Flows HD Resource Pack 1.8.8

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 6 September 2015, 12:27 am

    Probably no one would deny that for each building, whether it is a medieval castle or the ultra-modern five-star hotel, there must be a perfectly suitable texture pack that could be in a appropriate style. Flows HD is a pack that suits to the external and the internal design of modern and high-tech buildings.


    Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (1) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (2) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (3) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (4) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (5) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (6) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (7) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (8) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (9) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (10) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (11) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (12) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (13) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (14) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (1) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (2) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (3) Flows HD Resource Pack for minecraft (4)

    Video Available:
    Flows HD Resource Pack 1.8.8 4.47/5 - 28181 votes

    • Kelly Tran

      O.O how to download? this….

      • The link to download is located below the Red Button.

        • Kelly Tran

          ohh….. thanks! =)

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        • vjiggles

          how to get 1.8 textures?

    • erik

      we cann dowload

    • AgentE23


    • codester43110

      This texture pack won’t work on my computer it makes everything white and lime green, why? I want it really badly, I’ve seen it on Keralis videos on Youtube it looks amazing. Please tell me what to do.

      • AusarTheVile197

        you should have either 64x computer or 128x computer

        • codester43110

          ok well how do i know if i have a 64x or 128x computer?

          • Megan Williams

            Go into Control Panel and go into System and Security. Click on “View amount of RAM and processor speed” on System. It will show what you have on the “System type”.

            • Tim Porter

              the 64 and the 128 are just the amount of pixels per block. Someone with a slower system should get the 64, someone with a higher end system with a decent graphics card should get the 128.

          • Andris Krumins

            It woud be awesome to have a 128 bit system! It would be like no borders for the gaming community! COMPLETE CONTROL AND DESTRUCTION!

            • Jake1702

              Lol Ikr.

        • Scorpion112

          128x? You mean 86x, I suppose?

      • AusarTheVile197

        you should have either 64x computer or 128x computer

    • fran_fran123

      it takes bloody ages to download

    • flows was possibly one of the hardest ones to actually get for me, and i love the textures, but all in all, my preference has to still be Modern HD. But a beautiful pack nonetheless, and plan on snagging a few blocks outta this for my own mixed pack that I use :)

    • Name

      how do i download shaders?

      • Lukchahoa

        Irrelevant. Ask on YouTube or on the actual site for Shaders.

    • Marcus

      i thought it was for 1.8 tho

    • Valouu_

      The official page don’t exist o-O

      • Ally MC

        Use the mirror link, the one right beside the page you clicked that doesn’t exist.

        • Sander Kamp

          Any idea as to why the page doesn’t exist anymore? Are the guys no longer working on it?

          EDIT: The mirror site is a 1.7.10 version.

          • Bailey Noble-Roy

            Does it still work even though it’s a 1.7.10? I don’t want to waste my time downloading the pack if it doesn’t work.

            • FrostDirt

              It still work on 1.8 even though you are on 1.8

    • JustCreeper


    • wout luijpers (woutgames)

      why does it show that the webpage does not exist when i open the link

      • Ally MC

        Use the mirror link, the one right beside the error one.

    • wout luijpers (woutgames)

      why does the link sent me to a page that does not exist

      • Bailey Noble-Roy

        Use the mirror link.

    • ruth4858


    • Emily Wright

      This texture pack is gorgeous! Even if you’re not looking for just a modern building pack, the textures are beautiful and realistic. My only complaints are that the horses, horse armor, and some materials (like empty bottles… makes me crazy when the empty bottles don’t match the filled ones) aren’t updated. Would never need another texture pack again if these little details were updated!

    • Rares19

      flows isn’t showing on my resource pack list even though i put it in the resource pack folder.
      Soartex Fanver 64×64 is working.
      Btw, i run optifine

    • Kayla Jacobi

      How Do I Download?

    • Kayla Jacobi

      When I click the link,It just says that the page cant be found -_-

      • Cyli

        Use the mirror link

    • China Phillippe

      the download button wont work for me

    • Nauthes

      Great pack, but the only thing that bothers me is the armor. I would love to see the armor look like actual armor.

