?

    1. joe mama

      You have to use optifine

    2. yeetman69

      if you use badlion it disables the pack, if you don’t use optifine use that

  129. Lucas

    Is there a way to disable/enable it with a key on your keyboard?

    1. Caleb

      No, cause its a resourcepack. You have to go to your resourcepacks and turn it on/off from there.

  130. Stijn

    does it still show spawners?

  131. jaeus

    thank you for x-ray

  132. Ngrer Nhou

    is it possible to turn the ore block into transparent too? so I can find mineshaft/dungeon using this pack

  133. Dartress

    Hi Is there any key to toggle it on and off?

    1. Caleb

      No, this is a resourcepack so you have to go to your resource packs to turn it on or off.

  134. wiajdwadnaowad

    Does this works without optifine? and does it ban or kick me from servers? help me pls.

    1. jlsfjklfjfjlfdjflfjks

      It requires optifine
      This may not work on some clients like BLC to prevent you from cheating
      But servers can’t detect what resource pack you’re using, so you won’t get kicked or banned, unless a staff is watching you mining straight to diamonds.

    2. Caleb

      I have been able to use it without optifine, it just doesnt work as well, because parts of the world are just black instead of showing anything. I would suggest getting optifine to use it, but if you cant get optifine it will still be better than nothing.

  135. SkullKidDanzen

    I’d like to point out to people having ore blocks appear dark even after turning smooth lighting off, if you also have shaders or 3rd party shader pack on, disable it

  136. mason

    can i toggle it?

  137. help

    says its not compatible with my version of minecraft (1.16.3) help

    1. Xander Marx

      Just try to get 1.16.4 or get the lower version of this pack. Hope it helped

  138. wdwd

    I Need help i tried it but it did not work how do i do this

  139. E

    do i have to have optifine?

    1. DodoKiller25

      YES ya do

    2. ratatat

      i dont think so ive used it in vanilla before

    3. Caleb

      I have also used it in vanilla, it doesnt work as well cause it has big black area that wont show ores, but it does work. I would suggest optifine though for maximum efficiency

  140. noobmasterxd6969

    Hi there! I am a someone that installed and downloaded this texture pack. Apparently, I need OptiFine and Smooth Lighting turned off, I’ve done that. But I have run into an accident where, I can’t see the ores. Can any of you youngings help me?

    1. Penguitoni

      i recommend using night vision potions

  141. EPICjeb

    this is nice…

    1. wdwd

      whats yourr discord i know you have one

  142. Lucs

    Why can I only see exposed ores?

  143. SwapSwap Papyrus

    is good

  144. help me

    which key to press to turn on the texture pack

    1. PewDiePia

      dude this is a texture pack so there is not any key to turn on and off this thing lol

  145. Diraq

    does this make emerald ores transparent as well? i cant seem to find any.

    1. Alex

      Emerald ore only spawns naturally under Extreme Hills biomes. If you’re not in one, there won’t be any emerald.

  146. PieCreeper

    The resource pack will not show up in my resource pack list on Minecraft.

    1. x

      you need to put the minecraft pack thig (with the extension) in your resourcepack folders ;p;

  147. oooooof

    i have optifine and i have smooth lighting off but the ores are still black! help!!

    1. daw

      watch how to bright your minecraft in youtube for 100 gamma

  148. PompaPrieKompa 360

    help me i dont see anything when i use this pack its just dark i have my gamma up to 100 and i have fullbright mod but its still dark

  149. Ricosb

    I liked it, it helped me a lot but there are some black and purple blocks that get in the way so I want someone’s help


    1. lool

      its just blocks that dont have textures in this pack so use another pack which overlays this one

  150. random dude

    Does this show ancient debris?

  151. Asking

    Can this be on ios (i am playing on ipad) or is this only on pcs?

  152. Nils

    is there a way to use this on a server which has anti x ray-plugin installed? Cause I only see ores everywhere

  153. Kentobt

    i dragged the .zip file into minecraft resourcepack file and still doesnt work , help

  154. Kooolkiddo

    any way to add blocks to the xray list?

  155. Ingrainedcar

    I am wondering if this doesn’t work for ancient debris or if it just that rare

    1. zoe

      Ancient Debris is very rare and you need to be at a Y level of 15 to find it.
      using an outdated version of the texture pack means that it will not render unless looking directly at it

  156. TunaSalad

    why are blocks dark?

    1. zoe

      because it is the way that the minecraft lighting system works, simply set smooth lighting off and you’re good to go

  157. Embry Rose

    is there a version for windows 10 edition

  158. Marie Häll

    Did get it to work, but now how do I turn it OFF lol XD ingame while game still running like when Minecraft came out sorf of you could toggle it different modes 1. transparent blocks totally not ores, and not trees etc, 2, turn it on 3 turn it off. have tested all buttons on my keyboard and find no settings in optiions either or where keybindings are. : hmm

  159. LOL

    Can you this for PE?

  160. Russel Icasas

    night vision not working 1.14.4?

  161. huytin2007

    I see the ores, but when i get near it it dissapears. What do i do? help?

    1. zoe

      it may simply be the chunks unloading

  162. Clayton Auter

    Hey its telling me the pack isnt able to manifest? im on the windows 10 version any ideas on what to do guys? Thanks a bunch in advance.

