Optifine 1.19 / 1.18

While Minecraft is an ever-expansive and fun game to play in its original variant, a lot more can be added to it by installing mods and resource packs. One of the most effective and useful tools (mods) you can install – whether you want to keep the original flavor or add some uniqueness to your game – is the Optifine mod. Optifine is not a resource pack in itself. It does not change any textures in the game. It is, instead, a tool that allows you to adjust Minecraft to increase performance or visuals to your liking. For instance, it provides new settings in the menus that allow you to more freely adjust rendering distance and other factors that might affect how well your computer can run the game. It also allows you to use various resource packs with custom features. If you use HD resource packs and have seen major frame rate drops, see serious lag spikes in your system, or otherwise just need an FPS boost, Optifine HD will provide exactly what you are looking for.

Featured video:

Optifine can be used in both single player games and multiplayer servers. Be warned, though, Optifine HD only works in multiplayer games if the server’s host also has Optifine HD installed on the server. If this is not the case, Optifine will be disabled and you will not be able to use it. Another warning that comes with this is that some of the steps you can take to increase your frame rate will also make Minecraft less visually appealing to look at. You can disable clouds, the sky, stars, fog, and a number of other functions that make the game more visually appealing. All in all, Optifine HD is probably the best way to take more complete control of your Minecraft experience. You can adjust how textured and detailed everything is, from bare bones to top of the line graphics, based on what your personal computer can handle.

OptiFine should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.19.4 - 1.19.3 - 1.19.2 - 1.19.1 - 1.19 - 1.18.2 - 1.18.1 - 1.18 - 1.17.1 - 1.17 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15 - 1.14.4 - 1.14.3 - 1.14.2 - 1.14 - 1.13.2 - 1.13.1 - 1.13 - 1.12.2 - 1.12 - 1.11.2 - 1.11 - 1.10.2 - 1.10 - 1.9.4 - 1.9 - 1.8.9 - 1.8.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.6 - 1.8

How to install Optifine:

Guide last updated: 2022-07-22

Before we proceed with installing Optifine, you also need to have Java installed on your device in order to be able to run the Optifine installer. Java is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris. Get Java here.

Quick Java Installation Guide:

Click the image to open it full size in a new tab.

  1. Download Java from the official website here.
  2. Run the file you just downloaded and click Install.

NOTE: Optifine will only work with the Java Edition of Minecraft. Optifine does not currently work with Bedrock or any other edition.

And now.. OptiFine:

Please follow each step carefully if you have never installed OptiFine before.

  1. In the download section (located directly below this guide), you will find a link to the official Optifine website. Click on this link and you should be redirected to the developer’s official website.
  2. On the optifine website, you will see many different labels. First make sure you find the correct “Minecraft Version Label”. If you’re playing Minecraft 1.18.2, look for the appropriate label, then simply select one of the versions of Optifine under that label (we strongly recommend that you always choose the OptiFine HD Ultra editions. They usually have the most features) and click Download (or Mirror).
  3. If you clicked the “Download” button (step 2), then most likely you will first be redirected to an sponsor page with a short timer of 5 seconds. Just wait and click “Skip”. If you clicked the “Mirror” button (step 2), you will be redirected directly to the download page.
  4. Now, once you are on the download page, click “Download” again.
  5. Right-click on the newly downloaded Optifine installer file (should be in .jar format), select “Open With”, and then click “Java (TM) Platform SE binary”.
  6. A small installer window will appear, just click “Install”. After a while, the message “OptiFine is successfully installed.” will pop-up.
  7. Run the Minecraft launcher and click on the small arrow to the left of the green “PLAY” button. You will notice that there is a new version titled 1.19-OptiFine_HD_U_H8 (it may be different in your case depending on which version of Minecraft you are using and which version of optifine you have installed). Select this Minecraft Optifine version and click “PLAY”.
  8. Done. Now you have a version of Minecraft with Optifine. We hope the guide was useful to you, we tried to describe everything in as much detail as possible with screenshots so that you can understand it better. If you still have problems with the installation, leave your question below in the comments – either the administration or site visitors will definitely help you. But there should be no problems if you carefully read everything and do as it is written in the guide.

OptiFine Download

  • Credit for the creation of OptiFine goes to sp614x.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way. None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use only official download links provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • Since the links are official and we update them manually - the links may stop working with each new update. We make every effort to update links as quickly as possible and usually we update everything on time and users have no problems, but if suddenly any link stops working - let us know through the comments below.
  • Don't forget to leave a comment below and vote for the pack. By doing this, you help the author(s) keep improving the project. If you want to support the author(s), be sure to check the author links just below the download links.
By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the official Optifine website, where you will find all download links for versions from 1.7.x to the current version of Minecraft.

