Minecraft 1.7.4 Resource Packs
Willpack HD Resource Pack 1.7.9

Willpack HD

Willpack HD Resource Pack is a pack that combines simplicity and realism with an excellent graphics in it. These textures perfectly decorate the entire minecraft world. Well, I'll can say a ...
KoP Photo Realism Resource Pack 1.7.9

KoP Photo Realism

KoP Photo Realism Resource Pack is a very cool pack, with a very realistic and original look. KoP Photo Realism is a texture pack or resource pack with a ...
Equanimity Resource Pack 1.7.9


Equanimity Resource Pack is made for the latest minecraft version and it is a very new pack but is growing very fast and in my opinion it will ...
Werian Resource Pack 1.7.9


Hello dear minecraft fans, today I have a great resource pack to tell you about which diversify the look of your favorite game. The play of minecraft will ...
FeatherCloud Resource Pack 1.7.9


FeatherCloud Ultra is a neat and smooth resource pack and it is original and unique in its style which stylistically resembles standard textures in minecraft. If you want a new gameplay ...
ToNnii’s New Realism HD Resource Pack 1.7.9

ToNnii’s New Realism HD

ToNnii’s New Realism HD resource pack is one of my favourite packs with an interesting and a very sunny and positive atmosphere. This high-quality textures in the resolution of ...
Full of Life Resource Pack 1.7.9

Full of Life

Very nice and high quality resource pack with a realistic feel.  Full of Life Resource Pack comes in high resolution of 128x and will probably like you. Enjoy!
Faerielight Resource Pack 1.7.9


Faerielight Resource Pack remakes your minecraft world, this pack transfers minecraft into a photorealistic and RPG styled world with a beautifuly designed textures and remarkable quality! You will probably enjoy ...
Wolfhound Resource Pack 1.7.9


Wolfhound Resource Pack is a very light and pleasant textures with style as if drawn from Heaven. Comes with resolution of 64x and makes the game more beautiful! ...