DEM Resource Pack 1.9 / 1.8

Some Minecraft players feel split with their creations. Do they want to make their cities modern-looking, or give them a rustic and classic look? When resource packs are involved, the drastic change in textures can make castles look too modern and skyscrapers look too old. For those looking for a comfortable middle ground, look no further than Dem Textures. This texture pack, while fairly new compared to many other packs, does a fantastic job of finding that sweet, sweet middle ground of the old and new. For players, this means they can have their modern cities looking modern and their ancient castles looking ancient. Best of all, both the old and the new will look great thanks to the 128x resolution! With such a great resolution comes the obvious downside that this texture pack won’t run on every system.

While not a hog like 256x and 512x packs, it’s still a demanding pack that some players will find challenging to run on their older computers. Such is the challenge of modding Minecraft. Adding to that challenge is that Dem Textures is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.x. Is Dem Textures worth it then? For older systems the answer is obviously no. Which isn’t to say that this texture pack is bad at all, but it just can’t run with everyone’s system. For those players who can run it, Dem Textures is certainly worth a look at. As mentioned, the end result is a magnificent blend of high-resolution blocks which don’t look out of place in a modern city or old city. It especially makes the Villager homes much more attractive to look at, and means the players mega-skyscrapers won’t look too out of place when built next to their favorite village. Rather impressively, the creator of this texture pack, demonkleenr, was able to build it in only the span of three months! If you want to try a new texture pack, give Dem Textures a try. The results may surprise you like they surprised us!

DEM Textures — Video & Screenshots

How to install DEM Textures Resource Pack

NOTE: Many resource packs require optifine to be installed, so be sure to install it.
  1. Download the resource pack from the links below. – if there are many different versions, just pick the one that you like or that you think your PC can handle
  2. Launch Minecraft.
  3. On the main menu, click "Options".
  4. On the options menu, click "Resource Packs...".
  5. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder". – folder titled "resourcepacks" will pop up
  6. Move the .zip file you downloaded in the first step to the newly opened "resourcepacks" folder.
  7. Click "Done".
  8. Click on "Resource Packs..." again.
  9. Your pack should have appeared in the left window, just hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right.
  10. Click "Done" again.
  11. The pack has now been successfully loaded and ready to be used in your world!

Before proceeding with download, please pay attention to:

  • None of the resource packs, shader mods or tools you see on this website are hosted on our servers. We use download links provided by official authors. Therefore, they are completely safe and secure.
  • We never modify or edit resource packs in any way.
  • Do not forget to leave a comment. This will help the authors to improve their project.
  • Credit for the creation of DEM Textures goes to demonkleenr. DEM Textures should be compatible with the following minecraft versions: 1.9, 1.8.
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