Java Edition:

Download OptiFine from Official Website

Download instructions:

Curseforge: download starts automatically after a few seconds;

Mediafire: click the big blue button with the text "DOWNLOAD";

Google Drive: in the top right corner you will see a small download icon (down arrow), click it and the download should start;

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Author: sp614x
Last updated: 11 April 2023
Category: Tools
Compatibility: Java

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  1. Caz

    can anyone please help me, I can never download anything. I’d really just like some help because I really want a good texture pack and I always get lost on the instructions because, like when I tried to learn Adobe Animate, it seems like something wasn’t there. Admin, anyone please help!

  2. Simmikke

    Is there going to be an update for 1.20 when it releases?

    1. Admin

      Optifine is updated regularly, so most likely it will be.

  3. Kapree

    After I click “open with JAVA (TM) Platform SE Binary”, which I did the steps for downloading, a pop up appears that says “there are errors in the following switches” and it doesn’t download. How do I fix this?

  4. Mik

    I have Mac and am trying to download Optifine, though it keeps telling me that it won’t open because it thinks it is malware. Is there any way to get around this or fix it? thanks.

    1. Admin

      Check your Mac settings, you can temporarily disable browser restrictions or antivirus if you have it installed.

    2. mila

      if you use finder, you can open it. click with 2 fingers and then click open. it’ll ask something which i cant remember off the top of my head but, it’s just confirming you want to open it. then it should open as usual.

  5. Dieland

    So I cant open with Java(TM) Platform SE Binary, what do I do about that

      1. cow

        it shows a black screen for a second than it desappears

  6. LilyDragonGirl2

    What if your on bedrock edition?

    1. Admin

      Nothing, you can’t install optifine on the bedrock version.

    2. Evierosemay

      On I’m glad it works for bedrock editon

  7. Rdpayerl32

    when i click “open with” it opens the window for 1 milisecond?????

    1. salomar53

      How I fixed it:

      Step 1: Open Command line (type CMD in search bar)

      Step 2: Type “cd” followed by your Minecraft installation location (typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft Launcher\runtime\jre-x64\bin)
      Example: “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft Launcher\runtime\jre-x64\bin”

      Step 3: Type “Java -jar ” into the command line, then click and drag the .jar Optifine installer package (downloaded from Optifine.net) into it. It should auto-fill the path to the file in the command line.

      Step 4: Hit Enter :)

  8. matthew clingman

    some i got every step but the last one to work

  9. Ash

    I got everything but the last step to work.

  10. Mystery Man

    when it says to open with java(tm) whatever its called it wont let me do that

      1. UrSenpai

        You have to download the java software (not Minecraft, the programming app), the download is in the yellow box (:

  11. Sydni

    If I wanted to utilize Optifine in curseforge, will that copy over from installing it into the original launcher or is there a separate way to add it to Curseforge?

    1. MiKe

      For Forge, you simply place the Optifine.jar file into your mods folder. There is a YouTuber “The Breakdown” that has some really good guides for installing most things. I recommend checking out his videos.

  12. charlie

    when i try open it with java, it doesnt show up. how do i fix this?

    1. Benjamin

      download java

  13. Sydney

    Where can I find Java(TM) Platform SE binary ?

    1. dex

      i just chose what system i was on and downloaded it and then when i tried to open it with java platform se binary it worked

  14. Kole

    How do you use this its not possible

    1. Caz

      for REAL though

  15. Player

    I don’t have Java (TM) Platform SE binary :(.
    Can someone help?

  16. Nolan

    does not work no more

  17. Tristan

    when i download optifine it gets a paint file

  18. Ton-301

    How do I use the Java SE Platform, it does not show up as an option for me. I am on windows 10

  19. Catcubicus

    im stuck on step 5 of the download optifine thing. when i open it with Java(TM) platform SE binary it just opens a black screen for half a second then closes it and it doesnt download anything. ive tried redownloading java, redownloading optifine and restarting my computer so many times but it keeps doing the same thing. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this and stop it from happening?

    1. John

      Im having the exact same problem

  20. g

    Cannot find Minecraft 1.19.2 you must download and start Minecraft 1.19.2

  21. Admin I need advice

    Im stuck on step 5 I have Java installed but when I select Java(TM) platform SE binary it opens a window for half a second and immediately closes without opening/installing anything. Any advice?

  22. Elfman

    I have windows 10, with xbox app installed, have installed java edition of minecraft this way (also have bedrock), am able to play both (not at same time of course) but when I go to open the optifine.jar with Java platform se, it says ” Cannot fine Minecraft 1.19.x (2 in my current case this evening), minecraft launcher for java edition is in folder c:\XBOX\MINECRAFT, but there is no 1.19.x folder with any game files. any help is appreciated.

