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3D Sword Packs Resource Pack 1.8.8

3D Sword Packs

3D Sword Packs by Sibsib92 is a minecraft texture that will completely change the default look of all types of swords and make them in 3D. The pack’s resolution is 16x. Enjoy! You can find some examples in the screenshots… Read more →

March 11, 2015
LodeCraft Resource Pack 1.8.8


LodeCraft Resource Pack is mostly made for fans of fantasy-themed worlds and gameplays. LodeCraft is fantasy 32x textures that transforms minecraft world into a fantasy world! Textures look bright enough, and the pack itself is very detailed. This pack is well suited for RPG… Read more →

February 15, 2015
Minecraft Custom Sky Resource Pack 1.8.8

Minecraft Custom Sky

For the correct work of Minecraft Custom Sky you will need either an Optifine or MCPatcher. This resource pack contains beautiful space styled sky to replace your usual minecraft sky. Also, the sky is changed during the day and night. So,… Read more →

February 3, 2015
CSB Resource Pack 1.8.8


So, what we have for today? Well, today I want to offer you this pack called CSB Resource Pack because this is one of the only packs which are very colorful and awesome textures for 2014 year that have a total resolution… Read more →

November 26, 2014
Goldrinn Clans Resource Pack 1.7.10

Goldrinn Clans

This set of textures Goldrinn Clans is designed for the same name minecraft server. Goldrinn Clans Resource Pack will allow you to make the minecraft game world more colorful, stylish and bright. If we decide to compare the look of Minecraft… Read more →

October 22, 2014
High on Sugar Resource Pack 1.8.8

High on Sugar

High on Sugar Resource Pack is just fully impregnated with sweet pink colors! Author of this pack seems to be loving sweets and all sorts of sweeties. Do you know? Even mobs, including the Ender dragon is pink! I could include… Read more →

September 26, 2014
Minecraft Special Resource Pack 1.7.10

Minecraft Special

Special Resource Pack is a remarkable 64 pixel textures for your minecraft game world. Minecraft Special is a very funny textures that will raise your mood and will make you smile! Enjoy, everyone!

August 19, 2014

Avatar the Last Airbender: Equipment Pack

As many people already noticed this is a resource pack inspired by the American television series Avatar the Last Airbender. What does this pack really do? It simply changes almost all weapons, tools and items to look like television series… Read more →

August 7, 2014
CutieCraft Resource Pack 1.7.10


CutieCraft is cute enough resource pack with a pretty nice and sweet block and item textures. CutieCraft is really one of the most pleasant resource packs which stylistically reminiscent SugarPack and High on Sugar packs, although it is not really similar to… Read more →

June 17, 2014
Native American Resource Pack 1.7.10


This pack is mostly called IRON.HORSE or Native American which, I think, is mystical resource pack. This pack will show you America before it was settled with its current residents. These textures will transfer you to the ancient times … Old TNT, the old… Read more →

May 21, 2014
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