Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack 1.11

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 16 January 2017, 2:05 am

    Want to remember the old days? When minecraft was still in alpha testing? No problem! Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack is created just for you! Resource pack that replaces all the current minecraft textures to the old alpha version of the minecraft!

    This textures supports the latest version of the minecraft but they will bring you back to old minecraft alpha. If you want to play again in something like it was before in minecraft alpha than download them and enjoy!


    Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack (1) Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack (2) Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack (3) Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack (4)

    Video Available:
    Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack 1.11
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    *Credit for creating and developing Nostalgia-Craft goes to 2XMM2. It is designed and compatible with the following minecraft versions: 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, 1.6. Right now Nostalgia-Craft has 117672 views.

    • dinosaur2_02

      please update this to 1.10 🙂

    • Killian Casalegno

      I want it in release 1.9.4, not beta 1.9 pre-release 3

    • samhuffyX4 – Minecrafter

      I want to see the 1.10 and 1.11 updates soon.

    • Tomas

      there is no point to update this resource pack! it still works in 1.11! only the new blocks are the same but minecraft alpha/beta didn’t had the new blocks soo there is no textures for they’m!

    • Bill

      it reminds me of the alpha days of minecraft

    • GreenComet_

      This resource pack is absolutely fantastic.

    • SmugMuffin

      The Good old days when hunger didn’t exist and and bows were op