Modern Craft Resource Pack 1.7.9

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 11 April 2014, 2:15 pm

    Modern Craft Resource Pack is not a global texture pack, but comes with 32-pixel resolution and will be suitable for all people, if you like it of course. It is a modern-style texture pack.

    Update: It also has a 128x and 256x resolution but they are seperate texture packs then the 32x.


    Modern Craft Resource Pack (4) Modern Craft HD Resource Pack (1) Modern Craft HD Resource Pack (2) Modern Craft HD Resource Pack (3) Modern Craft HD Resource Pack (4) Modern Craft Resource Pack (3) Modern Craft Resource Pack (1) Modern Craft Resource Pack (2)

    Modern Craft Resource Pack 1.7.9 4.52/5 - 5594 votes

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    • Some Idiot


    • apples

      first first!!!!!!!! i mean second second!!!!

    • Chaos


    • hgaug

      where do u download it?

      • outanmax

        It is still in development!

        • Assasin794

          Actually the 32X version is pretty much completed and is a seperate texture pack then the 128X and 256X versions.

          • ???

            excuse me?

            • Assasin794

              Modern Craft 32×32 resolution is a different pack than Modern Craft 128×128 and 256×256.

    • Grace

      Can you make it downloadable on media fire?

    • Tom

      I didn’t realize batman was In this resource pack

    • ninjalovertori

      were do you downlod it?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!!!!!!!!?????????????

      • outanmax

        It is updated now, you can download it by clicking the download link. Good Luck!

    • asshole


    • SkythekidRS


      • ItsAlwaysAstroGaming .

        Are u really sky?

        • cj nelson

          no he is not

          • watersparkXX

            of course not

            • Beckler_Bro

              yeah of course not the real one is the sky does mc people

            • deadlox

              Umm, Sky’s minecraft name is SkythekidRS, RS standing for Runscape. I wish you would actually know what you are saying before commenting.

            • deadlox

              And NO, I am not the real deadlox

        • marcopie

          really….YOU FELL FOR THAT even i knew tht it wasnt sky…

        • Loginnetwork

          No his not

        • ravenct

          hes real only sky writes RS in capitals

          • Guest


          • TheCyborg

            Are you retarded? Anyone can right in all caps. Especially RS.


          • Guest


    • deadlox

      wooo #myfoot

    • ron

      do it where it says download

    • Panda_Luver_04

      where do u download it

    • bossdushu

      holly crap cool


    • Jordyn

      So I can or can’t download it?

    • Xander

      Where do you get the download frome ?

    • jdmac111

      Its Ok But Not Snazzy

    • Miles Gervase

      wont work i downloaded it but there is no .zip file

    • makaylamarie13

      where do we download this?!

    • Tom

      I wish it is iasier to get the moden tester pack.

    • Notch


    • lederp

      umm help! i click on minecraft after following instructions… but the pack doesnt show up! help?


      • kirbyfan8386

        did you put it in the folder? Right click the file, then left click copy or paste, go in the resource pack folder, and right click in it, then left click paste. it should show up

    • DJDylan60

      LoL I love it, but where I can download it?

    • person

      dont get it. I got a trojan virus

      • tristan

        isn’t that a condom brand….

    • kandiss

      fuckin awesome i love the video too

    • Randomness!!!

      This pack isnt that good..its actually pretty much futuristic..

      • Thomas

        Ummm, that’s the idea.

    • Amy

      Thank you soo much!

    • omfg sky is there

      omfg sky and deadlox are here

      • deadlox

        and they are not real.

    • cookie_monster40


    • TBMystic


    • TBMystic

      how do i download

    • Mystery Man

      That Is not sky, skys username Is Minecraft Mystery

      • Loginnetwork

        No its not

    • Nobody

      Does this have a map
      If it has please tell me!!!!

    • IBC THE !ST


    • poop


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    • pax202


    • ItsAlwaysAstroGaming .


    • Emily

      how do I gET It

      • Angela Gray

        links under the download duh

    • BusterButt21

      where is the download gonna be?

      • Angela Gray

        Click the links below the download maybe i dont know that would probably be the smart place to look

        • Angela is a bitch

          God damn you are going on a bitch spree. I hope a guy breaks your fucking heart.

