F8thful Resource Pack 1.19 / 1.18

While the vast majority of resource packs increase the standard resolution in Minecraft from 16x to 32x or even more, the F8thful resource pack does things the other way around. Instead of upscaling textures, it downscales them to a resolution of 8×8. Using a resolution that is half the standard in the vanilla version of Minecraft creates a whole new visual experience without altering gameplay. It is the same Minecraft but much blockier, or maybe less? The resource pack manages to introduce a new way to enjoy the game while keeping things simple. The resource pack is another vanilla faithful pack that upscale or downscale the game’s texture resolution. There are currently enough faithful packs available in the market with resolutions ranging from 8x to 512×512. All of them were created to alter the default resolution but it is the F8thful resource pack in the 8×8 resolution that makes the game look like old 8-bit games. It brings a certain level of nostalgia for old gamers but it may appeal to the younger audience as well.

Featured video:

Because F8thful texture pack uses a lower resolution, it also requires less video card processing power and less vRAM to load properly. Players that could enjoy vanilla Minecraft may even experience a considerable boost in FPS. Also, it can reduce lag and improve gameplay. These perks that come with playing the game at a lower resolution make it a much better choice for competitive players that want the best performance when running the game, especially in PVP. So far, the resource pack has already found success with tens of thousands of downloads and positive feedback from the community. Despite being made to offer a lower texture resolution, F8thful resource pack does have improved textures. Many textures were remade in order to remain recognizable when downscaled. These changes make the resource pack lighter but compromise on texture details. As with most resource packs, F8thful resource pack requires Optifine to be installed. The small resource pack archive needs to be unpacked in the “resourcepacks” folder and activated from the in-game settings menu.

F8thful should be compatible with all of these Minecraft versions: 1.19.2 - 1.19.1 - 1.19 - 1.18.2 - 1.18.1 - 1.18 - 1.17.1 - 1.17 - 1.16.5 - 1.16.4 - 1.16.3 - 1.16.2 - 1.16.1 - 1.16 - 1.15.2 - 1.15.1 - 1.15 - 1.8.9 - 1.8.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.6 - 1.8 - Bedrock Edition - PE

F8thful — Video & Screenshots

How to install F8thful Resource Pack:

NOTE: Many resource packs require optifine to be preinstalled, so be sure to install it.
  1. Download the F8thful texture pack for Minecraft from the download section below. – if there are many different versions, just pick the one that you like or that you think your PC can handle
  2. Launch the game client through the Minecraft launcher.
  3. On the main menu, click "Options".
  4. On the options menu, click "Resource Packs...".
  5. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder". – folder titled "resourcepacks" will pop up
  6. Move the .zip file you downloaded in the first step to the newly opened "resourcepacks" folder.
  7. Click "Done".
  8. Click on "Resource Packs..." again.
  9. Your pack should have appeared in the left window, just hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right.
  10. Click "Done" again.
  11. The pack has now been successfully loaded and ready to be used in your world!

Before downloading, please pay attention to the fact that:

  • Credit for the creation of F8thful goes to ewanhowell5195.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way. None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use only official download links provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • Since the links are official and we update them manually - the links may stop working with each new update. We make every effort to update links as quickly as possible and usually we update everything on time and users have no problems, but if suddenly any link stops working - let us know through the comments below.
  • Don't forget to leave a comment below and vote for the pack. By doing this, you help the author(s) keep improving the project. If you want to support the author(s), be sure to check the author links just below the download links.
SUPPORT THE AUTHOR(s) ewanhowell5195

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  1. chloe scheafer


  2. Bob

    Can you make this pack for bedrock

    1. Admin

      There is a bedrock edition already.

  3. Isaiah

    Could someone please update this with the warden changed, so basically a 1.19 version that would be really cool

  4. Monaro

    get pack everything looks so small omg although i found glass panes glitch out and have a horizontal line over them when viewed from two out of four directions

  5. Emanu plis

    1. Cheeta_h

      update ur game

  6. Yasu

    No offence but this one fuking sucks

  7. ryan

    when i go to move it to the resource pack folder the name never shows up like it doesn’t exist, is there a way to fix that?

  8. ryan

    how do you download on bedrock its a .zip

    1. TailsBlastStonks

      you don’t

    2. nico

      you export the zip to a folder and put the folder inside resource_packs, better to just to “export to (file name)”; you find the resourece_packs folder in games/com.mojang, make sure that Minecraft have permission to access your storage or it won’t load the pack :)

  9. laly

    this is realy cuteeeeeeeee

    1. HarryYT124


  10. jack

    This is so cute! thank you for creating this, my new fav resource pack

  11. Riley

    hello, i liked the sound of this resource pack, and i’ve been wanting one for a while. I followed the steps, but im confused on which file im supposed to drag from the .zip file, because 3 show up. One that says “assets”, “pack.mcmeta”, and a picture of the pack. When I drag “assets” and follow all the steps nothing shows up. am I doing something wrong? i hope someone sees this, thank you.

    1. Admin

      There is no “open .zip archive” step! Please, read the installation instructions carefully.
      You don’t need to open the .zip archive. You just need to move the entire .zip file to your resourcepacks folder.