Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack 1.7.9

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 11 April 2014, 6:44 pm

    Sphax PureBDCraft is a beautiful texture pack which, besides graphics, you can expect a lot of jokes. Sphax PureBDCraft is a pack in cartoon style which has a nice cartoon graphics. Custom design of this texture pack will not leave you indifferent.

    This pack is “vector based” and is available in all common resolutions from 16×16 to 512×512. However, the recommended resolution will still be 128×128. Use the resolution which fit the “performance” of your computer!


    Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Packpurebdcraft

    Video Available:
    Sphax PureBDCraft Resource Pack 1.7.9 4.53/5 - 4947 votes

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    • Random-guy

      It takes a while for the download to load, but it’s worth it. Sphax Pure BD Craft is a purely amazing resource pack. Scrap all the others, this one is the best!

      • ryan

        ur right it dose

    • daniel

      i still cant download it!! is it because im on a mac

      • jcwk1998

        ha unlucky mac is rubbish

        • mcexpert

          yes i agree with u

        • Jalki Roblox Follow Me On Twit

          TRUE!!!! :D I AGREE

          • I<3mac

            WHAT?!!? U SAY THAT MAC IS RUBBISH? HEY!!!!! I’M WRITING THIS ON MY super duper great MACbook air! MAC ROCKS!

            • Rosy :3

              Let me remind you that mac is the best cmptr company EVER! If you guys are too ding dong to know how to download a texture pack on mac, well, you’ve got a prob bro.

            • Kill_all_the_titans

              The company’s called apple. Macs are the computer. Learn the difference.

            • g

              yes and also Mac is short for Macintosh, so even if the company was called Macintosh…

            • DraconixHD

              The guy who created it had the surname of Macintosh. That is why

            • mrblocks

              the only reason you think mac is the best is because its the only thing you can afford you poor mofo:D

          • DraconixHD


      • Ali

        I’m on a Linux….

        • trabrew

          Linux is awesome if you have any sense at all.

    • not for you to know

      yay i love sphax its amazing :)

    • Damian Bronk

      how come it wont load i click on it then it sets it back to default texture help please?

      • Liamsmith

        You have to dubble click let it load and if it does not work redownload it But before you do that trash the Sphax in you resource pack folder the download
        Hope this helps.

      • NovaMC

        Same happens here

      • Niko

        it means u don’t have enough space on minecraft. get a lower resolution texture pack

    • john sethen

      i can’t download the texture pack as 1.6.4

      • mcexpert

        i just did, it will work

    • FrostyMug

      None of the Resource packs I download and place in the resource folder show up in the selection menu its starting to chaff me royally

    • Matt

      Because these links are through adfly and aren’t to zips, we can’t run servers with this texture pack? If i’m wrong can someone explain how?

    • cutegirl40

      it wont let me click Download. plz help

    • KillerCreeper112

      It wont let me download sphax.

      • Thealexlp13

        if you use chrome go to tools and deactivate webcake

        • txtspeak

          sorry? webcake? whats that

    • Enderman0000282


    • Enderman0000282

      wow! amazing resource pack :D

      • DraconixHD


    • Enderman0000282

      512X size i download it! :)

    • Enderman0000282

    • i suck at computers

      i keep getting corrupted file when i download the file someone help?

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    • minecraft did rule way back wh

      how do you install theirs no butin

    • minecraft did rule way back wh

      never mind

    • minecraft rule

      hey mr i suck at computers fixet mineset just tlell me your issue i can help on the web

    • minecraft rule

      justin bieber dose drugs and is gay and smocks^ç

    • Yedward

      Wow really nice!

    • txtspeak

      y u guys dont let me post, can any1 see my post?
      but yeah, both of the links dont work

    • lol519

      where i can download it ?

    • cool

      best resource packs ever

    • AB

      Sorry but am I being stupid. When the first instruction to download a resource pack says ‘download the resource pack’ I can’t see the button to actually download it all I can see is buttons to download software – which I’ve done but still can’t download the actaul resource back. Help!!!

      • kat

        same here
        btw do u have a mac?? cuz i do


      I love it…

    • andyaidan

      for mac only?

    • Jbadu

      Awesome, my favorite! Just 2 observations/critics: glassblocks/panes really deserves better treatment next patch. Too much wood and no glass reflection, it looks very busy, obstructs vision an makes it look like wood/metal from medium to far distance. Also I like the new paintings, but i would like the option of having the original paintings poping as possibilities if this is not asking for too much.

