Minecraft 1.7.4
The End is Extremely Nigh Resource Pack 1.8.7

The End is Extremely Nigh: Revolution

The End is Extremely Nigh Resource Pack is something absolutely new in a post-apocalyptic themes. By the way, this pack is created by Assasin794, its who created a Modern Craft pack. As ...
Sexy Pixels Returns Resource Pack 1.8.7

Sexy Pixels Returns

Sexy Pixels Returns Resource Pack is one of best minecraft simplistic-styled texture packs. Very good designed texture pack, which I would say, will not leave you disappointed!
The Doctor Whovian Resource Pack 1.8.7

The Doctor Whovian

The Doctor Whovian Resource Pack is an 32x minecraft textures made on a basis of Dr Who that people like alot. Well, this textures also support Weeping Angels Mod ...
Shockingly Simple Resource Pack 1.8.7

Shockingly Simple

If you've already been bored of default and basic minecraft graphics then you should try this pack out. As you probably already realized, Shockingly Simple Resource Pack contains a very ...
SilverMines Resource Pack 1.8.7

Silver Mines

Silver Mines Resource Pack that comes in a higher resolution which has a positive impact and a very beautiful and cool style. Texture done very well, most of the items ...
LD Modern Resource Pack 1.8.7

LD Modern

LD Modern is a pack of textures for minecraft which are mainly focused on the construction of modern buildings and cities. With this resource pack, you can build huge ...
2101 A Minecraft Odyssey Resource Pack 1.8.7

2101: A Minecraft Odyssey

Now your game will be more entertaining and much cooler with 2101: A Minecraft Odyssey Resource Pack as it gives us a feel of futuristic age. This pack radically changes ...
Persönliches Paket (Personal) Resource Pack 1.8.7

Persönliches Paket

Persönliches Paket is a realistic minecraft texture (resource) pack with a resolution of 64x64 pixels. The pack have permissions and contains some textures from popular resource packs such ...
Modern Real Resource Pack 1.8.7

Modern Real Pack

Author of the Modern Real Pack wants to create a beautiful modern textures for Minecraft. Despite the fact that the work is still in progress, the pack itself ...