  163. Emberr Hype

    my laptop is next to crap
    it doent crash

  164. Bacon_newYT

    this is cool x ray in minecraft

  165. Wolfy

    Whenever i use it, it shows me that there are ores but when i go there its not there itds false :/

  166. gurKken wAsser

    very nice work

  167. Christopher Wickware

    Works perfectly 5 out of 5 stars

  168. Daniel Englund

    How can I download xray in mobile

    1. Katana

      probably not.

  169. Damenthrall

    all blocks other than dirt seem to be of the same block.. how do i make the ores a different colour so i am able to spot it? currently i can only find caves but i am not able to find any ores.. pls help

  170. Phillip M.

    I had it working on an older version of my mod pack, but I tried installing it now and it doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t think I did anything different/wrong, but I’m really not sure. I put it in the [instance location]resourcepacks folder just as instructed, loaded the game, clicked resource packs, and enabled the pack. When I loaded a world, stone still looked like stone, grass looked like grass, etc.

  171. Typical Minecrafter

    Remember kids! It’s not technically cheating if you’re using a recourse pack!

    1. Phillip M.

      *resource, and yes, as long as everyone on the server knows how to use a resource pack (or if you’re in singleplayer mode), you’re not REALLY giving yourself an unfair advantage.

      1. Cheesy Gamer 64

        it is an unfair advantage, it just isn’t hacking

      2. Snyte

        When server rules says it’s not allowed you should respect that.

  172. Dennis :D

    Hello, this texture pack is awesome i just got a block of diamonds on my friends realm and now i can buy anything i want!!!!

  173. cokalola66

    now i know alot of people say stuff like this is for noobs who carnt find diamonds and i agree but giv em a break they might be 5 year olds struggling so give them a break please

    1. Phillip M.

      my philosophy is that, so long as everyone else on the server is aware of how to use a resource pack and the Ops permit it (and they should if the first point is true. I do on my server, at least), it’s not really cheating, as no one has an unfair advantage

      1. Snyte

        If everyone know how to build an atom bomb should we allow everyone to do so?

  174. Lordarki

    do i need something other than this to get it to even work on my minecraft i try to open the resouce pack but its not working

  175. hihihi

    why is everything redstone and when I mine to it it dissapears

    1. Filmjolk

      This is due to the server sending you fake packets. There is no way around this as the server decides on what information to send your client. If you use a world downloader, then you would have all those random ores in the ground. As far as your client is concerned, those ores are real even if they are not on the server.

  176. jacob

    what does it mean when it say by drag and drop the texture .zip file into this folder what is it and where can i find it

  177. larry carter

    Why doesnt it work

    1. jetplane05

      did you make a folder in the resource packs folder and put the files in?

  178. ima idiot

    I love it since I can just mine everything I want :)
    good resource pack

  179. zach

    the ores i see are only black what do i do

    1. patrick doplito

      Here :
      1. Go To The .minecraft folder
      2.find the options txt
      3. change the gamma 1.5 or something like that to 1000

      1. WarriorsHound

        where is it? i cant find it DX

        1. patrick doplito

          What Do You Mean By DX?

        2. undertaker ryu

          hit ctrl f and then type in gamma. itll bring you to it in the text file.

    2. nicofaster 21

      because of light… they are underground… underground there is no light

    3. nothing i can do

      you can use Potion of Night Vision

    4. Ploops Mcgoops

      Smooth Lighting and Optifine, specifically turn off smooth lighting.

    5. Arjan Vroom

      Turn smooth lighting off and use optifine and turn brightness fully up. Then you can see everything clearly

  180. Anonymous

    There seems a bug with this resource pack which causes crashes and failed rendering on some clients. The “stone” block-state won’t work properly. Here’s a quick fix I found:

    1. Extract the zip.
    2. Enter the extracted file, go to /assets/blockstates.
    3. Find “stone.json”, and delete it.
    4. Find andesite.json, and make a copy of it (all of this in the same directory (assets/blockstates))
    5. Rename the copied “andesite-Copy.json” so that its name is now “stone.json”.
    6. Delete the original Xray Resource Pack Zip file. Don’t worry about re-compressing the extracted file, minecraft should still detect it.
    7. In-game, go to “resource packs”, and select the modified Xray texture pack.

    (This fix worked for me, when I was experiencing crashes with Optifine installed)

  181. czar Barcenas

    how do i make this resource pack stop crashing my game. i have no mods But this is the only texture pack that i have than default.

    1. sirolko

      You have shitty PC this is WHY is crashing game.

      1. Saskwatch_1984

        No, that’s not why; I have a pretty decent PC, and it crashes my game, too. Something’s effed up with this resource pack…

    2. DualshockBolt .

      1. dedicate some more ram to minecraft
      2. use optifine

  182. Shelly

    Will this show armour stands and such?

  183. archie

    is there any bugs

  184. MattMan

    installed optifine and pack.. ores are dark.. what is the fix?

    1. Courtney Jade

      search for %appdata%
      click .minecraft folder
      options (doc not folder)
      find the gamma option in that document. it should be near the top
      I just changed mine from 1.0 to 100.0 xD

      This is as far as my tech knowledge goes so if that doesn’t fix it i am unsure <3

      1. MetL_DragN

        It is actually the smooth lighting setting. Turn that off.

        1. nick

          how do I get the pack in, I have windows 10… someone tell me, I cant figure it out

  185. Felix An

    Is this undetectable?

    1. Reason

      Resource packs are undetectable however I would advise you dig a bit randomly so it doesn’t arouse suspicion

    2. OtakuJT

      It is.
      No admins have figured it out yet.
      But don’t give yourself away.

  186. bob

    How do you “press start” where the hell is star?

    1. josh0

      the windows button