Faithful 32×32 Resource Pack 1.16 / 1.15

While Minecraft’s graphic compart isn’t exactly the selling point of the title, with its cubic look, it isn’t bad by any means. Most players enjoy the well-defined artstyle of the title, which at this point has become iconic. All they ask for is for the overall design of the game to be a little more detailed. This is where the Faithful resources pack comes into play. The Faithful 32×32 resources pack will improve the resolution of everything that is in the game, including blocks, enemies, and pieces of equipment. You will notice these improvements as soon as you install the resource pack, just start the game and start looking around. Faithful 32×32 pack only improves what’s already in the game, and tries to keep the artstyle and the feeling of the game world intact.

The pack is simply an improvement in the quality of the already existing textures and shapes of the elements in the game, so do not expect any big change or difference with the base game. It focuses on bringing higher resolution textures, and brighter colors, and although it also changes the lighting and the shadows in the game, there are more specific mods to improve the shadows and the lighting of the game. Look into shader mods if that’s what you are looking for. All the Faithful 32x pack does is making the game look nicer. It is not a mod, and as such, it does not introduce any new element of gameplay to the base game. All the mods you are currently running should still work fine after installing this set of textures. The author of the pack maintains a list of which mods are compatible with the pack, and which ones aren’t. Keep an eye on the list to make sure the resource pack is completely compatible with the mods you have currently installed.

Faithful 32x32 should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.16.5 - 1.17 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15 - 1.14.4 - 1.14.3 - 1.14.2 - 1.14 - 1.13.2 - 1.13.1 - 1.13 - 1.12 - 1.11.2 - 1.11 - 1.10.2 - 1.10 - 1.9.4 - 1.9 - Bedrock Edition - PE

Faithful 32x32 — Video & Screenshots

How to install Faithful 32x32 Resource Pack:

NOTE: Many resource packs require optifine to be preinstalled, so be sure to install it.
  1. Download the Faithful 32x32 texture pack for Minecraft from the download section below. – if there are many different versions, just pick the one that you like or that you think your PC can handle
  2. Launch the game client through the Minecraft launcher.
  3. On the main menu, click "Options".
  4. On the options menu, click "Resource Packs...".
  5. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder". – folder titled "resourcepacks" will pop up
  6. Move the .zip file you downloaded in the first step to the newly opened "resourcepacks" folder.
  7. Click "Done".
  8. Click on "Resource Packs..." again.
  9. Your pack should have appeared in the left window, just hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right.
  10. Click "Done" again.
  11. The pack has now been successfully loaded and ready to be used in your world!

Please pay attention to the fact that:

  • None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use download links (including direct download links) provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way.
  • Although we are using the official download links, they may stop working after new updates are released. In this case, you can always use the source links from the "Official Links" section until we update the download links. And yes, we update links regularly and manually for every resource pack you see on this site.
  • By leaving comments below and voting for the pack, you help the authors improve their project.
  • Credit for the creation of Faithful 32x32 goes to Vattic.

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  1. G3marchi

    combine this with optifine, and SEUS shaders and you’ve got something awesome!

  2. This_Gust

    This is an awesome texture pack but it still has it’s flaws such as the banner design glitches when put on a shield. I like decorating my shield and it would be awesome to see further improvements from this pack, all in all, it is still a very well made texture pack!

  3. Bihpito

    My only complaint with this resource pack is the 1.16 update has some models that are messed up. for example, flower pots. But all in all, this is a fantastic resource pack!

  4. simpgamer

    Me: this looks cool!
    my pc: PLEASE DON’T

  5. WomboViper

    Lag Spikes happen every now and then, but it does look cool and increases peformance by around 8%. Awesome PACK!

  6. Lars

    it has the netherite textures?

  7. SilentHunterX

    Faithful is my favorite resource pack as it simply refines Minecraft’s current resource packs but adds small satisfying kicks that truly glamourize the feel of elegance and balance.

  8. Mintyz

    A good texture pack but every word/number is a 0

  9. Ethan

    This is an amazing resource pack! but, the 1.16 one has broken models. The hoglin and piglin models are completely destroyed. Almost see though. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.


    you can dow

  11. Boris Posavec

    best default pack.

    1. Henrik Boy2

      Same here.

  12. KimBong Zhang

    sounds cool

  13. Mostafa Kamel Choas

    m3l4 :'(

  14. Farhan Faturachman

    cool i can edit this

  15. Andre Zimmermann

    this texture

    pack has no LOW Fire :(

    1. Op.

      if it had low fire and low shield for 1.16 and higher it would be hands down the best texture pack

  16. CaRaZy ZiCo

    i need it for 1.11 :(

  17. Remigijus Naucas

    This is exactly what I need!

  18. TheMcGuys

    Pretty pack. I love how they keep the default style.