Yuushya Resource Pack 1.20 / 1.19

The Yuushya resource pack is a themeless masterpiece that offers players a unique experience. The lack of theme doesn’t detract from its expertly crafted environment, which has made players speechless when they see the awe-inspiring beauty and gorgeousness once they put it into their games. The pack is only 16x, which would usually limit how realistic and detailed a pack can be, but we’ve decided to include it in the realistic category because it has earned a spot on the list. This resource pack improved on the 16x textures with beautiful custom designs and appearances, including some unique items. It added to the items and blocks available for players by implementing a bunch of new furniture blocks, which can easily be accessed once the players rename an existing block. The special feature gained the Minecraft community’s focus and drew attention to the already incredible pack since it’s quite literally “Packed” with content and furniture blocks. These items can be used to decorate a room or build to make it feel more lived, which can make playing in Minecraft more immersive since it adds visual realism. Mizuno’s 16 craft is another resource pack that does a similar thing to the Yuushya texture pack, which is renaming blocks that exist in the base game of Minecraft to create more design features for the blocks, but the designs of each pack are completely different from one another. The Yuushya pack offers a unique experience from Mizuno’s 16 craft resource pack, which is plain to see when you compare what the two offers. The beauty and innovation of Yuushya are what we’ll focus on, along with how to use its special features and what’s required to do so. Despite using the same pixel size as the ones provided in default Minecraft textures, the Yuushya resource pack is currently one of the most attractive-looking resource packs available to Minecrafters. You’ll probably doubt it’s a 16x resource pack once you launch Minecraft with this pack installed thanks to how it amplifies the natural beauty in the game, along with the intricate detail it adds to the world. Usually, people download packs for their themes, but this resource pack has an added value that comes from being themeless. Its lack of focus on one particular subject means that Yuushya is a universal texture pack that can be used regardless of your type of gameplay. It fits with both survival and creative mode, can be used for special occasions or daily, and has the potential to become one of your go-to packs regardless of the situation. Whether you enjoy going on adventures and exploring the world or staying in one area and building a base, the pack is perfect for the occasion. The resource pack uses Minecraft’s default textures and amplifies them to make the world look more vibrant and appealing to players of all sorts. It utilizes a plethora of color gradients and color pallets that cause the world to burst with color that blends seamlessly together.

Featured video:

Yuushya came out about a year or so ago since the time this article was written. Its creator has been consistently keeping up with necessary updates as new versions of Minecraft come out so that it’s still usable, which only adds to the pack’s quality and makes it more popular. Including the official sources that you can download this pack from, then it has been installed over 280,000 times by players as of currently. This is an incredible feat for such a new pack to accomplish since very few packs can grow to be so popular in such a short period. It’s truly impressive that it was able to, but it’s understandable thanks to its many features and high-quality graphic improvements that it adds to Minecraft once installed. The “renaming blocks” feature can seem complicated, so we’re going to go over it for players who don’t know how this works. Minecraft has what’s called a CIT resource pack. We have a specific category available for you to browse if you’re looking for packs that can support that particular feature. Firstly, CIT requires Optifine to function, so be sure that you install it otherwise you’ll be unable to use the CIT features of this pack. CIT stands for Custom Item Texture. It’s a resource pack feature that lets players change an item’s texture or model in Minecraft based on certain properties it has. In this case, it uses names. There are currently 60 CIT decorations in Yuushya. The resource pack uses the CIT feature to change slime blocks into a multitude of decorative items. This doesn’t remove the slime block from the game, making it still usable as it was previously. If you want to use the feature of Yuushya’s custom-designed decorations, you have to rename a slime block to the decoration’s specific number in an anvil to get the decorative items. A screenshot of the items and their numbers will be provided below. Once you’ve done this, you can put the items in an item frame to apply them. The resource pack can run smoothly on practically any device because it’s a 16x pack. The entirety of Minecraft’s graphics have been overhauled in the Yuushya resource pack, but the designs are faithful to the vibe and feel of the game. This pack is perfect for you if you’ve been looking for a visually appealing texture pack that can run on the same low resolution as the original textures, especially if you value your FPS numbers. We recommend trying this pack out if you want to make Minecraft look more colorful, beautiful, and alive with added realism. Downloading and installing Optifine is recommended so that you can use all the benefits included in Yuushya’s resource pack, such as the ctm and cti features that won’t work without it. Even if you don’t, the pack will still add great value to your game in terms of aesthetics, immersion because of the good-looking graphics, and colorful pallets that the blocks have been altered with.

