Moderna Resource Pack 1.11

Modern Craft Resource Pack is one of the best sets of textures nowadays because it contains a really amazing modern styled textures and using Moderna Resource Pack you will be able to create a realistic modern buildings or infrastructures. The pack does not require a strong PC as it comes with 32-pixel resolution and will be playable almost on any PC!


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Video Available:
Moderna Resource Pack 1.11
4.45 - 70903 votes

  • Ethan French

    its a good pack

  • Ivan.

    How can i get this in pocket edition?

    • Will

      PE, as of yet, does not support texture/resource packs, although it should be coming soon.

  • Kalyssa Farrer

    whats the shaders pack used with this?

  • Josh T Furchess

    i love the pack it has been my favorite when building homes… i just wish there was a 1.10 version of it…

  • Gautam Dayal

    its a reaaly good pack but don’t fall for the uh..”screenshots”

    • Dailyy Catt

      The screenshots use shaders. It would look just like this with a shaders pack.

      • Gautam Dayal

        I actually figured that out a few days ago and just got myself my own…..Thanks anyways!

        • Pain

          what kind of shaders did you use?

  • Gerry

    Hello, this pack doenst with my minecraft. I got minecraft 1.10.2 and when i wanna pikc this pack it writes that its made for an older version of mc

    • John Wayne

      Hello Gerry,

      If you would like to play with this texture pack, have you tried launching version 1.8.9. That is the version that I am currently playing on. It may not be the most new, but you can use that version for every mod/texture pack. If you need help in knowing how to change it, please reply back to this message.

      Thank you,

      John Wayne.

      “Been Helping People With Minecraft Since 2014”

    • Gautam Dayal

      I also use version 1.10.2. Even though it’s for 1.9 it works well enough with later versions. Just that new items added in 1.10 will be set as the default look.

  • death

    rubbish i hate this pack

  • HttydLover14

    Hey! I have been using your pack for a while now and since Minecraft just updated I want to get the 1.11 pack right away, are you going to have that version soon?

  • jane

    there’re shaders right?