Minecraft 1.6.4 Resource Packs
The Scribblenauts Resource Pack 1.7.8

The Scribblenauts Pack

The Scribblenauts Resource Pack is very creative and colorfully painted. Unpretentious textures for Minecraft with a very bright and cheerful style, the author of these textures tried to make ...
Thornhearts Resource Pack 1.7.8


Thornhearts Resource Pack is designed for RPG gameplay. This is not a new texture pack but popular. Textures aren't unfinished but Vrezh, the devloper of Thornhearts Resource Pack, is still acitvely ...
Pokemon Gold Resource Pack 1.7.8

Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Gold is a resource pack for Minecraft whose plot revolves around the legendary animated series Pokemon and the main feature of this pack is that it perfectly reflects ...
Isabella II Resource Pack 1.7.8

Isabella II

Isabella 2 or Isabella II is the re-designed version of well know resource pack called Isabella. It is offers almost the same dark and gloomy feel but with brighter ...
Woocraft Resource Pack 1.7.8


Original styled textures called Woocraft Resource Pack with an excellent graphics and a beautifuly designed block and item textures. Woocraft is highly customizable and is one of the most popular minecraft textures.
Jehkoba’s Fantasy Resource Pack 1.7.8

Jehkoba’s Fantasy

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Resource Pack is a fresh collection of textures for your minecraft client. This magnificent resource pack suits to those users who love fantasy, as well as ...
StrongestCraft Resource Pack 1.7.8


StrongestCraft Resource Pack this is the texture pack that will please all the fans of X-Ray in minecraft. After installation of this textures almost all of the blocks in ...
Sugarpack Resource Pack 1.7.8


SugarPack is a very cute resource pack that has an unique theme. Sugarpack will turn the whole minecraft world into a big sweet candy or into confectionery masterpiece! Chocolate Mountains, candy ...
RX3 Cartoon Resource Pack 1.7.8

RX3 Cartoon

RX3 Cartoon Resource Pack is classy resource pack with high resolution which turns minecraft into a prefect cartoony world with a lot of custom features. Including the fact that ...