Realistico Resource Pack 1.11.2

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 2 April 2017, 1:19 pm

    Realistico resource pack is one of the newest realistic themed packs for minecraft. Even being not a big fan of realistic themes, I can tell you just one thing about this Realistico – It’s awesome! It’s realistic! It’s extemely simple!

    This set of textures was created by matteorizzo and it comes in a huge 512x resolution which may be a limitation for your PC, but if you’re able – try Realistico! You will enjoy it! And yes, I almost forgot to tell you. Matteorizzo tries to make this pack similar to default textures by matching the correct colors and indications of shape, just like original minecraft textures – but with some realism in it!

    Please note: Realistico Resource Pack is still in W.I.P.


    Realistico Resource Pack for minecraft textures (1) Realistico Resource Pack for minecraft textures (2) Realistico Resource Pack for minecraft textures (3) Realistico Resource Pack for minecraft textures (4) Realistico Resource Pack for minecraft textures (5) Realistico Resource Pack for minecraft textures (6)

    Video Available:
    Realistico Resource Pack 1.11.2
    4.48 - 19599 votes

    *Credit for creating and developing Realistico goes to matteorizzo. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7. Right now Realistico has 853094 views.

    • John Vilmor Barado

      Why you have a demo and full it’s so fun of your texture take it to free and full PLS!!!

    • Ionut Doddi

      This resource pack is bullshit , i bought it and when i load the resource pack , all blocks are white.. Don’t buy plese , i don’t recommend.

      • Kody Nichols

        your computer probably cant handle the full version of this texture pack because of the high resolution of 512x. obviously something this high of a resolution you need a very good graphics card. i have a gtx 960 and i cant even run 512x texture packs

      • Nathaniel Pillar

        Are you using a shader? have you turned on bump mapping in your settings?

      • carlton storey

        I had this same issue. Just follow all instructions he gives. You need to download MC patcher, and Optifine. Then run the shaders with the settings he gives you and it works great

    • Tirion Dainn Gilrain Hackney

      this pack is still unfinished and is honestly quite disappointing i bought the full version ran everything the way the tutorial on his website said to do it with the recommended shader pack and was still disappointed i didnt have any tech issues (my computer is a monster) but if you are looking for a realistic texture pack just get cyberghostde’s :HD photo realism and download the shader support from here as well looks much better with the pom than this does if you wanna try it then go ahead but just know that it is unfinished and is over rated.

    • Landyn


    • Landyn

      it looks cool but I just need to download it and put it into my MineCraft

    • One angry guy

      I actually thought about buying this since its only 1.99€ right? right? WRONG! It’s actually double that unless you shill for it on twitter which makes it 2.99€, still not the advertised price. You lying greedy bastard.

    • Cyborg Cookie

      i bought this. the images on this website are fake do not do it.
      EDIT: i have a great graphics card and followed the instructions the images here are greatly exaggerated

      • Scott Winterringer

        are you using optifine or mcpatcher? if not reread the instructions…

    • I love this pack but add 1.11 version

    • this pack is great i really love it 🙂

    • But the problem is its not free 🙁

    • Testing this

    • Taylor

      if i downloaded it a long time ago, but it disappeared, how do i redownload without paying again?

      • XxxRedrocker95xxX

        You can’t

    • Red Ginger

      I would so download it, but my computer would not work with it 🙁

    • Darien Sokolov

      I really like this resource pack as it contains an astounding level of detail, yet still preserves the original features of the original textures, making it easy to identify what is what and preserving the nature of the textures. There is a Lite version and a Full version. Both are really good, but I went ahead and bought the Full version–it was a couple bucks–and I think it was worth it, as far as paying money for a texture pack goes.

    • CS

      Charging for this.. Complete garbage . everyone is out to make a dime. Dont list his shit here for download if it cost money. It’s not worth peoples time.

    • Disgusted

      Don’t pay for this. It’s unfinished and don’t have any updates.

    • GreenComet_

      Can people stop b****ing about how it’s not free? Do you understand how much work the creator put into this? Every pixel, every file determining the 3D effect of each block, every day of his life that disappeared from working very, very hard to make this resource pack what it is. As he mentions on the website, hardware, software, hosting, internet, electricity, knowledge, and time are not free. Besides, he’s not even asking for much. 3 euros if you’re in Britain, 3 dollars and 54 cents if you’re in the US. Is that really a problem for how magnificent this resource pack is? Some resource packs, if made well enough, deserve to be paid for. Don’t give criticism unless it’s constructive.

      • I bought it and it’s not updated, nor finished.

        • GreenComet_

          This website already notifies you of the fact it’s only for 1.11.2.

    • kaedenellis

      Theres a FREE version, but the paid version is paid.