Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack 1.9.4

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 5 March 2016, 7:00 pm

    Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack is a wonderful, very high-quality textures with detailed mobs and blocks. Everything looks pretty decent. It is very popular and old texture pack which is always up-to-date and available for latest minecraft version.


    Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (1) Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (1) Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (2) Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (3) Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (4) Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (5) Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (7) Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack (8)

    Video Available:
    Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack 1.9.4 4.50/5 - 7755 votes

    [64x] [1.9] [1.8] Download Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack - by lescard60

    • NOTE: For this 1.9 patch to work properly, load Misa’s Realistic pack and then this texture patch above that.

    [64x] [1.7] Download Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack

    [64x] [1.6] Download Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack

    • Robert Johnstone

      File does not exist on this server

    • Seth Goodnight

      The zippyshare link for 1.8 is down.

      • The link is fixed now. Thank you for informing us! :)

    • Armando Loyola

      How do you use the “Misa Patch Les 1.8″ to patch the Misa.zip? Would it be unzip it, copy the patch over and rezip it? ty

      • mcfreak246 .

        use Misa.zip then run Misa Patch Les 1.8 over it

    • CatGirlMC

      ummm, this just gives me a default texture… is that normal?

      • Armando Loyola

        it is just a patch for 1.7, its not the whole texture pack

    • Hamsterude11?

      HELP! I dont know what to download

    • Hamsterude11?

      Never mind i got it :) LOVE THIS PURE AWESOMENESS

    • celtic7

      I think there is a virus attached to your download link. I tried downloading 1.7 and the 1.8 patch and it gave me a bunch of weird files and then my computer crashed. just thought i would let you know ^^

    • LaureateCape25

      how do you download

    • Bruno I.

      I didn’t see every texture, but I like it so far. Only major complaint is the water, on Default texture you can see some layers (about 3 or 4) near the surface, but in this pack it’s really hard to see!

      • lescard60

        Be sure to get both of the top 2 files. Mine is only a patch for Misa’s texture pack, then you should see all the changes :)

    • Krorc Weini

      Where do i get the Misa’s Realistic Pack where i put the Patches in?

      • lescard60

        For 1.8 compatibility, download the first 2 files (1.8 by lescard60 AND Misa 1.7) The first file patches Misa’s pack to 1.8. Place them in your resourcepacks folder as instructed at the top of this page.

    • lescard60

      My file is only a 1.8 patch for Misa’s texture pack so download the first 2 files, place them in your resourcepacks folder, then once in the game, select both of them in your game settings. (default at bottom, then Misa, then lescard patch at top).

    • Eren Jager

      Love it! I only have one wolf skin though, but other than that, it’s gorgeous!

      • lescard60

        Be sure to run MCPatcher to get all the alternate skins and connected textures. I posted the link but the admin keeps deleting my post. Be careful searching for it since there is a virus site pretending to be it. Best to look in minecraft forums page.

        • Eren Jager

          Ah alright!
          Either way it’s my favorite one. Seriously- I don’t use any others haha!

        • Eren Jager

          Ah alright!
          Either way it’s my favorite one. Seriously- I don’t use any others haha!

    • Danielle

      I have the default texture on the bottom, then Misa’s Realistic, then the patch on the top, and it still doesn’t work. Just looks like regular Misa. No combined glass or different water or animals. I don’t need McPatcher this time, right?

      • lescard60

        You still need mcpatcher for the connected textures and random mobs.

    • Download linka are located below the Red Download button.

    • B-dog21

      It only has one link for me and when i use the one link it just makes the flowers different and not the wolves or other animals :(

      • lescard60

        please read the “Featured Comment” above

    • Hanna

      Problem with the leaves blocks- They are transparent when in the inventory and in hand, but when placed the transparent sections are black. I have everything selected on McPatcher and all the other blocks seem to work, including all the glass blocks. I did the packs exactly the same way as in the featured comment, but the leaves refuse to be transparent :( Any ideas? Java and video card driver are both up to date..

      • lescard60

        Hey Hanna, sounds like an easy fix. You have your Graphics set to “fast” under video settings…change it to “fancy” :D (fast uses the solid leaf blocks to speed up rendering for slower machines)

        • Hanna

          Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that xD Thanks so much! Love the texture pack, ESPECIALLY the mobs, simply beautiful!

    • Drew Marold

      I’ve been a fan of her work for a long time, but I just tried this one, and my frame rate went from 52 to 2.

      • lescard60

        I’m still getting 50 fps on a 5 year old computer…so, drivers? graphics card? gl.

    • Blue Drache

      Having issues with this pack screwing up lighting. Can’t go to the Nether. It crashes every time. The torches flicker, fire flickers, glowstone flickers, everything but the sun flickers … that’s a bad thing in the nether where it’s causing millions of lighting block updates and crashes the client.