  23. sven

    my java won’t open help

  24. Hydra

    I cant get it to stop downloading as a .jar

    1. Jess

      If you have a mac its supposed to download as a jar! Open it, and it should appear in Java and then prompt you to add to minecraft.

  25. nachowastaken

    When I click install, it only tells me Minecraft 1.9.2. is not found.

    1. Madz

      when you go onto the java download website I click one the 1.19.3 preview and it worked for me after downloading it

  26. Jax

    I cant get past step 5 when I go to open with it only gives me notepad option

  27. TSTLyric

    It’s downloading as a .jar file, what am I doing wrong?

    1. Jess

      If you have a Mac its supposed to download as .jar. I thought the same thing at first. As long as you have Java it should work when you go to open it

  28. Bob

    I am on 1.19.51, is Optifine going to be updated or can i download earlier relases of Minecraft i.e. 1.19.2

  29. phozi

    Will this ever be included to the bedrock community?

    1. Admin

      At the moment this is technically impossible, but some alternatives may appear in the future.

  30. Erica

    When will Optifine be updated for v1.19.3?

    1. Bean

      I have the same problem! It needs 19.3 update to run. 19.3 previews don’t work, it says the texture pack is too old

  31. Ryuzaki

    I don’t know why it’s like this even though I’ve downloaded optifine but it’s like this. It always says Optifine Required but I’m already using optifine

  32. Lauren

    Hey I’m using Mincraft v1.19.3, and the latest Optifine varsions is for v1.19.2. Can I get away with installing Optifine for version 1.19 and should that work? Or do I have to rollback my Minecraft version? (It doesn’t give me the option for v1.19.2 in the launcher, so I’ll just google how to go back to an older version!)

  33. Seanna

    Hey, I’m stuck on step 6 because when i press the install button it just says, “Cannot find Minecraft 1.19.2” i don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

    1. Admin

      First, install minecraft 1.19.2 as usual (via the launcher).

      1. DangFlabbit420

        the launcher won’t let me go back to that version, when will optifine be updated?

        1. Admin

          The original Minecraft launcher allows you to have multiple versions of Minecraft and switch between them at any time.

  34. frida

    it says java installation not completed why????

  35. Cyberknight

    when im at the download i dont see an installer file to open, how do i get the installer?

  36. Legacy

    Hey, so i am stuck between step 5 and 6 because when i try to open it with Java, for literally 0.5 sec shows up a window wich instantly closes itself. Can anybody help?

  37. bob

    the little window does not open for me when i try to open optifine with java

  38. i123465498

    i can open the optifine thing

  39. thebac0n

    when I right click on “open with” on the optifine file the option to open it with Java SE Binary isn’t there and I asks me to find an app in the microsoft store

    1. Admin

      Read the “How to install optifine” guide on this page, especially the yellow box.

      1. Rane

        that didnt help at all still have the same issue

  40. FussionPK

    It says there are errors in the following switches—- unable to install java

    1. Kapree

      same here

  41. l

    how do u even install

    1. Admin

      We have pretty detailed installation instructions on this page. Just follow each step carefully and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  42. jaxon

    why you have to download Java

  43. lutri

    Can some help me do it in win 10 not 11

  44. TheFartFunnies

    I have the Java edition of Minecraft installed and I am opening the Optifine installer file with Java(TM) Platform SE binary but the the small installer window isn’t appearing for me, I am very confused.

    1. bob

      this is happening to me as well

  45. Andrew

    i have installed java 13 times and it still doesnt work

  46. Nivaan agarwal

    bru, I don’t java installed that is why the commands are not going trough

  47. No Name

    Man why do i have to pay for everything i have to pay for java i just wanna add texture pack cause mincraft aint changing its graphics

  48. weet

    i also am not able to instal optifine. wen i tell it to open in java(tm) platform se binary it yust flachesa window on my screen then noting and thers no extra tabo on my minecft lanche ither

  49. soyasaus

    I followed the instructions and everything went fine while downloading optifine, but it don’t seem to work when i log into my worlds, even though i chose the optifine “release” in the minecraft launcher and it says (modded) in the bottom left corner of the game start screen. I had the same problem when i tried a year ago too, but then i just gave up. Any logic to why this might be happening?

  50. Help

    There is no option to open with Java(TM) Platform SE Binary on Windows 11 computer

    1. Admin

      Have you installed Java as we instructed you (yellow box in the “How to install” section)? Also, be sure to restart your computer/laptop after successfully installing Java.

