Chroma Hills RPG Resource Pack 1.14 / 1.13

September 13, 2019

Chroma Hills is a unique textures due to its ability to take RPG theme and operate it in a completely different manner. Chroma Hills resource pack is quite brightly- colored, crisp and dazzling, which makes Minecraft have a close resemblance to a cartoon compared to various other resource packs. Most types of RPG resource packs are generally darkish and provide the game’s community and monsters a far more scary appearance, but Chroma Hills is a bit different. That’s certainly not a negative thing by any mean, moreover, this resource pack performs an excellent job of incorporating both of these elements into something special which you can’t get anywhere else. Without a doubt, this has gone a long way in helping this pack establish its popularity. One further positive thing about Chroma Hills is that fact that it is always and regularly being updated.

This is a good feature since various other resource packs are yet to be updated. Additionally, it is available in two separate resolutions, there is a 64x variety, which is suitable for cheaper computers and a 128x type for individuals who love real HD qualities in their Minecraft world. In addition, Every type of lapis, ore, diamond’s, Redstone, and all possess special graphics as well, consequently, it has become much more to mine for just a particular one. There’s actually very little things left more to say about Chroma Hills. It alters all the texture of Minecraft and doesn’t actually stick to any of the regular images, therefore it looks and even feels like a totally different game when you’re operating the resource pack. Many of the stained glass windows are particularly beautiful and even more desirable if you add appropriate moods such as Better Glass or Connected Textures to the blend. This is one resource pack which certainly deserves to get suitable shaders.

Chroma Hills RPG - Screenshots

Chroma Hills RPG - YouTube Video

How to install Chroma Hills RPG

  • 1) Download resource pack from the link below.
  • 2) Launch Minecraft.
  • 3) On the Main menu > click "Options".
  • 4) On the Options menu > click "resource packs".
  • 5) Move the .zip file you downloaded to the "resourcepacks" folder.

Download Chroma Hills RPG

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*Credit for creating and developing Chroma Hills RPG goes to SycloneSJS. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11 & more. Right now Chroma Hills RPG has 5079703 views.

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