Yuushya should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.20.4 - 1.20.3 - 1.20.2 - 1.20.1 - 1.20 - 1.19.4 - 1.19.3 - 1.19.2 - 1.19.1 - 1.19 - 1.18.2 - 1.18.1 - 1.18 - 1.17.1 - 1.17 - 1.16.5 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15 - 1.14.4 - 1.14.3 - 1.14.2 - 1.14 - 1.13.2 - 1.13.1 - 1.13

Yuushya — Screenshots

How to install Yuushya Resource Pack:

  1. Most resource packs require Optifine, so be sure to download and install it. – general recommended step for all packs, Optifine is also needed for most shaders
  2. Download the Yuushya texture pack for Minecraft from the download section below. – if there are many different versions, just choose the one you like, is compatible with your version/edition of Minecraft, the one you think your computer can handle in terms of performance.
  3. Launch the game client through the Minecraft launcher.
  4. On the main menu, click "Options".
  5. On the options menu, click "Resource Packs...".
  6. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder". – folder titled "resourcepacks" will pop up
  7. Move the .zip file you downloaded in the first step to the newly opened "resourcepacks" folder.
  8. Click "Done".
  9. Click on "Resource Packs..." again.
  10. Your pack should have appeared in the left window, just hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right.

    QUICK TIP: Sometimes, when activating a pack, the game may say that the pack is made for a newer or older version of Minecraft. This is just a warning, it does not affect your gameplay in anyway, and you can still activate and enjoy the pack by simply clicking the "Yes" button when prompted.

  11. Click "Done" again.
  12. The pack has now been successfully loaded and ready to be used in your world!

Required settings:

  • Custom Items: ON in Options > Video Settings > Quality
  • Connected Textures: Fancy/Fast in Options > Video Settings > Quality

How to use CIT (Custom Item Textures):

    • This feature requires Optifine.
    • The flower pot catalog will appear when you place the flower pot offhand.
    • The CIT catalog will appear when you hold an iron nugget.
    • Yuushya currently contains 60 CIT decorations.
    • Using CIT is very easy. You just need to take the slime block to the anvil and rename it to a certain number. Then place the item in the item frame to apply it. You can find the decoration numbers in the game catalog or see the screenshots below:

Yuushya - Comparison Slider #1 Without shaders

Comparison slider #1 for those who want to compare vanilla Minecraft without any texture packs installed (on the left) with Minecraft using this particular texture pack (on the right).


Yuushya - Comparison Slider #2 With BSL Shaders

Comparison slider #2 for those who want to compare vanilla Minecraft without any texture packs installed (on the left) with Minecraft using this particular texture pack (on the right).

Vanilla (BSL Shaders)
Yuushya (BSL Shaders)

Yuushya Texture Pack Download

  • Credit for the creation of Yuushya goes to coco_fish.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way. None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use only official download links provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • Since the links are official and we update them manually - the links may stop working with each new update. We make every effort to update links as quickly as possible and usually we update everything on time and users have no problems, but if suddenly any link stops working - let us know through the comments below.
  • Don't forget to leave a comment below and vote for the pack. By doing this, you help the author(s) keep improving the project. If you want to support the author(s), be sure to check the author links just below the download links.
The Java Edition of this pack requires Optifine for CTM & CIT features to work! Get optifine here.

Java Edition:

[16x] [1.20.x – 1.19.x] Download Yuushya Resource Pack

[16x] [1.18.x – 1.13.x] Download Yuushya Resource Pack

Foliage Add-on:

[16x] [1.19.x] Download Yuushya Foliage Add-on Packjava edition;

Download instructions:

Curseforge: download starts automatically after a few seconds;

Mediafire: click the big blue button with the text "DOWNLOAD";

Google Drive: in the top right corner you will see a small download icon (down arrow), click it and the download should start;

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Author: coco_fish
Last updated: 15 April 2024
Category: Realistic
Compatibility: Java

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  1. Abery

    PLEASEEEE Update for 1.20.4 !!!!!!!!!!!! I used this texture pack for my 4 month Minecraft phase last year and im getting back into minecraft again and all my builds look goofy as hell because I have to use the default texture pack. Pleaseeee!!! I love this texture pack too much!!

  2. gooeyanimals

    i am missing the texture for the trees and the cit items dont do anything for me afaik? i cant find anything on how to use cit so im just guessing

    1. Admin

      But we have a quick guide on this page on how to use CIT..

      1. badinfo

        The guide does not work in the current version of minecraft. CIT does not work. You can hold an iron ingot and it shows a broken texture. Renaming slime blocks does not change their appearance, yes, even with optifine installed and custom items/textures turned on. It is broken.

        1. Admin

          Did this work for you on older versions? If it doesn’t, you’re most likely doing something wrong. If it worked with the older version, but not with the current one, we can’t do anything except wait for updates from the author.

