Modern Craft Resource Pack 1.9.4

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 12 April 2016, 3:31 am

    Modern Craft Resource Pack is not a global texture pack, but comes with 32-pixel resolution and will be suitable for all people, if you like it of course. It is a modern-style texture pack.


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    Video Available:
    Modern Craft Resource Pack 1.9.4 4.46/5 - 61326 votes

    • lukas

      :o oooooooooo
      resource pack

    • LauraELiverman

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    • ryan

      onde deu clico para download?

    • chloe

      whats the tune?

      • Dom

        counting stars- imagine dragons

        • Brostrich

          Counting Stars is by One Republic, not Imagine Dragons.

        • Adam

          haha noob!

    • Paul frank

      where is the download for this pack it wants me to install Livid

    • princess101fiery

      The pictures are fake: not Minecraft by any means.

      • No, really? They’re fake? Well, I didn’t know. (Le obvious sarcasm)

        • MoshiMoo31

          Well they’re not fake so…

          • O agar

            it fake look at the leaves

            • MCxParkourxxHero

              dude its all fake u can see…. the pillars arnt square… and the bench is sideways which u cant do in MC

        • BunBun

          It Really Is Fake

      • ElGokuMC

        dumbass in 3,2,1

      • Foxy the Puppet

        This is minecraft…

    • Rebeka Barna

      with download button do i press to install

    • Rebeka Barna

      with download button do i press to install

    • Rebeka Barna

      when i tried to install it said that i dont have 1.8 but i do

    • Rebeka Barna

      when i tried to install it said that i dont have 1.8 but i do

    • Clyde Geyer

      Thats awesome

    • how do i download

    • shea


    • Xion

      I cant find a safe way to download it…

      • Download links are located below the red “Download Now” button.

        • Xion

          It redirect me to an other page wich redirect me to an other and so on…

          • you got problems with hidden links and ads probly then. adblocker plus. cuz otherwise it should work

    • Beezeecade

      Is this still a thing lmao

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    • princessdiary

      i download it but its doesn’t work :(((( i have a macbook anyone can help me?

      the texture pack looks great, but i can’t open it in my minecraft. i’v do everything what they say but he doesn’t work on my minecraft:((

      • did u try moving everything in the texture pack to a new folder? sometimes they’re double-foldered.

      • like if you open the pack folder, and it shows only one folder named the same thing usually, then you gotta move everything out. I dont have a mac tho, so it might just be that.

      • bballboy2002

        On Mac, the directions are different.
        - Open the Minecraft launcher
        - Click Edit Profile
        - Click Open Game Directory
        - Place the entire texture pack folder inside resourcepacks
        - Open Minecraft
        - Go to Options > Resource Packs, and select it

    • Andranik Minasyan

      how I can download?

      • you click the download link above, and the download button is below the preview picture on the page that the link will bring you to. If the pack dont work on minecraft, just move all components of the pack to a new folder. I know I ran into a bunch of those, dont remember if this one had that issue or not.

    • Abbie Crawford

      I dont have a .zip file in my folders

    • Name

      how do u install shaders?

    • Tommy

      how do you get this, I just get sent on a wild goose chase

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    • Christian Gonzalez

      I cant download it,all the download links are viruss

    • The pictures keep lying in this site :( I download one and then i see it in my server–of course i don’t have shaders–and it looks like CRAP… holy shiznits i cry D’x

      • Jeremy Janishewski

        Then learn how to download shaders. Google SEUS, use the Ultra version, and it is literally a one click install. You then choose the shaders profile when you load up and done.

      • Kayla Jacobi

        Instead of using this,Try Flows HD.It is realistic and is better than this :) Hoped this helped.

    • Jeremy Janishewski

      No, those are pictures taken with shader mods enabled.

    • Jeremy Janishewski

      .zip’s are what you put into your resource folder to get these, you don’t need to unzip them. THe instructions are posted on every resource pack, it’s not rocket science.

    • Kasual Killers

      Do not download. Fake. No texture pack, but it is filled with viruses.

      • WaffleWolves

        K cuz i was worried at first so thx

    • BunBun

      it won’t let me download it

    • King_Awepic

      Yeah, thanks for the MILLIONS of links that tried to give me viruses -_- I am a pro though and managed to avoid them ;)

      • O agar

        this is exactly what kid use to say

    • HappyNuke

      Press download- get to planetminecraft. Press download- get to adfly. Press download- get to Mineloads monetized downloads site. Just stop with this nonsense redirecting.

      • Kxtie

        planetminecraft isn’t a trusty i have a virus protector and if its a tick is safe a x its a virus and ? its not trusty and it has a ?

      • O agar

        the same

        • Jigo

          google adblocker….

    • AnimeLoverLovesSwordArtOnline

      IDK how to download x3

    • Dixon Hill

      are there any seeds with a city already built that i can load?

    • minecrafter110

      Why on earth is the buttons NOT working for me only and I am on 1.8.9


      FAKE NOT 1.8

    • TheBassman22

      this is messed up where the hack do i click to get the actual dang texture pack

      • Daniel Wagner

        Do not press the giant buttons that say DOWNLOAD NOW!
        Click the blue highlighted link.

    • Daniel Wagner

      This makes me angry the fact that ignorant people who don’t know a thing about crap go and hate on someones work just because they added a simple tweak called SHADERS to make the pictures look more attractive.

    • Bartek Kamiński

      Good =D

    • JuultjeNL

      Not working for me on 1.9

    • MCxParkourxxHero

      if u download shaders in where do u put the file?

      • KeannuPlayz



      it’s shaders and the resource pack

    • EStarstruck

      google: minecraft shaders

      • Maddy

        Those pictures are so fake lol, and if someone doesn’t believe me then look at the flippin lounge chairs

    • EStarstruck

      The download links don’t work. :( After you click skip ad they just go to another ad.

    • Matthew Alexander

      The video is so stupid, it shows a city but its the same everytime and the video went black for a minute #notdownloading

    • KeannuPlayz

      Im preety sure that the preview pic was fake

    • The link leads to a download page, but it only gives misleading information to try and get people to install fake software.

      I’ve tried 3 times and it doesn’t actually lead to a download for the pack.

    • oksyvertsen


    • Zombie Gaming