      • lescard60

        All is well on my end. No crashes. I did have to move the lighting up in settings are everything was too dark. (I’m using latest version of MCPatcher ver 5.0.0_02). Error message on crash?

        • Blue Drache

          None that I can find. It’s a hard crash to desktop. I can’t figure it out. I have optifine all was working great, and didn’t change any options. I updated to 1.8 and suddenly, I started getting torch flicker. So I’ve tried everything I can think of to shut that junk off (since it’s the only change that happened) and it’s only with MISA’s and related update patches to 1.8. Other HD texture packs work 100% fine … it’s only with MISA’s that it bombs on me.

    • Urist

      Hey there lescard60 … could you PLEASE make a version where the picture frames stay unchanged… when i think about Misa’s pack, i think about a better looking vanilla MC … with only very subtle changes … i think thats the way he designed it and thats the way it should stay… having the picture frames replaced with some demons and dragon-riders is very cool, but neither MC vanilla nor Misa.

      P.s.: Thanks for the Stained glass… that looks AWESOME

      • lescard60

        Hey Urist, glad you like the stained glass. Funny you mentioned the paintings being different since I had some comments that the stained glass should just be simple shades of color to be true to the MC vanilla or Misa standards. It’s impossible to please everyone so I just did what I liked but tried to keep it as compatible as possible. That said, it is very simple to just delete the “painting” folder from my patch to revert back to Misa’s. Hope that helps and have fun :)

    • Just got back into minecraft after I found out about the 1.8 craftbukkit, Im glad there is a patch for Misas to add on, I just cant live in a blocky world without Misas. You have my many thanks lescard60.

    • Jegor Dănești

      Hi ! Great work !
      I’m fan of Misa pack texture since… since… a lot of years ! :D

      just one question : i remember a connected textures, for exemple the
      wood (not in plank). I remember when i construct a floor with wood it
      was connected like a great floor of wood or like if the trunk of the used tree was massive.
      Now it’s just like conventional logs side by side. Tha’ts normal or that’s a bug of me ?

      (Sorry for my english…)

      • lescard60

        get latest version of mcpatcher…see minecraft forums. (sorry..I can’t link it here)

    • Shvet Maharaj

      Hey! Great resource pack!
      But you do know the people that don’t like the stained glass…?
      I think this may help!
      Can you PLEASE make a “Clear” Patch so there is a way to change the stained glass from clear to the “Picture” type. :D
      Hope this helps! @lescard60:disqus

      • lescard60

        on the minecraft forums, pscof42 had made an earlier patch for Misa’s work for version 1.7.x. In it, he actually has versions of plain colored glass that you could use. (either copy those files over mine or use his patch over mine….it will overwrite some of my files too so you may have to play around with it to get the desired results.

    • Watcher

      Would like to know why when I use these, my water is a nasty grey color. Even the waterfalls in the world are a grey..can this be fixed? If so please let me know.

    • Franz Gruber

      I have a question involving the water, i know its small, but, the water is a light grey, almost reminiscent of storm clouds. ( We just found this pack, ansd i am in love with itm but the water, just looks horrible, and i tried to delet the water files, only to have the resource pack not work) Is there anything you can wrecomend we do?

      • lescard60

        Yeah, the grey water is a result of the latest updates…good news is the latest version of mcpatcher fixes it.

    • KLARIZsaf

      My mobs don’t change in color ? Chickens in white cows in brown pigs in pink and wolves in grey? How do I make them change collor?

    • Steffo8

      This is my favourite texture pack: Realistic look, stays true to the original colors and isn’t too heavy on the frame rate.

      Thanks! (Also for the updates.)

    • ‘ Teodor ´

      HOT the hECK you download that!!!! I don’t know what to do with PATCHER AND WHAT EVER ! EXPLAIN THIS BETTER, No ONE underSTANDS!!!!

    • Mark

      I know I may be stupid for asking this question but I thought I did what you told me to do. Everything looks just about right but the water is still a stormy grey… Can you please help. My set-up is Top: Misa’s Patch, Middle: Misa, Bottom: Default. Was I supposed to download the 1.6 version because I didn’t. Only the 1.8 Misa’s Patch and the 1.7 Misa. If you could help that would be very much appreciated! Thank you :)

      • lescard60

        Hey Mark, did you run the latest MCPatcher? Water and animations won’t work without it..not to mention the random mob textures and connected textures. I’m pretty sure that will fix your problems. (No you don’t need 1.6)

    • a0124529

      Love this resourcepack… however, I cannot see the grey font on the grey minecart frame. Any suggestions?

    • Chimera

      i can’t get it to work…

    • matija1671

      tnx men this is best minecraft tp ever i love you

    • Roger Lavoie

      Why is my download link all in red…I can’t click it…

    • Roger Lavoie

      Why is the download now link all in red for me ?? what am I doing wrong ???