      1. werwerwrwerwerw

        yes this is fake my guy\

        1. Admin

          What do you mean by “fake”? Java? Java is definitely not fake. Minecraft? Minecraft isn’t fake either. Optifine? Optifine is not fake too. All this is used by millions of users. So what exactly are you calling fake?

        2. JomiTheRaven

          You need to download Java first, then opifine then any of the mods you need.
          Mods don’t work without Java and Optifine.

        3. Person

          bro your life is fake

  51. Milkshakes220

    When I hit open with, it takes me to Firefox, asking me to download the file again. The cycle repeats. How do I fix this?

    1. JomiTheRaven

      Try right clicking it and select “open with”

  52. A

    when opening the Optifine file with java, it says “there are errors in the following switches”

    1. Kapree

      im having the same problem

  53. Grog

    Same issue as Bruh. Advice?

  54. Bruh

    The Installer doesnt pop up after i chose to open the file with The Java(TM) thing
    I dont know why

  55. h

    when i press ”open with” there is no java se platform binary

    1. Xan

      Re-download Java from the first yellow box.

  56. protin bor

    need a guide for windows 11 java

  57. ZBSDKryten

    Optifine 1.19.2 is now available

  58. Mat

    Doesn’t work,

    I have Minecraft 1.19.21.

  59. YouDontKnowMe

    It wont let me install Optifine? It keeps saying ” This page isn’t working adfoc.us redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ” So I clear the cookies and then the same thing happens!

    I have had this with only Optifine no other mods or resource packs has this happened but for some reason Optifine dose?

    1. Admin

      Try using a mirror link next to the main optifine download buttons (STEP 2 image). This might work a little better. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help as we provide a link to the official optifine download page, so they are fully responsible for the stability of the links. You can try contacting them directly.

  60. Krzysztof

    Why I cant use mods in this shader? I cant include mods…

    1. Admin

      What do you mean? Optifine is a tool (mod), not a shader pack. Optifine is required for shader packs and some resource packs to work properly.

  61. Jude

    I have !.9.2 Minecraft version and optifine has only 1.9.1 what should i do?

    1. Admin

      Wait for the optifine team to release optifine version 1.19.2.

  62. Joe

    I downloaded optifine h9 and I tried to install in but it said it couldn’t find minecraft 1.19, I have java edition 1.19

    1. Admin

      What version of Minecraft are you downloading optifine h9 for? Be sure to download the exact same version of optifine that you have installed minecraft. If you have Minecraft 1.19.1 you need optifine 1.19.1 not 1.19.

  63. Kenneth

    i tried to run OptiFine H8 and java opened but then closed immediately and the same thing happened with H9, i have no idea what’s going on, and idk if it has to do with me still running on Windows 10 and this version was made for Windows 11. the install menu for OptiFine shown in step 6 does not show up at all.

  64. Elon

    Wasnt sure what happened, everything is fine until i click install the optifine, it said couldnt find minecraft 1.19. I got my minecraft with xbox pass, does that has anything to do with it?

    1. Admin

      You need to check which version of Minecraft you have installed. Optifine only works with Java Edition.

  65. declan

    I have minecraft java downloaded, but a Java(tm) SE Binary file isn’t there to open it with?

    1. Admin

      Please re-read the instructions on this page (how to install section) again, and don’t forget to take a look at the message in the yellow box. Most likely, you missed some steps or misunderstood them.

  66. Mido

    I followed the instructions step by step and i get the pop up that optifine was installed sucessfully but it doesn’t show up at all in my minecraft launcher..

    1. Admin

      Restart the Minecraft launcher, after that it should appear.

  67. Alex

    I open the jar file with Java SE Binary but nothing pops up

  68. reeee

    I did followed the intructions step by step but it doesn’t show up as a version?

  69. Lucid

    Do you know when optifine will be compatible with 1.19.1?

  70. ae

    where do i find the java se thing

    1. Admin

      Please, read the “how to install” section, especially the yellow box.

  71. Adrienne

    On step 5 when I try to open optifine with java it won’t let me. It says something about a code not being right? I don’t know what that means. What do I do?

    1. Admin

      Do you have java installed? If yes, are you on Windows?

      1. Adrienne

        I am on Windows and I installed Java per the instructions above the Optifine instructions

        1. Admin

          Try a different version of Optifine.

          1. Joey

            I also have this issue and have tried many different versions of Optifine. The problem persists. What could I do to fix it?

            1. Joey

              Ignore my previous comment. The jarfix thingy of which everyone is mentioning worked.

  72. Ianite

    Y’all need to make your instructions more clear. I ain’t got the Java bull y’all are talking about and reading other comments they ain’t got it. It doesn’t work for 1.19 as y’all say it does.

