Best HD Realism Resource Pack 1.7.9

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 24 January 2014, 8:19 pm

    Best HD Realism Resource Pack, will this is the light version of pack but there is also a darker version. Really, the best HD textures made ​​in excellent quality. Very cool looking textures with a realistic feel!


    Best HD Realism Resource Pack (1) Best HD Realism Resource Pack (2) Best HD Realism Resource Pack (3) Best HD Realism Resource Pack (4) Best HD Realism Resource Pack (5) Best HD Realism Resource Pack (6) Best HD Realism Resource Pack (7)

    Best HD Realism Resource Pack 1.7.9 4.51/5 - 2133 votes

    • Fartbutt

      Doesnt work

    • Renderman

      Does not seem to show up in the resource packs menu i placed in proper folder and used mcpatcher. still nothing
      looks like an awesome pack and would love to get it working

      • STEDMANA

        I too am having the same problem

      • Sebastian McConkey Greene

        Yer same plz help

      • outanmax

        We can’t help you because we don’t know how you installed it. After you download the “.zip” file you need to place it in resourcepacks folder.

        Note: Don’t exctract it, just place the whole “zip” file in resourcepacks folder.

        • Guest

          i did that an have a decent enoug computer but it doesnt show

        • myrodinn

          Resource pack does not show up, I placed the whole zip file in, nothing, I tried taking them out of the pack and place them in individually, nothing. I tried many ways after about 30 mins i gave up, I consider this file dead

      • Maggie Grissom


    • Creeperfan2002

      OMG u used shaders nice…

    • Creeperfan2002

      OMG u used shaders nice…

    • RedNeckWithAgun

      it worked for me ur guys computer must just be shit

      • Maggie Grissom

        No, it is a zip file and it shows up but freezes minecraft when I click on it. And my computer is very new and got it fixed up to make it better than new. So I assure you, our computers are not shit.

        • SomethingCool51 .

          Let me guess, you’re using a prebuilt desktop without a dedicated graphics card

          • Elwin

            Jeez calm down, it just isn’t working for some people…

            • SomethingCool51 .

              You clearly aren’t one for reading comprehension.
              Also, I said this because she said “got it fixed up to make it better than new” implying that fixing a fan, clearing out dust, or uninstalling a few programs will suddenly make a presumably store-bought, pre-built not a piece of shit.
              I bet you 20 internets she’s using a pentium core cpu with integrated graphics, or the AMD equivalent.

            • plainjanesbrother

              Jeez what crawled up your ass and died.

            • Bruce Motherfuckin’ Wayne

              Dumb ass she could’ve just bought a brand new computer and then put a fucking titan in it, don’t presume that she meant that and then also that she is dumb for meaning that and my computer is running 6-core amd fx-6300 3.50 ghz w/ 16gb ram and a gtx 760 2gb, and I typed %appdata% opened roaming opened .minecraft opened resource pack, dragged the .zip HD realism (Light).zip into the folder and then, guess what?! it’s not there, so goml and stfu

            • SomethingCool51 .

              Get on your level?
              That’s quite a few steps down, my friend.
              Intel i7-4770k
              GTX 780 @ 1137MHz
              16 GB RAM @ 1600MHz

    • DaKing_of_Revoke

      do u have to download shaders?

    • George

      yea man…pack wont work…put .zip file into texture packs and wont show up. and no my computer isnt shit, i7 3770k o.c @ 4.3 GHz…with a gtx 770 ftw….

    • MyloMinecraft

      Just go to start and click run and type %appdata% and then choose resource pack files and put your zip file there

      • PTMA

        I did what you said, since i have the same problem, and its still not showing up

    • Dream_Nite

      Bruh, you don’t even have an assets folder in the resource pack, no wonder it isn’t working.

    • BenZDark

      I have a fix here!!!!! It might not work on some computers…


      1.locate the pack file in the texture pack

      2.(the problem is the pack file is not a mcmeta file. so make it onto a mcmeta)

      3.replace all the written in the txt file with: {
      “pack”: {
      “pack_format”: 1,
      “description”: “HD Realistic (light),”
      it as a mcmeta file( or just copy a mcmeta file on another texture pack
      and replace the written word using the given in step 3

      5.Enjoy the texture pack!!!

      note: the texture pack will not work if the pack file if it is in a .txt format…. must be a mcmeta file Example: “pack.mcmeta” without the quotes…