    • Cyli

      When I open minecraft and go to the resource packs, this doesnt show up. Ive done everything Im supposed to do and my ither packs work, just not this one. Help?

      • JohanDNB

        Unzip the archive in your ‘resource packs’ folder :)

        • Chuck Elliott

          Thank you! I feel really dumb that I didn’t figure this out on my own

          • JohanDNB

            You’re welcome :)

        • Boataj

          how do you unzip a folder?

    • Ally MC

      Use the Mirror Link. The one right beside the error one.

    • Ally MC

      When I open Minecraft and try to change it to Flows HD, it isn’t on the thing, but it is in my folder.

      • Sara Hiebert

        this happened to me

    • Flame

      How hard is it to install a resource pack for some people -_-

      • CubeTron23

        Yeah, I know. I’ve seen some people break their computer trying to install resource packs, like one of my friends, he copy/pasted the resource pack’s code into his PC’s code and the PC broke, he could not open a single app, only programs that is automatically installed in his PC. He tried to fix it, but he said it has some kind of “code lock” so you can’t remove it. He can’t use his computer anymore.

        • Lukchahoa

          Wow… Well that’s terrible. It reminds me of the time when a hacker typed a command in the Toy Story 2 script whose command set was supposed to delete all its data. 90% of the movie was wiped out, but good thing someone had a finished copy beforehand. ‘-u-

    • zach

      what file do i drag into the spot?

    • Lukchahoa

      Ugh. I go to the mirror link because the original doesn’t work, I’ve tried downloading this resource pack four times, and it won’t show up in my resource packs. Out of all resource packs, this one won’t download. I think it’s because it’s too old for 1.8.7, so I think the only way is to refine and update this pack. I’m really disappointed; this is my most wanted resource pack of all. :(

    • Morten Floor

      Link doesn’t work

    • HeNs

      Does it work with 32bit ?

    • Irami4


    • Brittney.K

      I’ve downloaded it, placed it in my resource pack file, now what do I do?
      Help me! I really want this pack! T^T

    • Mathias Qvillberg

      This shit destroyed my modded world. I deleted the texture pack but minecraft crashes everytime i try to get into that world! I’ve put days into this world. Please help!

    • KittyKat640

      I know that you’re supposed to click the button that says “Download Now” But I can’t click it. Are there any ways to fix this?

    • YT_Several_Games

      it says 404-Page Not Found..

      • Sara Hiebert

        click the mirrors link

    • Shini Desu

      doesen’t work

    • Bmjskater

      This dosn’t work on my computer. When I put it in as the one i’m using and click done, it just moves it out and becomes the regular texture pack again.

    • Mark Fifield

      I downloaded resource pack. The next step is Press Start and type in %appdata%………Where is this “start”

      • Sara Hiebert

        the windows start menu… search %appdata5 in your files…

        • Mark Fifield

          Thanks, we actually figured it out later that day. Thanks for the help!

    • Sara Hiebert

      help me! I followed all the directions and put the file into resourcepacks but when I go to change it in minecraft it doesn’t show up?! please help me :/

      • Chuck Elliott

        All you need to do now is unzip in the resourcepacks folder. If this helped, then go upvote @JohanDNB:disqus

    • Bella Ho

      To make it look like keralis’s houses you need a shader pack.

    • Sara Hiebert

      I tried that and it still doesn’t work

    • darkleave

      a great texture,i really enjoy it,thanks

    • Lexi Prohaska

      1.7.10 once i download…. NOT 1.8

    • Chuck Elliott

      Very nice texture pack! Animal faces are a little weird, but I expected the animals to look different. The Zombie and Skeletons look amazing

    • TheUltraCube6723

      Here is a brief FAQ created for those still having trouble with the resourcepack

      Q: Where is the download? When I click the red download button it does not work HELP!
      A: Use the mirror link BELOW the red download button.