    1. Admin

      This instruction is intended for installing Optifine, not Java. But we update the instructions from time to time. Anyway, in order to run the Optifine installer, you must first download and install Java. Google can help you with this, just type “java download for windows)”. Note – optifine will not work on the bedrock edition.

  73. freddy

    yall when i drag it inti the resource pack box in game it just doesnt show up?? idk whats happening. its a .jar document and it just doesnt go into my game at all. im so confused

    1. Admin

      Did you even read the installation instructions on this page?

      1. Ianite

        Reading the instructions and even finding a YouTube video on it attempting to follow what they said. It doesn’t work. The Java thing you are speaking of doesn’t appear for everyone as you might think. How about make it easier to install instead of going through a hundred different steps just to download one thing.

        1. Admin

          First of all, if you’ve read the instructions and followed some YouTube videos and it didn’t work, the problem might be on your end. For example, optifine won’t work on Bedrock edition, so don’t even try. Java will definitely not appear if you never installed it. You need to download and install it like you did with Minecraft. It’s not hard to google java (should be the first non-sponsored link in Google search results). Our instructions are for installing optifine, not java. But we are not saying that our instructions are perfect, we might update a few things to make the instructions clearer.

          Next, what do you mean by “easier”? Optifine is essentially “software”, and like any other software, it needs to be installed. You can’t just download and start playing instantly. Optifine, mods for Minecraft and even Minecraft itself sometimes require java, unless you’re on Bedrock edition. It’s already easy. If you have java installed, you simply download the optifine installer, run it, and click install. That’s all. It couldn’t be easier, optifine is not affiliated with Minecraft to be able to be integrated directly into Minecraft.

          And lastly, everything about downloads – we provide links only to official sources, we do not have rights to re-upload any of the files. Some links may be direct, some may not, but this is what the authors have provided us and we must abide by, unless the links are “dangerous”, we do not approve of such links.

          Please note that even though it may take us some time to respond, you can always contact us by mail (link to the contact page is at the very bottom of the page) and we will try to help you as much as possible.

  74. nanovorg

    Doesn’t implement properly for me. I extracted it as well, which still didn’t implement.

    1. nanovorg

      Update: Where do I find Java (TM)?

      1. nanovorg

        I fixed it and it works :D

        1. weihh

          how did u fix it

  75. Joey

    I now understand that optifine doesn’t work that well on 1.19.x

  76. pooth

    I still have lag

  77. RobbWes

    Is there any way the devs can make it so that OptiFine updates automatically like the main version of minecraft whenever there is a new version available, so we don’t have to manually download it every time is a new version?

  78. vash

    ya this need to have the latest release. i just tried to install it and it says needs minecraft 1.18.2 when im running the newest update.this program will need an update. please and thank you

  79. Caffeine

    When is this being updated to 1.19?

    1. junjun

      idk its taking its taking them so long to make

    2. no

      its great
      so good for pvp

  80. Optifine Sucks

    Optifine doesn’t work. It just says that my Java installation isn’t complete. Save yourself the annoyance >:(

    1. Admin

      From our side everything works fine. Make sure you have Java installed. Also, optifine only works on the Java version of the Minecraft client and does not work on the bedrock version.

      1. konjumsino

        yea but is it on 1.19

  81. kiwi

    step 5 just doesnt work? no option to open with java platform se binary , help :(

    1. Skyer

      I have the same problem, somebody help

      1. GaetanTheSIMP

        same …

  82. hehehaha

    it doesnt work for macOS

  83. kaikou

    I got a minecraft version 1.18.30 and optifine only exists in 1.18.20. so he can’t be installed… How can I do ?

    1. Admin

      Just install the latest version of optifine available. It should work.

  84. darren

    I have MacBook Air and it worked to download java and it does work

  85. NOWONE

    how to download java?

  86. A Been Boi

    does not work on macbook air

  87. markita

    good mod but it does not work for chromebooks…

    1. Guest

      i have a chromebook, im gonna cry WHYYYYY

  88. Just2turtles

    it does not work on macbook air

  89. Maazzixx

    its a .jar
    every .jar goes into the mods folder
    don’t need to follow the instruction up there, its completly off.

  90. Sayyad Adil

    The process is really cool but shader is so pretty

  91. Niklbac

    bruh what in the * is this process JUST LET ME DOWNLOAD A SHADER!

