Soartex Fanver Resource Pack 1.15 / 1.14

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November 7, 2019

Like they loved using the Soartex resource pack, fans will equally be happy with the new Soartex Fanver. The Fanver has more modern textures alongside the ones that were found in Soartex. This one is made by the fans. Here’s no single brain behind this great idea. It’s a product of group work. Even in as much as Soar49 can be credited the tribute for the original version (Soartex), it very much differs from the Soartex Fanver in many aspects. You can be right to say that they’re different. Fanver’s new textures come from a forum system, and they’re implemented later on. Nowadays, Soartex doesn’t undergo many updates. However, the Fanver resource pack is compatible with Minecraft up to the latest version of the game. Fanver’s new textures look very detailed, though not realistic of photos. The textures are also colorful, but only to a reasonable extent that doesn’t make the graphics appear like cartoons.

One remarkably new thing is the transparent water through which gamers can see, provided there’s enough light around. So, the players can always see the floor of rivers, lakes, shallow ocean parts, and other water bodies for strongholds. Soartex Fanver resource pack also features a 64× resolution. This resolution is of the grade that’s loved by almost all, if not all the players. It is neither deeply dull nor too detailed ~ just somewhere in between, giving a premier view. Also, the textures are tailor-made for the players to look more accustomed. Some of the features that are made custom include but are not limited to the appearance of enemies, tools, user interface, and a lot more. With all these, Soartex Fanver makes the game as interesting as it should be. Last, but not least, this resource pack is still getting updates despite its “old” age (3+ years). Rarely do resource packs with that age get updates. This is a basis of trust for the pack.

Soartex Fanver - Screenshots

Soartex Fanver - YouTube Video

How to install Soartex Fanver Resource Pack

  1. Download resource pack from the link below;
  2. Launch Minecraft;
  3. On the Main menu > click "Options";
  4. On the Options menu > click "resource packs";
  5. Move the .zip file you downloaded to the "resourcepacks" folder;

Download Soartex Fanver Resource Pack

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