Default 3D Resource Pack 1.12.2

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 5 February 2018, 5:51 pm

    Dear friends, today I want to offer you an excellent and absolutely unique resource pack. I am sure that you will like it because it is not just a simple resource pack, it is 3D! Yes, 3D! The essence of these textures is that it changes the shape of some items from the usual ugly blocky look into an unique more realistic 3D view. Basically, this resource pack changes the shape of items that are most popular in minecraft and that is catched by the eye more often. You will be pleased with a very new kind of excellent graphics of the game.


    Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (1) Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (2) Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (3) Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (4) Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (5) Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (6) Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (7) Default 3D Resource Pack for minecraft (8)

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    *Credit for creating and developing Default 3D goes to Know2Good. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8. Right now Default 3D has 2522082 views.

    • Charlie B

      is armor 3d?

    • Charlie B

      is armor 3d?

    • Epic


    • Completely Ender


    • ThatHoodedPersn1

      is there a way you can make the .json’s [whats the word…] not jsons? i know this for texture packs but this inspired me to try to make rigs out of your models in mine-imator, but i cant. BTW best default 3D Resource Pack. 5 Diamonds(For Rea[not in real life])

    • I_Swagged_U_4lot

      hi guys……

    • TROLlox

      way better with shaders bdw

    • Tristan Justine Cervantes

      I deleted this texture pack from my folders cause mine was outdated

    • waterside

      what is the difference between the high/medium/low and the classic?

      • asheeen

        the intensity of the lag in the resourcepack

    • waterside

      the doors don’t seem to be solid in this pack

    • Person -.-

      Great texturepack! super3D and really quick download!

    • That’s a good texture pack !

    • Trinity Redman

      I love it so much! This is the best resource pack I have ever used!

    • king

      luv it 😀

    • king

      hi 😀

    • ViniGamer

      very good!!! 🙂

    • tttsj youtuber


    • Luiz I

      So cool! Topper Bora!

    • Eli

      this is da best texture pack 😀

    • zümrüt

      i did everything but it didnt worked please help

    • SethGames

      You can’t download the 1.8 versions please fix it 🙁

      • Mart5010

        So you also can´t play 1.11.2 without it crashing?

    • Overdrive

      lime wool crashes the texture pack

    • jorgechon :V

      hola :v

    • cooloo

      OMG ihave been looking for something like this forever ! Thx 😀

    • Cruorblossom

      Looks almost Cube World

    • snowythecat2014

      nvm i found it

    • im kid flash


    • FoxPaw

      What the different between “Default 3D texture pack easy, medium and high”?

      • asheeen

        i guess he means how much lag or how intense the textures are for your game, i would just go with easy if i were you

    • cutley15

      how do i fix no sound

      • Radeon

        go to options and find mipmap, change the number down 1 and then back to what it was

    • asheeen

      plz add the item physics ability to stay on the ground

    • asheeen

      bdubs has done the better foliage thing of having overgrown leaves with the mod code

    • anhnguyen2008


    • Okay I guess 😛

    • Jared Tarrabain

      what is with the bits of stuff in the gravel ? it looks like some one littered the roads in the country side, and under my rails 2 . I love the texture pack either way.

    • Iohannes van Szeliga


    • JoyfulKiller

      could i use this for a map and give you all the credit?

    • Brooke

      I like it

    • 1234. Noktakom

      ı love this