  92. PVpman

    The process is so confusing bruh

  93. zoodigamer

    bruh all i want is a shader

  94. hannah

    says i must download and launch minecraft in the official launcher at least once? ive opened it multiple times. i dont understand

    1. zoodigamer

      i know just watch a youtube vid if it does’ent work idk what will

    2. lyssa

      Having the same issue

    3. Ben

      Make sure you have downloaded java first before installing optifine

  95. dtkluuvr

    okay so I have minecraft 1.18.2 and Optifine doesn’t have an option for that yet. I tried downloading 1.18.1 and I downloaded java and everything but it says it cannot find my Minecraft download. Can anyone help?

  96. Dull_Demon47

    what do i do if “Java (TM) Platform SE Binary” just isn’t a option?

  97. yes

    So can someone explain to me why the window immediately closes when i click java platform se binary

  98. Iamconfusion672

    Is optifine compatible with 1.18.1 yet? Ive been looking at downloading it but dont want to got through the process for it to be outdated and then have to do it all over again.

  99. Guest

    I play minecraft edu does optifine work?

    1. Kenneth

      most likely not, if it doesn’t work for PE or Bedrock then it wouldn’t work for EDU

  100. shader

    its good i guess

  101. Cube

    I have try it but its doesnt function: error binary encounter or something like this

  102. ru

    i tried to download & unpackage it but it doesn’t let me use java, it says open with microsoft explorer or winrar pls help (i have java installed)

  103. Dirtyjar38

    when i click open with i dont get the Java (TM) Platform SE binary option pls help

    1. JarJarMineCC

      You may need to install Java. I had to in order to get that option.

      1. KoregaRequiem.Da

        It’s happening to me and Java is my minecraft version. Do I have to do something else?

  104. thekingval

    Help i can install optifine it always says: Java cannot be installed
    There are errors in the following switches ….

    1. SnookiWookiee

      same thing happened to me, i just googled the error and i just had to download something called jarfix and it fixed all the .jav stuff

      1. Stryke

        Oh my god, thank you so much! Can’t believe all these tutorials and stuff didn’t suggest that sooner.

      2. Dull_Demon47

        i still can’t get it to work, even after downloading jarfix :/

        1. lost

          Have you opened jarfix yet?

  105. yarnec

    why i cant get optifine i will dowload it for the shader pack

  106. bloop

    im trying to open it with java but it wont let me pick that option. im on a mac, it only allows me to save the file whih doesnt work

  107. paulthienadedt

    I love shader

  108. circles

    I have used optifine for 1 year + (which is not that long tbh im ngl) and i can say it’s 100% worth it to use, especially for low end pcs!

  109. pogboi

    i like the shaders

  110. LouieMitchell

    When i try to open the preview optifine. It comes up with a blank black window which flickers on and off. Anyone knows how to fix it?

    1. Ciara

      Use jarfix it installs fast and it works immediately :]

  111. Mohammed al faqsh

    i like the shader

  112. levi

    when i download optifine, it says i need to open it with java binary se, but i dont have that option, what can i do to make it work?

      1. Yeet_Elite

        how did you fix that???

      2. Freddo

        How did you do it may I ask?

        1. circles

          U need to download java first, u can just download it from a tutorial. Then u need to pick open with java.

  113. Allelya

    When clicking on Optifine 1.17, their website is giving me version 1.16.5 instead, so I can’t use any RP made for 1.17 on it. I have emailed the creator.

    1. Admin

      There is dropdown button “+ Preview versions”, click it.

  114. NurseStudent113

    help i just want download Optifine but all I keep getting is “preview OptiFine 1.17.1.jar” i have tried what the video but i just cant get it to download.

    1. Frank

      download jarfix

  115. Frosty

    When ever I pull up the launcher, Optifine has no profile, despite playing with nothing else installed but it.

  116. Mona

    Is there a version of this for bedrock?

    1. Lisa

      No, I don’t think there is, but if there is, It isn’t the original Optifine. Hope this helps!

  117. i dont want to show my name

    i cant find the java (TM) Platform SE binary file

  118. Lia

    I installed it as directed, but hit a brick wall the moment i load up minecraft. Everything was fine til that point. It stops before the game launches and says “Can not update Native Minecraft”. It stops right there, and the game doesnt launch. What could be the issue?

  119. everett

    this looks so nice

  120. ImportedK

    I downloaded optifine for 1.16.5 and i installed jave and jar fix, when i try to open with the java platform thingy, it shows and eeror.

  121. MimosaVendetta

    Is there a particular location the OptiFine installer is supposed to be? I’ve downloaded “preview OptiFine 1.17 HD U G9 pre24”. I tried having it in the download folder, the a folder on the same drive as my MC installation, and inside the Minecraft “Install” folder. I have selected “Open with” and navigated here: …\Curse\Minecraft\Install\runtime\java-runtime-alpha\windows-x64\java-runtime-alpha\bin Then I selected java.exe to open the file with.