          • Angela Gray

            Yeah I donno it’s pretty sad when people can’t see the download links that are right there. But I donno maybe if people opened their eyes. Call me a bitch all you want but it isn’t a hard thing to figure out jesus christ. Calling me a bitch doesn’t make you any better anyway so like I give a fuck what some stranger on the net thinks LAWL.

    • Victor

      I can’t press the download button, Help!

      • Angela Gray

        because you’re not sapost to youre sapost to click the links below the download button *face palm*

        • SkullKidd2040

          If you can’t spell “supposed” don’t judge other people for having to navigate a maze of download links. Stay in school kids.

          • Angela Gray

            for one i type it that way just out of habit of typing it quicker I know how it’s spelled. It’s also not really a maze the downloads are right there under the big red download image. Oh yeah with an arrow pointing down at the downloads! the cursor doesnt change so its obvious that you can’t click it. Oh right but you must be so smart because you spelled a word right, right?

            • kirbyfan8386

              both of you dont fight with each other just because of not seeing the download link! there are many buttons on these types of pages, so ppl can get lost in the “maze” of downloads. just accept that.

            • Angela Gray

              I kno I wasn’t trying to fight I was just helping the guy find the download link.

            • VictoryRoad

              no u were being a bitch about it and u know it. you can help people politely or not help at all.

            • Angela Gray

              Actually no I wasn’t.

            • Angela Stupid

              Actually you were. Also you suck at writing sentences; so many sentence fragments…

            • AntiBiotic

              Incorrect usage of the semicolon. Owned.

            • Derpy Pandaz


            • Angela Gray

              LMAO Why bother writing properly if over half of you can’t figure where the download links are when they’re right there in plain sight. Also it seems you can’t figure out how to properly punctuate so I don’t think you have any place to call me out on my lack of care in my sentence form. I also like how you remained anonymous. What no spine?

    • Angela Gray

      are people really that simple that they can’t figure out that the links below the red download button are the actual place you download it I mean come on people dont have to be a computer genius to figure that out geeze.

      • Liam Brown

        Angela why do you have to call people dumb ? its clear that some people are struggling to find it . its a kids game FFS .

        • Angela Gray

          I don’t know maybe because there’s a big red box saying downloads pointing down towards the download links which have the update they correspond to right in plain sight. I’m not sure how people lack the ability to see these and figure out that they are the links. I mean it’s pretty simple stuff here. Also it’s not just a kids game many adults play it as well.

    • Berukan


    • Noa

      the download is below the screenshots!! for everyone!!

      • kirbyfan8386

        thank you noa, for saying that in a nice way :)

    • s7010

      the resource pack is nice but why the font is so big please help me!

    • scopica

      Can you please stop showing off Shaders mod?

    • EnderDiamondHD

      How i download it? o.O

    • marcopie

      can you send me an instant download link dosnt work for me..

    • Leo


    • Ace

      please answer me how to upload the texture pack newbie here!

    • Minecraftplayer

      WHY CANT I DOWNLOAD IT?!?!?!?!?

    • Lynn

      Hi, I think I’ll download this one.

    • Maromuncher

      are you sky??

    • Maromuncher

      ZexyZek can I plz get yor server ip plzzz!!!!!!!

    • Katz107

      This pack was awesome

    • liul

      link broken

    • AntiBiotic

      So sick of links.

    • Skydoesminecraft Fan

      SkythekidRS! You are AWESOME!!!! Can I join the SKYARMY please?!?

      • LORD_SATAN

        all you do to join is subscribe to his youtube channel idiot. -_- smh

    • porkinattor

      what link do i press 16x 32x 128x or 256x yes i am nooby and i have never gotten a resouce pack before

    • AwesomePuppy25

      it looks soooo real

    • AwesomePuppy25

      it looks soooo real

    • NoName

      how to download?

    • NoName

      i can’t press “download now” botton

    • ZXZ


    • ZXZ


    • Mojang-Steve

      Nice i am looking Resource Packs Modern and Cool and this is it :D

    • kilroy814

      why can’t i get 256 resolution?

    • James T. Kerk

      does enyone know why i cant downlode eny resorse packs?!

    • asdasd

      how to download