John Smith Legacy Resource Pack 1.7.9

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 2 March 2014, 2:40 pm

    JohnSmith Legacy Resource Pack is quite an interesting resource pack, made in the style of the Middle Ages. John Smith: Legacy is very suitable for playing on adventure maps and for good medieval gameplay.


    John Smith Legacy Resource Pack (1) John Smith Legacy Resource Pack (1) John Smith Legacy Resource Pack (2) John Smith Legacy Resource Pack (3) John Smith Legacy Resource Pack (4) John Smith Legacy Resource Pack (5)

    John Smith Legacy Resource Pack 1.7.9 4.45/5 - 4710 votes

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    • joehawk

      where do i press start

      • V

        are you being serious? They mean the windows start button…

        • Trevor Scott

          people these days

          • John42Smith

            Not everyone has Windows. You would know this if you weren’t brain washed by the Microsoft Corporation.

            • tony ångdal

              yeah apples osx are so much better huh? I wonder who the brainwashed is, MS is shit yes but apple is worse

            • TechnicolorPanda

              Some people have Linux too… Jeez, calm yourself.

            • FeliciaGoat

              He might even have windows 8 too; no start button on that

            • Sparky the Wolf

              It does have a start button actually…
              But yeah, I don’t think people should argue what the best OS is as it’s all opinion-based. Some people like one OS more than the others.

              And for the people out there who insult people for their OS? – get a life and shut up, they have a different opinion to you and neither of you are ‘correct’ or ‘right’. Just take your pick, and shush.

            • benddyy

              Really windows sucks. If u click on something somehow, u might get a virus. and macs are way better.

    • :I

      It took me 50 seconds to find the blended download button lol I can’t see! :D

      • ruben

        where is it? I can’t find it. please help

        • ?QUESTION?

          I DUNNO!!

          IM SOMEONE THAT NEEDS HELP TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tanner

      OMG it’s the best texture pack in the world!!here’s a ghast —-> TT__TT

    • ryan

      how do i download im 10 and cant find it all im getting is other pages opening asking me to download their zipfiles ?

      • kirbyfan8386

        are you click the blue words? Lots of people advertise. if you are taken to mediafire, then download it, then go to wherever the files are kept, right click, then left click either copy or cut. open minecraft, go to resource packs, open the folder from there, then right click in the folder and click paste.

      • alias

        ur 10 ur smart enough to figure it out. noob. :P

    • marko

      how do i download this texture pack for 1.7.4 PLEASE REPLY

      • San Baca

        The Same Way You Did Before 1.7.4

    • john smith

      pls help me it says download idk where there are so many advertisments…….

    • fuck


    • fuck

      i hate you

    • Armando V. Ysea Leon

      no sirve

    • Loendal

      So what exactly is the difference between John Smith Resource Pack and the John Smith Legacy Pack?

      • John42Smith

        The legacy doesn’t actually contain any resources. jk. It is probably because the resource changes sounds and other things while the legacy does not. Do not take my word on this.

      • Gafildafishness

        When John Smith stopped working on the resource pack, fans took over and just added the word Legacy to it, do differentiate between the two.

    • ruben

      I can’t download it. I pressed the blue link but it kept saying forbidden. idk why PLEACE HELP

      • outanmax

        You can also use a mirror link on the same line where “blue link” located. But the blue link is now working perfectly, we’ve changed the original link to mirror one.

    • Carlo


    • Elvin


    • Elvin

      hello i have no idea how to download it plzz tell im 7

    • HELP

      plzz plzz plzz help i have no idea

    • ?QUESTION?

      WHERES THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON!!!??!??!?!??!?!?!??

    • Just A PISSED OFF gamer

      I clicked the download link and the thing said Forbidden 404. 404 means that the web hoasting company dropped the domain name. That means the guy running the website didn’t pay each month. Sorry guys Simple webhoasting physiscs.. you don’t pay you gon’t get to keep

      • Just A PISSED OFF gamer


    • josahu

      were can i download it

    • scr

      you have to use the mirror link (google drive) . then press on John Smith Legacy On the far right at the bottom is a arrow pointing down. Press this and your DL starts.

    • coolboy17777

      You have to click the mirror link then download 1.6 version for it to work

    • Osahaug


    • Osahaug

      my name is fake

    • gjggg

      i tried downloading but wont work HELP!

    • pim

      if you’re on windows 8 you need to open your libraries and then you type in %appdata%

    • pim

      if you’re on windows 8 you need to open your libraries and then you type in %appdata%

    • ethan

      its a mod noob

    • ethan

      its a mod noob

      • Sparky the Wolf

        It’s not a mod, it’s a texture pack.
        Therefore YOU are the noob.

        • Mysteryman291

          actually it’s a resource pack so your both noobs

          • LOLGOTCHA


    • Bilbo_Baggins

      Ima Bilbo Baggins and im in this conversation for absalutely no reason at all…

    • lazyflame2

      i cannot download, both links are giving me issues

    • solLUNAR

      It says it’s for 1.7.5 I found a 1.7.1 download.

    • Kaden Kenny

      ur downloading minecraft the game its self

    • sigullf

      that kinda sucks

    • sigullf

      lol ruben you can’t spell

    • [R3D]MelonSeeD

      Ya got it!

    • [R3D]MelonSeeD

      Uhm ruben it works for me, why can’t u download it? Try again :]

    • benddyy

      Does not work. I have a mac btw

    • Mace

      Download does not work.

    • Mace

      Download does not work.