Ghoulcraft Resource Pack 1.16 / 1.15

Ghoulcraft, designed by a Minecraft enthusiast called MissGhouls, is a Minecraft Custom Item Texture, or CIT, resource pack. Ghoulcraft resource pack was created as an add-on pack to work with Mizuno’s 16 Craft Craft texture pack, which is a highly favorable resource pack designed by MIZUNO. Ghoulcraft constantly gives you an excess of decorating choices since it is regularly being updated. Users should note that, because it features custom items and connected textures, Ghoulcraft does require Optifine. As for specifics of the resource pack, Ghoulcraft CIT wants to give players many decoration models for their gameplay and to do so without using mods. Users only need to give an item a new name in accordance with the approved chart or list and then put the newly named item in an item frame so that the decorative model is brought to life. Many of those items can appear functional when placed over interactable items, like trapdoors, chests, or slabs.

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For example, if you place a cake into your world, place it in the anvil, and rename it “Cake_bdayv” you will then notice that the texture on the anvil’s right side has been altered. You’d then move that item to the item frame in order to display a new 3D model. This can be done with almost any item or object in the game and while this does work best with Mizuno’s 16 Craft resource pack, it does have the ability to be used with any other minecraft resource pack. The many additional models and textures, which are designed to work with any other resource pack, makes Ghoulcraft CIT one of the most unique 3D resource packs out there. And the Ghoulcraft CIT resource pack can be played by any player, as long as they have Optifine, since it is absolutely free. And no player, even one with a low-end computer, should have any problems using Ghoulcraft because it has a low resolution of 16×16 like Mizuno’s 16 Craft.

Ghoulcraft should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.16.5 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15 - 1.14.4 - 1.14.3 - 1.14.2 - 1.14 - 1.13.2 - 1.13.1 - 1.13

Ghoulcraft — Video & Screenshots

How to install Ghoulcraft:

  1. Download and install «Optifine» for 1.13 or 1.14 (this resource pack won’t work without Optifine);
  2. Download one or more «Ghoulcraft»;
  3. Place them in your «resource packs» folder (main menu > click “Options” > click “resource packs”);
  4. Download «Mizuno’s CIT pack» (required in order to make table legs work);
  5. Download an «Invisible Item Frame» resource pack and add it to your «resource packs» folder;
  6. Launch Minecraft and enable all the resource packs (one or more of the Ghoulcraft packs, Mizuno’s CIT and Invisible Item Frame pack must be enabled);
  7. Start up your minecraft world, and find an anvil;
  8. Using the official Ghoulcraft catalog here, find the item you like, and rename it according to the chart. If you did it correctly, the item will change models inside the anvil.
  9. For furniture items, place an item frame according to the chart, and place your furniture inside it to display it.

Ghoulcraft Texture Pack Download

  • Credit for the creation of Ghoulcraft goes to MissGhouls.
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Download Ghoulcraft [All Packs] from Official Website

Mirror links:

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [MEGA] Resource Pack

MEGA pack contains EVERY SINGLE ITEM ever made. This pack contains over 2000 items and won’t work smoothly on most laptops. Please be careful when using this pack!

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Food] Resource Pack

FOOD pack contains every food item from all the other packs, combined. Useful for servers or players that want more realistic food, but none of the other items.

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Weapons & Wearables] Resource Pack

Weapons & Wearables pack contains every single weapon, tool, and wearable item from all the other packs. Useful for servers or players who don’t want to download every other pack just for vanity items.

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Furniture] Resource Pack

Furniture pack contains every piece of (non-modern) furniture. All furniture comes in the main four wood tones (Oak, Spruce, Birch, and Dark Oak) as well as many coming in Jungle and Acacia.

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Garden] Resource Pack

Garden pack contains outdoor & garden-themed items. Plants, Lattices, Shutters, and much more.

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Halloween] Resource Pack

Halloween pack contains all manner of spooky/creepy and festive Halloween items!

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Magic] Resource Pack

Magic pack contains a ton of magical items, perfect for your aspiring witches and cottage-core lovers.

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Summer] Resource Pack

Summer pack contains all of the essential summer items you’ll need to make the perfect backyard BBQ or Beach day!

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Winter] Resource Pack

The Winter Pack celebrates snow, food, family, and several winter holidays, all in one!

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Medieval] Resource Pack

Medieval pack contains all of the Medieval & Piratey items you could ever need!

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Misc] Resource Pack

Misc pack contains tons of celebration items, as well as several items that just don’t seem to fit in with any other pack! (Lots of Donor items are found in here, as well as the Donor Dolls!)

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Pets] Resource Pack

Pets pack has everything you need to pamper your pets!

[16x] [1.16.x – 1.13.x] Download Ghoulcraft [Modern] Resource Pack

The Modern Pack contains more modern furniture & outdoor city items!

Support author:

Official Patreon Page

Official YouTube Channel

Official Instagram Page

Official Twitter Page

Download instructions:

Curseforge: download starts automatically after a few seconds;

Mediafire: click the big blue button with the text "DOWNLOAD";

Google Drive: in the top right corner you will see a small download icon (down arrow), click it and the download should start;

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Author: MissGhouls
Last updated: 19 January 2021

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  1. Bidd

    Hi, i have a question, i’m currently working on a map, and i was making a resource pack for it. I was playing with this resource pack and i really love some of the models and i was wondering if i could include some of the models in that resource pack. I would not be publishing the resource pack anywhere and it will only be included with the map i am making. With of course your user name in the credits of the resource pack. I hope you answer and i will not do it if you don’t allow me to.

    1. Admin

      You should contact the author directly, comments here are not the best place for this kind of discussion. In the download section there is a section “Support the author”, contact the author through one of these social networks.

  2. Yasin

    It works well 1.19.2 but it twitches. FPS is nearly 15-20. Unplayable.

  3. Kai

    The crafting catalogue is gone..!

  4. Abbey Clark

    will this be updated for 1.17. ?

  5. Molly Franklin

    Is there a way to disable the names of the item from popping up when you hover over the frame?

  6. Keigo Takami

    somehow it wont work. i tried everything but it wont work can someone fix that please?

    1. Admin

      Install optifine. This is a CIT pack and requires optifine’s features.

  7. Filip Świątek

    why this is not work …. WHY …

  8. ..

    ive been having trouble getting the CIT packs to work. and i think some people are too. the key thing is to double click the optifine and press install to create a version of optifine minecraft. after that you just download all the necessary resource packs and it should work. i didnt realize that forge was messing it up. hopefully it works for you now :)

  9. Niamh Sievers

    I’ve tried so many times and so many different options but I just can’t seem to get it to work

  10. Richard

    Very cool!