    It took forever but I finally nabbed a screenshot of the error message that flickers for a millisecond: Error: Could not find or load main class …\Curse\Minecraft\Install\preview_OptiFine_1.17_ HD_U_G9_pre24.jar

    What am I doing wrong?

  122. Robert

    I agree with Joe, I’m able to use 7-zip on everything. I have java, restarted the computer, black box shows for 1 sec and then nothing. Ive seen multiple people with the same problem as me with no replies, please respond on how to continue from here.

  123. Patrick

    I have a problem too and it is the same like the most of them… if i try to open it with java platform SE binary then a black window pops up short and nothing happend afterwards no installer.. nothing and yes i checked my latest java version, i checked my minecraft version and i try it with older versions too but always the same happend and yes i restarted my pc everytime but always the same problem came up so do u have a fix for that or wahts wrong with it ?

  124. Patrick

    I installed Java the way it is supposed to, and everything is fine. Now, when I downloaded Optifine, I clicked “Open with” but Java Platform SE Binary or whatever, didn’t show up. There was an option to look for another program in the computer, but it didn’t show up there neither. Any help? (Note: I could actually install optifine with the installer, but the resource packs I had didn’t work as they should.)

    1. Admin

      What exactly do you mean “didn’t work as it should”. If optifine is installed correctly, you will see the new profiles in the Minecraft launcher in the version selection dropdown. Select the Optifine profile.

  125. zurple

    Jave Platform SE binary? it doesnt come up… was i supposed to do something before?

  126. gamer

    I try to instal optifine but it does not open and just comes up a a black box

    1. Admin

      Install java first.

  127. mastarules

    Hello i have v1.17 but the Previous Versions for this don’t show me the little arrow next to the play button. what could be wrong?

  128. joe

    DEVELOPERS PLEASE, commons sense – EASE of USE!!!, this needs to be a zip file like all other resource packs that we can place in the resource pack folder!, not some convoluted process to make it difficult to install.
    Hence this long thread of complaints and confusion from everyone!

    1. Admin

      Who EVER said it is a resource pack? It is a tool / mod needed for many resource packs. You cannot install a mod or a tool full of various features the way you install a resource pack. Resource packs are EASY TO USE simply because they are a collection of images, sounds, some text files and nothing else, while mods are standalone software that must later be integrated into Minecraft itself.

      1. dominick

        I have a unique problem (maybe you’ve gotten this before) but when I click open with Java(TM) Platform SE Binary it flashes a black box and quickly closes the black box window, when I click Java Platform SE Binary it displays this EXACT message,

        Unable to install Java There are errors in the following switches:

        “C:/User/Dominick/OneDrive/Documents/preview _O

        check the commands are valid and try again

  129. CS

    I have Minecraft on Lubuntu (Ubuntu light basically). The instructions for installing OptiFine do not work for my setup. Since Minecraft was installed via Snap the OptiFine installer thinks Minecraft isn’t even installed.

    1. Admin

      Our instructions are for Minecraft: java edition installed on Windows. Other operating systems are not that much suitable for gaming, and the “general” instructions may not work on your side depending on your configuration.

  130. Phoenix

    i checked the website, and there’s no complete version for 1.17. Should I just install the pre-release or would it be okay to install the 1.16.5 edition till there’s a 1.17 edition?

    1. Admin

      On the official page, you can see a drop-down list of preview versions in the “Minecraft 1.17” section. You can try them, they are compatible with version 1.17.

  131. HelpImDumb

    I still dont understand something
    I’ve tried downloading java like 5 times now, but I still cant open the file in java for no reason

    1. Admin

      After downloading, did you install Java and restart your computer?

  132. bogey

    I did everything it told me to do but I can’t open it, it says “Optifine_1.16.5_HD_U_G8.jar” cannot open because it is from an unidentified developer. can I have some help?

    1. ProjectX11

      i’m pretty sure you have to system preferences, security and privacy and you should see optifine wasn’t opened because it is from a unidentified developer. do you still want to open it?”

  133. Thorchu

    It took surprisingly long to download, but the outcome was fun + awesome!

  134. Elijah

    the optifine version doesnt pop up for me but everything successfully downloaded

  135. bull

    when i downloaded it it didnt work when ever i tried to put it in.

    1. Admin

      What you mean “to put it in”? Read the installation guide on this page..

  136. Tami

    Can this be downloaded for bedrock windows 10?

    1. Admin

      No, optifine is for Java only.

  137. Est0

    idk how install kuda shearders

    1. galaxy boy

      me too

  138. Amanda Rose

    wait am I supposed to download java? if so then how? and can I do it on Windows 10? (I apologize for the amount of questions)

    1. Ninjateddy

      Idk if you figured it out already, but you just look up the java thing they’re talking about, go to the official java website to download their latest software, and then you’re set to do exactly what this is saying.