      • lescard60

        just tried the link and it’s working….

    • lescard60

      Hey guys… looks like a snapshop sometime next week. I’ve been waiting for the update before I do anymore work on my patch so hang in there. MCPatcher seems to be lagging behind as well so we may be forced to play ver 1.8 for a while, at least if we want the added features. I’ll try and get a working version up quickly and address some default features (like grey water) then tweak it when mcpatcher catches up. :)

    • lescard60

      Hey guys… looks like a snapshop sometime next week. I’ve been waiting for the update before I do anymore work on my patch so hang in there. MCPatcher seems to be lagging behind as well so we may be forced to play ver 1.8 for a while, at least if we want the added features. I’ll try and get a working version up quickly and address some default features (like grey water) then tweak it when mcpatcher catches up. :)

    • lescard60

      I’ve made a patch for the latest snapshots (still incomplete). Note! Misa released a “stealth” patch so you’ll need to get that too. I can’t link here so you’ll need to wait this site to update its links or you’ll need to head over to the Minecraft forums.
      Enjoy :D

    • MrBoringGamer

      I am having difficulty getting this texture pack to work. I am on 1.8.8, and every time I put the Misa and patch in my minecraft game settings, the game crashes. Can you help? It looks like a VERY amazing texture pack

      • lescard60

        yah, I’m getting random crashes too. (opengl stuff). Try it with only Misa’s pack and see if it crashes then add my patch to see if we can narrow down the problem. These latest snapshots have broken a LOT so I’ll be working on that for now.

    • Stormanya

      Is there any way of making the dogs change color depending on what color their collar is? I find it a bit frustrating that my dogs have new colors every time I log on, but I love the many colors :P

    • Callum Crook


    • Merle

      The mobs still look the same as the default minecraft but the glass panes and flowers and blocks look at Misa’s texture pack. Did I do something wrong? I tried to re-download but the mobs still look at the default minecraft.

    • Matepok

      I have only played some seconds since I donwloaded this patch to test it, but there are some thing (or maybe a lot) that do not work for me. For example the grass and the water didn’t change, they are like in the default texture pack :(

      • Thaizz

        You need to turn your animation on at options to do this.

    • lescard60

      just checking in here….. The patch here is only for ver 1.8…..not any releases after that (snapshots etc) I have a working patch and instructions on the Minecraft forums that is working and up to date. Once the official release comes out, I will finalize and archive the 1.8 file. Also…be sure to increase memory allocated to minecraft when using HD textures

    • Maya Rijkelijkhuizen

      Hi there. I downloaded the 1.8 version with the patch, but it just shows up as 1 texture pack and it says it’s not compatible with the version of mc I have. Any idea on what I have to do?

      • lescard60

        (sorry for late reply)
        You can still use Misa’s 1.8 pack and then add my “patch” above it to make it compatible with the latest versions and snapshots. Just ignore the warning :)

    • Lala

      Thats my bros name

    • Lala

      lol he is addicted mc so that is funny

    • SN1P3RI1A2N3

      How do you get the multiple textures for the animals to work?

      • lescard60

        You’ll have to wait for mcpatcher to be updated… hopefully once 1.9 officially comes out.

    • Professor_K

      This is tagged for 1.9, but the latest file appears to be the patch for 1.8. Is there actually a 1.9 version available?

    • Rahza

      Good T-Pack, thanks for updating it to 1.9, I used to use it back before the original owner dropped it, but just one thing I don’t like about it…

      Your clock turns counter-clockwise.

      Just say it out loud and you can see what’s wrong there.

    • Vuneca Eleven

      Nice textures but there seems to be a disconnect in the crafting screen. Things don’t line up properly and my game is lagging terribly after I selected the packs.

    • Thlibsblah

      Love this texture pack. I was so happy when I found someone continued Misas. As of 1.9 almost everything is looking nice except for the stained glass. It’s just default, no texturea at all. Anyway, keep up the great work!

      • ellana

        I have the exact same issue?

    • James

      I have seen some people on here suggest that you need to have patched your game with MCPatcher in order for Misa to work right. I have been using Misa without having used MC Patcher, and everything has been fine. With the only exception being that I don’t have the diverse mobs, like all the pigs are just pink, cows are normal etc. (but with Misa textures). Using MCPatcher still did not fix this – WHAT DID was using Optifine. Now, a few optifine version ago broke andesite when using Misa, it was all a weird goldish colour and was very annoying. This doesn’t seem to be happening with Optifine 1.9.4. I also have noticed that since playing with Optifine and Misa, there are some other diverse textures, like changing leaf colors and such. There also seems to be a “connected textures” that is now working, and I have to say, it looks beautiful.

    • BlockTermite

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
      This resource pack is awesome!!!!!!