Ventura Resource Pack 1.12.2

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 11 November 2017, 2:33 pm

    The Ventura resource pack can be simply described as a perfect replacement for Minecraft due to its unique style. This low resolution resource pack is preferred by most players as it is visually appealing to the eye. Apart from being adventurous and visually appealing to players, the Ventura pack is presented in a simple style. The resource pack is built to feature a simple, bright and adventurous theme. However, that does not mean that the Vanilla Minecraft visuals are not appealing as well. Only that default Minecraft does not have the intense charisma that is vivid with the Ventura. Default Minecraft textures does not have the charming experience to make users feel more lively. On the contrary, the Ventura resource pack features bright and appealing textures which together with the whole design of the pack, add more life and charisma to the game. This resource pack has been developed with one thing in mind: to provide users with a refreshing and captivating experience.

    The Ventura resource pack is uniquely designed to feature vibrancy and energy. Unlike other resource packs that exaggerate things in the name of adding brightness and colorfulness, the Ventura pack is different. It features simplicity and vibrancy hence making it visually appealing to the eye. The Ventura resource pack is quite different. Unlike other packs which are built to implement a detailed texture, the Ventura features a 16×16 pixels resolution which works perfectly with the pack. Due to the low resolution, players are assured to run the pack perfectly without worrying about frame-rate or any technical issues. The Ventura resource pack is still being worked on and hasn’t been completed yet but biggest part is already done.


    ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-7 ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1 ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-2 ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-3 ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-4 ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-5 ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-6 ventura-resource-pack-for-minecraft-textures-1

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    *Credit for creating and developing Ventura goes to Irish. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9. Right now Ventura has 92849 views.

    • Kvasar

      10/10 Amazing! 😀

    • Kikka

      I love it but I’m confused that there is no 1.8. That’s my favourite “time period of updates”. I don’t know what its called but 1.9+ is annoying to me. Please remake the 1.8 <3 <3

    • I love this pack, but for some reason my diamond ore texture is broken. Anyone know how to fix it? It just shows up as the black and pink/purple box.

    • BlackedFreeman

      The pack is awesome! but there are still many items to change, I hope you can do the full version of the textures package.