    2. WAT

      I think Optifine is only for Java edition

  139. Sami

    I dunno How to run it there is no such option JAVA TM PLATFORM SE BINARY i already have java version of minecraft but i can’t find a way to install it…any idea ??????

    1. Admin

      First you need to download and install java itself.

  140. hwhhwh1

    Ok i have downloaded the optifine but in will only let run with winRAR or paint.net? How do you run it with java?

    1. Admin

      Download & install java first?

  141. Andi

    dude i already have optifine version in minecraft launcher

  142. pogchamp

    not pog i cant use it on mine craft

  143. Epic

    does this give nightvision?

    1. Cameron Davidson


  144. robko2423

    its not on

  145. Oliver/Bat

    optifine just wont work for me. ittl download but when i try and open it, it goes to another download! Can someone help?

  146. Tyler Holifield

    Ok so i can download OptiFine but when i try to open it it just takes me the the website to redownload it

    1. FiredHawk66

      yeah same, i cant even find one in curse forge to download, when i try to copy it to forge it doesnt work

  147. Blake Rustad

    ok so i have java minecraft but when i try to open the folder with an app it just says look for app in app store PLZZ help

    1. Admin

      To install optifine (.jar file) you need java.

    2. Clueless joe

      same for me it does not pop up with minecraft java it just is like “sry you dont really have minecraft you just have completly nothing worth anything to us”

  148. dawd

    dud this is so cool

  149. leo

    Can someone tell me how to download it on mac?

    1. adam

      Im also on mac and I don’t know how

    2. Julian

      Just click on the download link. If that does not work, you have to install java

  150. mattypo

    This latest version of Optifine does not support this shader, this is why your game is crashing. The shader needs to be updated to G7.

  151. Dylan Anderson

    it always crashes my game

    1. AnimixYT

      that sucks, i cant even install it :/

      1. no

        me also I have no chance of getting the texture pack:(

    2. Augustas

      you have a bad pc/laptop

      1. Peter-Pater-Poo

        So do you.

  152. kanker123

    i can download the file and i have java but when i want to open the file in java it opens and auto closes

    1. Reivalken

      same over here

  153. Superkrat

    I got the the point of installing java to it, but it give me the message
    “Unable to install Java

    There are errors in the following switches:

    Check that commands are valid and try again.” and I have no clue what to do with that, or how to fix it.

    1. Kass

      I am having the same problem.

    2. ana

      same and i cant seem to find how to fix this.

  154. serenaaa

    does it work with mac?

    1. ElectroCreep

      yes it does

    2. Dartleis

      I’m on iMac

  155. p

    is this available for mac or is it PC only?

    1. Helper

      It works for both.

  156. Z

    It doesnt work for mac because it says the file type isnt supported

  157. corruptedCrossbow

    I love optifine

  158. S

    I have Java edition, but when I try to download this it doesn’t work. When I try to open in it makes me open it in the microsoft store, and instead of opening the actual thing, it just opens a page with a search for the word “jar”. I do not understand what I am doing wrong.

    1. Admin

      You need to install Java.

    2. HumbledBeanz

      I have the same problem but then if I try to open optimise with Minecraft java (I already have it) it physically won’t show up and when I type it in it’s just says “catastrophic error” :(

  159. T

    Does this work for PE?

    1. macallan green

      nope 😕sorry

  160. Gale

    Having some trouble– I try to open Optifine with Java and it opens a window just to immediately close it. It’s not there when I open minecraft. Any solutions? I am doing my Open With from the java application within the minecraft folder

  161. AA

    Thanks for the mod. You could have added that a noob NEEDS JAVA or something like that. You didn’t even include that in the description (you should).

  162. Johanna

    what do i do if it says ”innstallation has been modified and might not support the latest player safety features.”
    When I go on any server there is no changes.

  163. xSeungyeon

    I dont see a arrow next to the play button..

  164. Fratooty

    what do we open the file with?

    1. bLuE cHeEsE

      If you have problems downloading optifine i had the same problems aswell make sure to dowload java_platform just type in java minecraft itll come up. after you set up the program simply just redownload optifine and say “open with” and java should pop up when you press java it will automatically insall optifine into the game and when you open the launcher it should be there! i hope this helps you!

      1. YaBoiNick

        how do you find it when i type java minecraft it just says how to get minecraft java edition

  165. Darkstan.

    How come Charged Creepers look weird with the effect around them?

  166. Fajar_Awesome

    Nah Its Not Resource Pack

    1. Thorchu

      True, true.