JohnSmith Resource Pack 1.7.9

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 19 January 2014, 5:32 pm

    JohnSmith Resource Pack is designed in the beautiful medieval style with a resolution of 32x, and a very detailed blocks. Very popular texture pack with lots of different medieval-features.


    JohnSmith Resource Pack (1) JohnSmith Resource Pack (2) JohnSmith Resource Pack (3)JohnSmith Resource Pack (1)

    JohnSmith Resource Pack 1.7.9 4.50/5 - 2774 votes

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    • steve


    • pijper

      i dont now what i most clikking

    • kj


    • Gyaa


    • Markus “Notch” Persson

      I simply adore this Resource Pack. A pack of apples for you, it’s warm in my hat.

      • Random Guy who is Unknown

        Wow. Even NOTCH likes it! It’s probably the best resource pack ever known. :D

        • ERMAGERD

          OH MY GOSH! NOTCH!

      • Cupquake

        This is on of my favorite Resource Pack. It’s great in all area’s :3

      • SkythekidRS


      • HesFake

        Guys its probably not him, someone probably made him up

      • MCGamerYT

        you really notch???

      • Derpman

        Prove that you are Notch!
        What is under your hat, Notch?

    • herobrine

      worked :D

    • Birdsplash

      I wish the words were more legible… other than that this texture pack is amazing!!

    • Cepheid99

      Wow the lava looks amazing, and the signs are clear and easy to read. I must say though I think the torches are by far my favorite part of this resource pack. Well done on the furnaces, too. Thank you for this!

    • The Minecrafterrrr

      Do you have John Smith for 1.7.2 ?

    • thebrick11

      help me i cant find .zip

    • kailo

      I mostly like the armores

    • Kasper

      Notch, is it right that you are from sweden?

      • Norway


    • PREDATOR22233

      hey, absouloutly brilliant resorce pack, really dissapointed i cant use it though, the text seems to go into colourd blocks, therefore is unreadable. if you have any ideas to fix this please let me know, perfect resorce pack, just what i have been looking for, thats the only problem.
      thanks, and good job with that.

      • GamerGurl

        Do u have Mc Patcher?

        • PREDATOR22233

          I do use MC Patcher. But it still does not seem to work for me.


      e cel mai tare joc
      Andrei sue`12

    • JeromeASF

      Great Resource Pack!

      • TheBajianCanadian

        HOLY jerome

    • cam

      how do you add it to the game? lol im kind of new to this..

      • Butter410Sword

        well I don’t know ug XD

    • Notch fan

      holy notch…..

    • tj

      So for some reason I encounter an error with this and many other texture packs, saying that it’s unable to fit a certain texture and to try using a lower res texture pack…I’musing 64x, so i don’t know how much lower I can go. I’m running 1.7.2, any advice?

    • dylan

      This resource pack is by far the best one I’ve played just wish 1.7 version would come out already so dark oak doesn’t like like the default texture pack

    • HydroPokemon111

      i cant get it my computer ant get data :(

    • Minecraft Master

      Pack’s name: JohnSmith Resource Pack 1.7.4
      Compatible with: 1.6 (1.7 coming soon)

      • outanmax

        It should work on 1.7 too.

    • ASF Jerome


      • Ukarya

        Faker >:(

    • doom

      this is total beter then john smiith legacy

    • doom

      you are not Notch

    • doom

      remeber to vote for this resource pack

    • mithril

      mmm bwy if i want to download johnsmith resource i get johnsmith legacy ?

    • Callum

      Pretty cool, hate the chat though.

    • Jake

      where do i d press the download button

    • Bermuda

      hay its says forbidden when i try DL

    • shadowstar253

      lolzzzz guys look, it fun and games untill some one pretends to be someone else………….

    • dimi

      how to downlod the damn thing the red downlad button isnt working

    • Angel Of Darkness

      i cant download the 1.7 its saying forbiden….

    • Angel Of Darkness

      It wont let me download it and i want it badly no fair!!!!!!!

    • Enift

      Download link doesn’t work! All I get is “403 Forbidden”!

    • Excalibur

      it says error 403 forbiden when i click on the link?

    • Leafily Sylvistar

      It’s not letting me download the 1.7.5 version of the pack it says something something forbidden, why wont it work?!

      • Leafily Sylvistar

        I’ll keep trying to download it, wish me luck!

      • Leafily Sylvistar

        Okay not even the 1.6 version is working, I’ll just use other resource packs until I find a way to download john smith.

    • Leafily Sylvistar

      such a beautiful resource pack…… perhaps you could make one for Aether II?

    • pidrocas

      Error 403: Forbiden Whaaaat?

    • Rudy

      This resource pack gives me alot of nostalgia. This was my first texture pack and i downloaded it when i was just a “noob” i just simply love it.

    • RazorMuffin

      Link just doesn’t work…. fix it plz

    • Trollbros13

      which friggin download button do I press

    • Trollbros13

      is this the right website or is this just another fake malware download

      • outanmax

        Everything is Ok with this website. All the download links are original author’s provided links. :)

        • Trollbros13

          if its ok which download button do I press

        • Trollbros13

          if its ok which download button do I press

          • outanmax

            Under the red download button, the links.