LemonSqueezy / LazyTextures Resource Pack 1.12.2

March 21, 2019

Ever wanted to play Minecraft with a cartoon-style coat of paint? Then LazyTextures resource pack is for you. Noir-Ness is the designer of LazyTextures, a creator who makes incredible packs for everyone to enjoy. As such, you can expect top graphics, plenty of eye candy and a perfect gameplay. LazyTextures is inspired by the show LazyTown, a musical comedy program from Iceland. All in all, it’s great, highly recommended and provides a whole new way to experience Minecraft. One notable thing about LazyTextures is that all visuals get a complete overhaul, which makes it seem like you’re entering the wacky world of LazyTown itself. The original, default minecraft texture is replaced by a more cartoonish version that’s polished and looks absolutely gorgeous. Instead of upgrading to more detail, Noir-Ness has made the visuals reflect a particular color palette and that the designs are creative and fun to look at.

You’ll feel as if you’ve entered the wacky world of LazyTown and that the inhabitants are just right at the corner. Squeeze out every last juicy texture by turning on the Emissive Textures with Optifine. With it, LazyTextures is an absolute thing of beauty, an every pixel emits a beautiful glow. You will literally stop every now and then to admire the scenery, the environment and all the things you create in your map. Resolution in LazyTextures is a step above the standard 16×16. While the 32×32 Minecraft resource pack naturally looks more stunning as compared to the original, some may find their game experience hampered by stuttering, frame rate lag and slow, choppy movement, especially if you’re using older hardware. As a side note, if you’re having trouble running Minecraft in vanilla mode and struggle with the frame rate, you may find yourself unable to enjoy the LazyTextures experience. Still, LazyTextures is a resource pack that you should try just for the fun of it.

LemonSqueezy (was LazyTextures) - Screenshots

How to install LemonSqueezy (was LazyTextures)

  • 1) Download resource pack from the link below.
  • 2) Launch Minecraft.
  • 3) On the Main menu > click "Options".
  • 4) On the Options menu > click "resource packs".
  • 5) Move the .zip file you downloaded to the "resourcepacks" folder.

Download LemonSqueezy (was LazyTextures)

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*Credit for creating and developing LemonSqueezy (was LazyTextures) goes to Noir-Ness. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: 1.12, 1.11. Right now LemonSqueezy (was LazyTextures) has 641207 views.

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