Sphax XmasBDcraft Resource Pack 1.7.9

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 3 January 2014, 6:38 pm

    A christmas is coming and everyone wants to completely change their minecraft world look and feel and wants a Christmas spirit in it. So, for christmas, Sphax has created a absolutely awesome resource pack called XmasBDcraft. It has very new textures for a christmas look.

    Creepers, enderman and other mobs are re-textured in christmas style and Skeletons get some Santa stuffs! Some items, like melons, tnt etc. are turned into gifts. A lot of items are decorated .. Just download and enjoy!

    Sphax XmasBDcraft Resource Pack 1.7.9 4.48/5 - 1155 votes

    • dkan8803

      love the pack

    • Lathna

      dosent work

    • Ryan Luvaas

      it doesnt work

    • neon boom riann

      This Christmas Craft texture Pack Dose not Work

    • PixelChicken

      doesnt work for me either

    • wtf

      You guy’s are cliking the rong one

    • putfliper18

      it doesnt wok

    • Nevena

      super su teksture

    • JoshGab Luig

      it works on mine… you need just to open the resource pack … and then the favorite files will open and then (don’t exit it) … and then open another file that is download files … and then drag or copy the resource pack to the favorite files (or paste it in the favorite files) and then you will recognize it’s not in the minecraft you have to select done and then click resource pack again and then there is it!

    • Isaacjrad

      wtf how do you even download it?

      • DDMineCraft

        ahh come on … just click the links dumb ass!

    • dana_szpunar

      I love it !

    • minomonsters812

      i cant download in mac

    • minomonsters812

      i cant download in mac