Minecraft 1.7.4 Resource Packs
Tiny Pixels Resource Pack 1.8.1

Tiny Pixels

Not always High Quality resource packs is good, sometimes we need to play with a low resolution texture pack, for example 16x, or maybe 8x? Yes, 8x! Tiny Pixels ...
Xaiwaker Resource Pack 1.8.1

Xaiwaker Swirly

Xaiwaker Resource Pack is an incredibly bright and colorful resource pack that comes in 32x32 resolution, textures will not make you bored and you will always enjoy it. Edited ...
SimpleCraft Resource Pack 1.8.1


SimpleCraft Resource Pack is an excellent textures with a very simplistic style and 16x resolution with vibrant and funky blocks. Very good minecraft resource pack that you will probably enjoy! ...
FeatherCloud Resource Pack 1.8.1


FeatherCloud Ultra is a neat and smooth resource pack and it is original and unique in its style which stylistically resembles standard textures in minecraft. If you want a new gameplay ...
Pokemobs Resource Pack 1.8.1


Pokemobs Resource Pack is made in the style of the famous cartoon animation called Pokémons. This set of textures will all your animals turn into different Pokémons.
Smooth Realistic Resource Pack 1.8.1

Smooth Realistic

Smooth Realistic Resource Pack is pack that you can use to create a beautiful realistic buildings. With this texture pack you can create or improve your current buildings and ...
RomeCraft Resource Pack 1.8.1


RomeCraft pack is designed in ancient style, every texture, even the smallest ones are themed in Ancient Roman style. As you can see, every block is inspired by ...
Goldrinn Clans Resource Pack 1.7.10

Goldrinn Clans

This set of textures Goldrinn Clans is designed for the same name minecraft server. Goldrinn Clans Resource Pack will allow you to make the minecraft game world more ...
Ovo’s Rustic Resource Pack 1.8.1

Ovo's Rustic

Ovo's Rustic Resource Pack are one of the most popular textures for Minecraft. I think all the ardent fans of the game have already heard about them and now ...