      • Liamsmith

        Yeah most of the old painting are my fav

    • TheManlol

      When I switch the the files to resource packs it doesn’t work!!! I’ve always wanted this texture pack and I just got minecraft :( BY the way I have a 2009 Pavilion dm3 latptop Yea i know it’s old

    • anynomous

      I love sphax craft it makes minecraft look like Zelda in the entire universe

      • http://minecrafteon.com/ outanmax

        Absolutely Agree! They are awesome!

    • random person


    • The Crafty Cat

      Subscribe to my Youtube Channel!!!!!

    • NoobNeedsHelp

      help! i have set up the resource pack but when i select it nothing happens it just goes back to available resource packs.

    • Nolan

      how do i download it

      • Polle

        You press the link

        • cole

          what link

          • DraconixHD

            What do i do once i downloaded it

            • Random kid

              You search %appdata% in start menu and put it in your resource folder

        • Char

          The link doesn’t work.

    • elgita

      moderen flow’s paling bagus
      aku kan sering main minecraft 1.6.2 & .1.7.4 & .1.7.2

    • Yomuss

      I still cant part from Sphax- no matter what, I end up downloading every single version update!

      • mollyplant

        me 2

    • marek


    • Mina

      SO COOL@@@lol519:disqus

    • zacha2001

      I downloaded spax texture pack and everything went fine but when I put it in the resource pack folder and then I started vanilla minecraft it doesnt show up.

    • Katy

      Every download i saw was for 1.7.2 not 1.7.4 help?

    • Connor

      Cool Texture!

    • Connor

      Wont Let Me Download :(

    • carter

      i can’t get it

    • hannah bananna

      i cant download it i click it bu it doesnt let me download it

    • anonimous

      no se
      como lo descargo

    • anonimous

      no se
      como lo descargo

    • anonimous

      no se
      como lo descargo

    • JesseNorman

      i don’t no how to download it?

    • XD

      I cant download it. They will always take me to the page with nothing on it. Any help?

    • Griffy

      this is by far the coolest pack i’ve had so far
      just look at the sun and the moon! How epic can you get it?

    • problems

      my adfly doesnt work

    • Ray Herrick

      I.D.K. Where the link is. Soooooo… Yea that sucks!

    • Ray Herrick

      NUV I FOUND IT !!! YEA!!!

    • creeper_stareoff

      this deserves 5 diamonds

      • http://resourcepack.net/ outanmax


    • Ingrid

      what is the mod called?

    • luke

      where is the link to download

    • jamminn32

      i cant figure out how to download the 1.7.5 version

    • some one


    • guy who you will never now

      what do you press

    • #SPHAX

      I am a sphax developer

    • #SPHAX

      I am a sphax developer

    • #SPHAX

      I am a sphax developer

    • a guy

      where is 1.7.5 link???

    • im awesome

      how do you download it?

    • mollyplant

      it didn’t take that long to load cant wait to start playing with it

    • TheEvil

      this is germa& eglish

    • TheEvil


    • TheEvil


    • Sarahthegamer

      how about 1.7.5

    • Sarahthegamer

      how about 1.7.5

    • jlleon

      Does it say Not Found on the ad fly page for any body else?

    • KaiserDaNewb

      how do you do this please help T_T

    • Richard8114

      BD Craft Site Is Down?

    • Modefix

      How do i download it ? i dont find any link …

    • du

      where is the downloud button

    • FunoBuno

      I use this allot

    • FunoBuno

      I use this allot

    • Jazz

      once I try to get onto the link it just says that I’m about to be redirected, I click the stay on page so I can skip the add but then theres just a blank screen so I can’t download the resource pack. :

    • Jazz

      once I try to get onto the link it just says that I’m about to be redirected, I click the stay on page so I can skip the add but then theres just a blank screen so I can’t download the resource pack. :

    • jordan

      how do i download it?

    • Cassy

      yeah how?

    • AndrewTheduck

      i open minecraft then i go resource packs then open resurcepack folder then i get the assets and drag it in the folder then i closed it and nothing was in the anaileble resourcepacks…. please help me

    • EpikMahn321

      When i drag it into the resourcepacks folder, it wont go into it, help me!

    • Cocolatte16

      This is also from the Cloud 9 series :3