Adventure Time Resource Pack 1.7.9

How to Install This Resource Pack ?
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Press start and type in %appdata%.
  • Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  • Locate to your resourcepacks folder.
  • Drag and Drop the texture .zip file into this folder.
  • Last Updated: 13 March 2014, 9:47 pm

    Adventure Time is minecraft resource pack which is made ​​on the basis of the Adventure Time cartoon series. If you know this series then you will like it. Enjoy the game!


    Adventure Time Resource Pack (5)Adventure Time Resource Pack (1)Adventure Time Resource Pack (4) Adventure Time Resource Pack (3) Adventure Time Resource Pack (2) Adventure Time Resource Pack (1)

    Video Available:
    Adventure Time Resource Pack 1.7.9 4.62/5 - 1078 votes

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    • cam

      awesome just awesome

    • annie

      hope this works

    • apple

      I can’t download it

      • john

        just go to the start button and press run and type %appdata%

    • Wew

      What the heck it cant be seen in the file of resouces

      • skyarmyhelper

        maybe ur way wrong

    • Minecraft Rules


    • Minecraft Rules

      what the fuk i think its a virus or some texture that cant be runned unlesss its a mac texture which u have to hack to make it a mac texture so ya FUK U i think your hacking me

    • butt

      i put it in there but it did’nt work ps do u have do have forge

      • Amy Ramirez

        the instructions changed… to install a recourse pack you have to download the recourse pack of course and then open up minecraft, go to options, recourse packs and then click on the button where its says ”open recourse pack folder” and then just drag and drop your texture pack file and BAM there you have it :) i hope this works for you

        • jaw

          is this for PC or Xbox coz i have it on PC and there is no recourse option only texture option and this dose not work?

          • golda

            texture was with the old launcher, you need to update either the launcher and/or minecraft 1.7.2 Hope it helps.

    • ItsHorse

      Download Link?

    • dave

      worked for me

      • skyarmyhelper


    • MiIsI

      I cannot get anything to work except the mario pak… darn it

    • FoDuLulz

      Where is the Download link?

    • MegaMineFan

      the download link is under the sign of download

    • TachyonicBeing

      It worked for me.

    • Minecraft lover

      The music in this mod is overlapping with the default music, i can hear both of the musics at the same time, anyway to fix this?

      • Victoria Cooper

        -_- it’s a resource pack, not a mod

    • JJordanB

      Neither Can I!!!

    • Wdan93

      How do you turn the file into a zip?

      • Angela Gray

        it’s already a zip file :/ its done in a program all you have to do is go to your start button on your task bar (looks like the windows logo) type %appdata% should come up with a folder called roaming click that navigate to .minecraft open that folder navigate to texture packs and move the file you downloaded from here into there. if you cant figure that out google or youtube how to install it if you still cant figure it out you shouldnt even be looking at these.

    • Wdan93

      And I don’t get it what do you mean press start then type in %appdata% ???

      • Angela Gray

        i hope you have a mac or you shouldnt own a computer

      • _AirBorne_

        In Windows 7 or Mac, you can see a search bar in the start button when you press it. At the start button search bar, you should type there %appdata% and there will only be one result. the flder “Roaming” click it and youre good to go.. in that folder, u cn see the Minecraft flder..

      • Victoria Cooper

        it means you need to go to the start icon at the bottom left hand side of your desktop, click the search bar at the bottom of the menu that pops up, and type in %appdata%. After that, you double click on the roaming folder that pops up. Then open the folder labelled “Minecraft,” and open up resourcepacks. Finally, open up your downloads, and click and drag the adventure time resourcepack folder to the resourcepacks. Do NOT open the adventure time resourcepack folder and click and drag the unzipped folder within the adventure time resourcepack folder to resourcepacks. Doing so will result in the adventure time resourcepack not showing up in the resourcepacks menu in the Minecraft game. Instead, just click and drag the zipped adventure time resourcepack folder into resourcepacks, and you’re all set. With minecraft maps, however, you must unzip the map folder, and instead of bringing the map to resourcepacks, you need to bring it to saves.

    • Bambang Jatmiko

      This resource pack rocks

    • Mob Fighter

      How do i Get it??

    • skyarmyhelper

      coool!!!! adventure time

      • skyarmyhelper

        it works!!!!!!

        thanks dude

    • minecraftia

      does it work if its mac?

    • Squid

      adventure time

    • renan

      como baixa

    • someone hates pink trees

      I hate pink trees -_-

    • 1Dlover

      how do you get a resourcepack i really want one

    • 1Dlover

      i love Adventure Time

    • deed

      o meu nao deu merdaaaaaaa

    • missesshand

      How do you get the characters? Can’t find Finn and Jake etc

    • mert

      nerden indiriliyo

    • lol

      i cant download

    • Airius

      How to download?
      Say pls

    • Airius

      How to download?
      Say pls

    • Where

      where is the download link???

    • This is Fuckin Pack

      Can you tell me where is the download link???

    • lunahooves


    • Pandagrrrrrrl


    • BMO’S Friend

      What block is BMO?

      • Victoria Cooper


    • _AirBorne_

      I Cant find what block or animal is BMO??? Please reply

      • Victoria Cooper

        BMO is a pumpkin in this

    • PinkieHooves

      Herro whats arez weze talkin boutz

    • Clonecharles

      The piece of shit link just sends me to an AD HELP ME MOTHER FUCKERS!

    • hyacinth alexa marie juliano

      luv adventure time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!