      Q: Why does the resourcepack not work?
      A: Make sure you installed it correctly. Also make sure NOT to unpack the zip file

      Q: helo im kid miencrafter. im is a kool criiper killer how 2 instal
      A Click the start button and in “Search programs and files” Type in %appdata%.
      And click Roaming. Open .minecraft and open the resourcepacks folder. Put
      the downloaded zip file inside the resourcepack folder. Remember! PUT INSIDE THE
      WHOLE ZIP FILE. DO “NOT” UNPACK IT. Close everything up. Open up minecraft and
      enjoy. You’ll figure the rest out!

    • epicDiamondmaster

      It dosent download at all plz i went to the link and click download and it says waiting for download then it says try again

    • Jaxon Shearer

      Is this optifine compatible?

    • Joshua Lefelhocz

      This is obviously not 64x at all, it keeps saying underneath the name that it is 128x. Please post a genuine link to the 64x version.

    • DisguisedTrains

      The link to download Flows 1.8 takes me to download 1.7.9

    • Gabriel Berg

      I can’t seem to download it as a zip file? it says it’s a RAR file all the time. I am using 7-zip and it’s what I have used for minecraft resource packs before as well as skyrim mods.

      • Droogwater

        For me, I downloaded a RAR file as well, and i can’t use it in minecraft. It says the resource pack isn’t compatible with my device (desktop running Windows 10)

    • Livia

      How do I download this, I pressed 64x 1.7, Resource pack, is that right?

    • Livia

      I downloaded it, but then it said, Window’s couldn’t open the file, what should I do next?

    • Livia

      Does this version have 1.8

    • Sneakers009

      The best resource pack i ever installed!

    • Tom Strzyz

      Does it work with sharders mod and what’s the best shader mod?

    • VolumeHunter

      When I download I don’t get the ZIP file, I only get the WinRAR archive, not WinRAR ZIP archive. Help please.

    • VolumeHunter

      I don’t think it is 1.8 yet.

    • Bryan Rude

      Hi, Mine is downloading as a RAR how do I fix that?

    • allan


    • Dota

      1. – Click below the red button. It will lead you to mediafire or maybe other way to download it.
      2. – When it downloads go to %appdata% search for a folder ”.minecraft”

      3. – You gonna see a folder called ”resourcepacks” go into that folder and put your texture pack in there.
      4. – For most of the users it does not work first. So extract the file with Winrar by rightclicking on texture pack folder and then search for a button called Extrack with… Click it
      5. – Once it is done with extracting go to minecraft, go into the resourcepacks folder and select FlowsHD.
      6. – Enjoy
      I hope this helps :)

      • HaloCavest

        I don’t understand step 4

    • Tobiáš Kaláb

      Here isn’t version of this texture pack for minecraft 1.8.

    • Renee

      Won’t work at all.

    • Forgottenlove129

      How do we Download the 1.8 Version?

    • Jenelle

      Yeah how do u download it? I am having extreme trouble, tried 3 times, still doesn’t work

    • Arthur Lundgren

      EEEH how to download for 1.8? It don’t work.

    • Tobiáš Kaláb

      It’s just on version 1.7.9

    • j l l k Price

      These instructions do not work.

      (1) This is not a zip file. It’s a .rar file. While i can open the rar file and look inside, there’s minecraft cannot.
      (2) There’s no .zip inside the .rar file, either. Extracting the contents into the resourcepack folder doesn’t work, either.

    • Tom

      how do u install?

    • Heru Iskandar

      doesn’t show in the resource packs in-game menu while my other resource packs are fine. i lost 77mb :(

    • Emzicorn Marlow

      Can i download this on mac?

    • Blurryfaces

      Is this for mac?

    • Lukchahoa

      This seriously needs to be deleted. About a year ago I tried to download this resource pack but it never showed up in the Minecraft game’s resource pack folder. Today I tried it again (and deleted it) and now I realize what the problem is – it is a .RAR file, which isn’t the correct type of file Minecraft reads; resource packs have to be .zip files or .zip compressed files. In other words, in your file explorer, this resource pack will not show up as a file folder so it will not work. I have no idea how it worked in 2012.