Modern HD Resource Pack 1.9.4

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 1 March 2016, 11:25 pm

    Everything in this pack is done: New GUI, new fonts, every texture is painted and new sounds for the game! Everything, absolutely everything in this pack complete!

    This pack most suits to people who likes building modern stuff, like modern house or even modern city. For 1.6 this pack is optimized with TONS of new features and dozens of improvements.


    Modern HD Pack FOR MINECRAFT (1) Modern HD Pack FOR MINECRAFT (2) Modern HD Pack FOR MINECRAFT (3) Modern HD Pack FOR MINECRAFT (4) Modern HD Pack FOR MINECRAFT (5) Modern HD Pack FOR MINECRAFT (6) Modern HD Pack FOR MINECRAFT (7) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (1) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (2) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (3) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (4) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (5) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (6) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (7) Modern HD Resource Pack for Minecraft (8)

    Video Available:
    Modern HD Resource Pack 1.9.4 4.55/5 - 17498 votes

    • The Debunker

      Cool resource pack

    • The Debunker

      Cool resource pack

    • AmyKateFreeman

      do u press download or…

      • click the link below the button

        • basuardine

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    • AmyKateFreeman

      do u press download or…

    • AmyKateFreeman

      what do I do

    • AmyKateFreeman

      what do I do

    • AmyKateFreeman


    • AmyKateFreeman


    • AmyKateFreeman

      What the

    • Mattinator

      oh wait nevermind

    • Brink

      I really like this pack but where’s sea lantern and prismarine? :(

    • Brian Westerhof

      I really like this texture pack! Its realistic and clean, i hate those grainy ones. Only problem, and please fix, or somebody tell me how to edit, the creepers. They blend in way too well with grass, and are hard to see approaching, especially at night. I die way too often because of them. If they were spotted like the normal that would be much better.

      • I’m pretty sure it was intentional to make the creepers blend with grass.

      • you can change em by finding the files that give em that look and replacing them with another resource pack’s file. I do believe also, since you now can stack resource packs, that if you just delete the file that gives em that look, they would go with the default look, but maybe not. it might screw up the game to do that.

    • Fanatic Gee

      Why doesnt it have the sea lantern block?

    • Milena Shakira Raja

      Amei De Verdade … Inclusive A Música <3 Bjão

    • codester43110

      Nice texture pack I use it all the time

    • Andranik Minasyan

      How can I download?

    • Amazing Texture Pack! Love the detail, especially of the stone! One question though. when do you think you’ll have beacons and prismarine blocks added? I added photos for em for the time being out of another texture pack that I liked a lot, but would love to see what you make! ;)

    • caden b

      when do I type the %appdata%? When I click the download button, the download starts, but then opens to the file location.. I’m not given an option to press a “start” button. I’m confused.. please help

      • Jeedo

        ‘Start’ as in the Windows logo in the bottom left hand corner of your taskbar. That’s where you then type %appdata%.

    • I do hafta say, even though Flows, Serinity, and Modern Craft are also really nice, this has to be the best Modern pack I’ve found. I’ve now changed a few things up, but all in all, almost everything is done. The clock wasn’t, so I found a good clock. Cuz I like putting them in item frames so i can watch the countdown to my demise, but this pack is definitely amazing! I spent forever trying to download Flows (cuz I had ads popping up like crazy back then), and pretty much all for naught. Beautiful pack man! :D

    • Keith Appleby

      i dont have a resources folder in my minecraft folders

      • Miffed_Quill3

        Make one and call it “resourcepacks”
        without the quotation marks though!

    • Jeedo

      What’s included in the Lite version and is it better to just get the full version?

    • BeyondBillie

      Why is mine so glitchy

    • JustSomeOrdinaryPerson

      Probably would crash your game lol

      • Jake1702

        Nah, 32×32 packs run fine on 2GB RAM. But 64×64 and up have some issues.

    • Luigi12341

      Loading a new world and exiting it takes an extremely long time. That happen to someone too?

    • for some odd reason its not working

    • Hiccup Haddock

      hi guys!! i need to ask you something!!
      how do you active the texture pack? i need help plz

    • xXAllyCookXx

      i have it downloaded, i just cant put it in the game

    • Paolo Santos

      it’s cooll very cool but it needs a bit more work on the glass panes… it gets all scrambled up when i put them in zigzag

    • Perpetual Void

      I love this pack. The brewing station UI needs to be updated for 1.9 though.

    • EvilZekrom

      I’m sorry but the 1.9 update is terrible. The cows and sheep are TERRIFYING and the stone looks really bland, also the lava flows up and not down? The iron blocks look like theyve had the smudge tool in photoshop used to make them look like the new stone. I was scared to see what they did to the mobs so I switched back to 1.8.

    • Isabel

      Can I please use this resource pack for a map. I’ll give credit to the resource creator