  3. MadMousey

    I love this pack, but the axes look really weird and it’s not pleasant to look at

  4. Investor Sarif

    it looks like i’m having the same problems a few others are getting; CIT things don’t work,including the catalogs. they show as missing textures

  5. Meow

    Amazing pack, it’s super cute! But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get CIT to work, even after searching online. Which is too bad, because it seems very neat!

  6. sirius

    im getting the black and purple squares when holding the CIT items, could someone help?

  7. Deuusey

    Noticing missing textures on certain item icons. Minecarts sometimes but sometimes not, enchanted books, nuggets, and a few other things. Also noticed that the changed animal textures just suddenly disappeared? This morning they showed up just fine, and 12 hours later that randomly disappeared and animals suddenly were back to vanilla textures. I’ve tried removing and reloading the pack, adjusting order of the pack, nothing fixes it. Other than the few buggy things happening it is beautiful though. I’d hate to have to switch off it.

  8. Artba62

    Something looks weird,it goes to purple and black squire.

  9. shypixels

    i looove this texture pack, but i have missing textures like iron nuggets, minecarts, and flower pots. i’m not sure if this is a problem caused by me or not. i love this though.

  10. cørri

    Hi! so there has been some glitches with the wheat seeds and iron nuggets, they have jsut been appearing as glitch boxes? i guess. Also the pack_mcmeta file is set to the code for 1.18 and not 1.19 (i am unsure abt this but it seemed wrong). Anyhow, I love the texture pack but I won’t be using it due to it not working with certain objects.

  11. Nawual

    The skins of various mobs don’t work correctly for me, the sheep come out without a face, I think the error was caused when I accidentally deleted the zip file from the resource packs folder and then saved it again

  12. SeaWasHere

    I love this texture pack, the only thing that bothers me is that the durability color of the tools/weapons are reversed, it goes darker green the lower the durability is, and yellow/light green the more full the durability is. It’s hard to tell when my weapon/tool is about to break because of that :(

  13. Takrodanii

    why when i rename the slime block to 021 it gives an image error???

  14. Bird

    Commenters, read the reply to Steady below if you’re confused by the ‘0.17.1’ number. I was confused too so I’m glad it was covered. I’m loving the pack! Though a few missing textures does not impact gameplay much for me, but I hope my notes are helpful for the future:
    1. There ARE textures for newer items like amethyst, beehive, raw ores, glow squid, dripleaf, packed mud, mangrove, campfires, and allay, but Missing textures for bee, enderman, llama, armor stand, ocelot, horse, mule, pillager, ravager, salmon, end rod, shulker/box, mud brick, axolotyl, cats, bats, dogs/wolves, phantoms, birds, mangrove roots, silverfish, and honey. (There may be more I missed)
    2. The sheep texture has an issue! The face has no features and there is transparency around the ankles where it shouldn’t be. There may be an issue with spiders and cave spiders, but their eyes look fine. Its areas of light and dark on the body just look off.
    3. The warden is UTTER HORROR! I love it. The butterfly of echo is a work of art, but its brighter color disrupts the feel of the Deep Dark.
    4. Ore textures look nice on their own but are pretty samey, so some different crystal shapes would be neat!
    7. Torches look nice, but their hitbox is much smaller than the model + they make a 1×2 mine tunnel feel pretty cramped. Maybe switch textures around between the redstone torch and lanterns? Maybe the regular lantern takes the torch’s current texture while the soul lantern stays paper? Maybe the torch lantern gets resized?
    8. The actual candles do not show fire when lit, just smoke particles.
    9. The zombie/drowned/husk textures strike me as old recolors in need of an update. Also, zombie villager skin is super green compared to the normal zombie. The zombie is a super common mob after all!
    10. The custom sounds are really cool! It’s just a little off that the zombies and drowned don’t get their own sounds, and in my opinion the piglin sound gets repetitive and needs more varied sound bytes to randomly pick from.

  15. drew

    Steady is right. download says 1.19.x, but actually gives you 1.17.1

    1. Admin

      Please read our answer to Steady again. Where do you see exactly 1.17.1? It says 0.17.1.

  16. Name

    I wish this had bedrock

  17. Steady

    download link says 1.19.X, actual download is for 1.17.1

    Pass on this one for now.

    1. Admin

      Please, before commenting on such things, make sure that you are right and do not mislead other users. It doesn’t say 1.17.1, it says 0.17.1 which is the resource pack update number, not the Minecraft compatibility version number. In any case, even if the resource pack says “made for an older version”, you can always click “Yes” and enjoy the pack. This is just a notice, not an error.