AlluringBliss Resource Pack 1.17 / 1.16

AlluringBliss is a resource pack that was released a few months ago and since then it was definitely getting the attention it deserves. The reason it’s doing so well is the fact that it was inspired and created for medieval-style building. The resource pack may seem like it’s nothing special but at the same time it’s quite vibrant and it stands out in its own way. It seems like this resource pack lets the details do the talking. Those details are the thing that makes this resource pack more superior than others. They add up to the overall look and feel of the texture pack and make it look amazing! Alluring Bliss resource pack is specifically created by MasterMind_DC and another reason to why his texture pack is doing so well is because it’s inspired by other popular texture packs which are BDcraft and John Smith Legacy.

Featured video:

With its medieval feel, AlluringBliss has its own realistic vibe. Again, something that makes it stand out from the crowd. If we look at the colours we’ll definitely notice something interesting. As we said the colours are vibrant and stand out but in this aspect, they are also more shadowed. That shouldn’t be worrying you because it’s very subtle and the feeling still is unbelievable! What about the more technical side of things? The AlluringBliss resource pack and its textures have a resolution of 32×32. You may notice that this is twice as much compared to the regular 16×16 resolution in Vanilla Minecraft. This also means that you will definitely need a good PC to make things run smooth. However, this doesn’t mean you need the best of the best PC’s that are out there, but if you don’t want FPS drops, it’s a good idea to take this into consideration before you try this masterpiece of a texture pack!

AlluringBliss should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.17.1 - 1.17 - 1.16.5 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15 - 1.14.4 - 1.14.3 - 1.14.2 - 1.14

AlluringBliss — Video & Screenshots

How to install AlluringBliss Resource Pack:

  1. Most resource packs require Optifine, so be sure to download and install it. – general recommended step for all packs, Optifine is also needed for most shaders
  2. Download the AlluringBliss texture pack for Minecraft from the download section below. – if there are many different versions, just choose the one you like, is compatible with your version/edition of Minecraft, the one you think your computer can handle in terms of performance.
  3. Launch the game client through the Minecraft launcher.
  4. On the main menu, click "Options".
  5. On the options menu, click "Resource Packs...".
  6. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder". – folder titled "resourcepacks" will pop up
  7. Move the .zip file you downloaded in the first step to the newly opened "resourcepacks" folder.
  8. Click "Done".
  9. Click on "Resource Packs..." again.
  10. Your pack should have appeared in the left window, just hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right.

    QUICK TIP: Sometimes, when activating a pack, the game may say that the pack is made for a newer or older version of Minecraft. This is just a warning, it does not affect your gameplay in anyway, and you can still activate and enjoy the pack by simply clicking the "Yes" button when prompted.

  11. Click "Done" again.
  12. The pack has now been successfully loaded and ready to be used in your world!

AlluringBliss Texture Pack Download

  • Credit for the creation of AlluringBliss goes to MasterMind_DC.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way. None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use only official download links provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • Since the links are official and we update them manually - the links may stop working with each new update. We make every effort to update links as quickly as possible and usually we update everything on time and users have no problems, but if suddenly any link stops working - let us know through the comments below.
  • Don't forget to leave a comment below and vote for the pack. By doing this, you help the author(s) keep improving the project. If you want to support the author(s), be sure to check the author links just below the download links.

[32x] [1.17.x] Download AlluringBliss Resource Pack

[32x] [1.16.x] Download AlluringBliss Resource Pack

[32x] [1.15.x] Download AlluringBliss Resource Pack

[32x] [1.14.x] Download AlluringBliss Resource Pack

Official links:

Check out the AlluringBliss Resource Pack on the Official Source

Check out the official Twitter page of the AlluringBliss Resource Pack

Download instructions:

Curseforge: download starts automatically after a few seconds;

Mediafire: click the big blue button with the text "DOWNLOAD";

Google Drive: in the top right corner you will see a small download icon (down arrow), click it and the download should start;

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Author: MasterMind_DC
Last updated: 20 June 2021
Category: RealisticMedieval

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  1. DyingDaily

    In the images what shaders is it you use?

    1. MasterMind

      Hello DyingDaily,

      Thank you for taking interest in my resource pack! I always love answering questions regarding my resource pack, and I love feedback! The shaders used was Conquest of the Sun (shaderpack based on Chocapic)


      1. DyingDaily

        Ok Cheers :)

  2. Trustypoo

    very good :D and realistic B)

    1. MasterMind

      Hello Trustypoo,

      Thank you for the kind words, any good comment is encouraging weather those words are a simple two words, or a complex two-hundred word paragraph. It all contributes to my motivation towards AlluringBliss. I truly hope you enjoy using the resource pack. Updates come out regularly so be sure to check from either three sites, being here on, PMC, or Curse.


  3. noner

    hello can i use this for a minecraft animation? well thanks!

    1. MasterMind

      Hello Noner,

      As the creator or AlluringBliss, you can certainly use my resource pack for your animation needs given appropriate credits. Providing the name and link of the resource pack in it’s description, or within the video (optional). Best of luck to your animation, I look forward to viewing the end results!


  4. AuthenticPanPan

    Can you give me a rundown on how to do this if I have downloaded it from the microsoft store. I am not experienced in modding/downloading resource packs from online. I have followed these instructions but things aren’t matching up and I am a bit confused.

    1. Admin

      If you downloaded Minecraft from the Minecraft Store, it is most likely Bedrock Edition and Java version resource packs (such as AlluringBliss) will not work with it. Instead, check out the resource packs for the Bedrock edition or if you are using PC or Mac, you can always get the java version from the official Minecraft site.

      1. TheGamer

        When I walk, or just stand still, there is a popping noise. What is it?